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I have a treadmill challenge for you.  But before I get to that…

Do you think you are getting a great workout on the treadmill?

Think again!

I caught an interesting take on why treadmills Suck!

I have been teaching women for the past few years that short burst intervals beat steady state cardio time and time again when it comes to working out for fat loss. But there are still women out there who find it difficult to break free from the idea of stead state cardio so I am recruiting the help of Alwyn Cosgrove’s blog – Alywn is the best for telling you like it is – wait til you hear why treadmills are just not cutting it!

“Walking a mile is about two thousand reps in the sagittal plane at about one and a half to two times your bodyweight. Jogging would be around fifteen hundred total reps at about two to three times your bodyweight.

And since the treadmill switches your hamstring and glutes off — your foot hits the belt and the belt pulls you through — it’s mainly a quad exercise.

So let’s say a client does three miles three times per week for one year (and I’m being conservative).

That’s 6000 reps x 3 days per week x 52 weeks, which equals 936,000 reps of knee extension work. Or 468,000 reps per leg.

Let’s say the load going through with the knee was a measly 100 pounds. That’s 4.6 million pounds of work for the quad with absolutely no hamstring work.

Think of it this way: if you did 400,000 reps of triceps extensions with 100 pounds you’d get four million pounds of volume. If you didn’t balance that out with biceps curls you’d expect the elbow joint to hurt, right? You’re damn straight it would!

So long term walking or running on the treadmill is almost guaranteeing knee pain. And that’s not even the worst part. Since the hamstring is switched off you’re actually burning even less calories than you would if you were to walk on the ground!

This study showed that hip flexion angle increases on the treadmill as opposed to the ground and that stance time was reduced. Basically, the whole hip extensor mechanism is affected; hip and knee flexion angles have to increase to bring the hip through on the stride. So hip flexor fatigue plus substitution patterns equals severe knee pain.

Ten or twenty years ago we’d get away with this because our clients ran outside and did other activities. The contribution of treadmill time to total exercise time was much lower. It’s hardly the case today.

One of the problems with low intensity steady-state aerobics for fat loss in the deconditioned population is the sheer amount of reps needed. I can do a bodyweight circuit and spread the “reps” over the whole body and get a similar metabolic effect.

At my gym we’ve always done interval training as we felt the results were superior, but over time we’ve moved to a “metabolic resistance training” model.

For example, one mile on the treadmill would be 1500 reps and burn around 100 calories.

If you did a circuit of kettlebell swings, undulating ropes, inverted rows, sled pushes, and burpees for four rounds with 10 to 15 reps each, you’d burn 100 calories in less time with less load, and the reps would be spread over the entire body instead of on the ankles, knees, and hips.

It’s just a superior model.

Alwyn Cosgrove is owner of Results Fitness in California, and coauthor of “The New Rules of Lifting and The New Rules of Lifting for Women.”

Heck yes it is!

Metabolic Resistance Training is precisely what the Fit Yummy Mummy workouts and Intervals are all about! Work the entire body, with intensity in just 15 short minutes a workout!

So my treadmill challenge to you – Get Off The Treadmill!

For two weeks straight I want you to instead perform your intervals using one or more of the following body weight examples.

FYI – Be prepared to really WORK. If you are not feeling it after 8 minutes – you are NOT doing intervals. Vamp up the intensity and see what a difference Intervals can make in your fat loss efforts!

Oh and if you have no idea what I mean by Intervals – please be sure to read: “All About Intervals”.

Have fun and be sure to leave a comment below on what a difference going treadmill-less does to YOUR fat loss results!

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