Top 5 Morning Motivators for Moms

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Motivation is something you must do daily.

Enter your day happy and relaxed, and you greatly increase your chances of a healthy, productive day.

Here’s some tips to ensure your mornings are off to a positive start .

Top 5  Morning Motivators for Moms

1. Smile

2. Move

3. Play upbeat music

4. Talk

5. Eat an energizing breakfast TOGETHER

You must admit that these sound a little too obvious – but let’s be honest…


how often are you actually DOING any of these?

The energy from a smile goes unspoken.

When YOU wake up – try it…smile! When you wake your children up – try it…smile at them, get them to smile with you! Follow up with a good morning hug.

This simply means Move

Instead of just dragging yourself out of bed, jumping in the shower and filling your body with coffee- take 5 and do some basic stretches or a 15 minute Fit Yummy Mummy workout.

Even better ….get your children involved! It can be as simple as reaching for the ceiling and bending over to reach for the floor.

Be sure you drink a Big glass of water too! Being hydrated ensures a boost of energy!

Music has the ability to calm, soothe and entertain the soul. Play something soothing like Enya or go all out with something fun and upbeat like Dan Zanes – a favorite with my boys and he’s actually very fun to listen to!

Good Morning Sunshine!

How would you describe the conversations you have with your loved ones in the morning?

Why not fill your children up – and yourself for that matter- with positive and encouraging words.

Even more fun, create an affirmations jar. Take turns pulling the day’s positive words out and
reading aloud.

+ Good Morning!
Yes, it will be a good morning and a good day!

+ Today my world is changing for the better.
I open my awareness to my shifting reality.

+ Every day I am new and improved.

+ I accept each new day as an opportunity to outshine yesterday.


You all know this one ~

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Be sure you are eating quality protein – a good 15 to 20 grams, produce – fruit is fabulous – and even some whole grains – like rolled oats or red quinoa.

Add to this important ritual by actually sitting down and eating breakfast with your family at the table. Not only do you set a powerfully positive message, this also allows for the exchange of more talk and smiles.

Practice these Morning Motivators and experience the difference it makes with your focus, motivation
and overall attitude.


Here’s what some of the FYM’s posted about their Morning Motivators in the forums of…

“I set my morning right by visualizing how I want my day to be! I’ve found when I don’t do this my day goes in what ever direction my morning went, so if I’m in rush, or lollygaging in the morning, that’s how the rest of my day goes. “
~ Lindy

“My favorite thing to do in the morning, as soon as my kids wake up, is I give them my biggest smile, and hug, say good morning beautiful/handsome! It starts their days off in such a positive way, as well as mine. Smiles are contagious! The way they start their days is usually how the whole day will be, so I do my best to give them everything I have first thing!”
~ Tammy

“Definitely music – music always motivates me.
Reading a positive quote online.
Reading a positive book when I can.
Drinking more water.
Getting my workouts in.
Trying a new recipe.”
~ Denise

“I start my mornings out strong.  I get in a workout before my family is awake and push myself.  I then have a good stretch to help and relieve some tension.  I then continue my day and feel strong because I have woken up with energy and strength!”
~ Kate

What Is Your Favorite Way To Get Motivated In The Morning?


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13 Responses to “Top 5 Morning Motivators for Moms”

  1. Great tips Holly! Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Judy says:

    Breakfast together for us is a MUST, we are four and I have learned with my husband how emotionally nourishing breakfast is. I did my hardest to involve as soon as possible my now 9 months old baby on the routine. He’s in since two months, have been breast feed (and for others times of the day still nursing)

  3. Marissa says:

    Thank you so much for your blog Holly. I love what you are doing here! Keep it up!

  4. Shelley says:

    I prefer to sit quietly and plan details of the day ahead, or better yet, think about big picture things, like how is my life lining up with my priorities. Having a plan empowers me and prevents overwhelm. Naturally, a shower, lots of water, and nourishment all contribute to morning energy as well. This rarely happens, however, as I have a toddler! For now, I rely on the energy of getting things done. Marching around keeping busy, and crossing things off the list help a lot.

  5. ROSIE says:

    YEAH! SMILE and MOVE, shower, BREAKFAST and gym and all with MUSIC, TALKED to myself I leave alone be GREATFUL. Agreed with you 100%.

  6. Bernii says:

    My ideal schedule in the summer months is doing a Bikram Yoga class at 6:00am then afterwards having a long cold refreshing shower. Awesome way to kick start the day.

  7. Cathy says:

    My schedule changes so much from day to day. Mostly early am start time. I like to make waffles on a weekend and freeze the left overs ( usually make a double batch) to pop in the toaster to warm up. I top them with almond butter and some fruit preserves or honey on the way out the door.

  8. Rebecca says:

    I’m usually forced up by my smallest repeatedly shouting, ‘I need a wee!’. We’re downstairs at least half an hour before everyone else and I always make sure I greet the rest of the tribe with my best smile and make them feel special by being glad they’re up. I’ve given up with music in the mornings however because they always re-tune the radio or fiddle with the volume, or just turn it off!

  9. Brandy says:

    I like to wake up and do some praying and then slap a smile on face, smooch the hubby and sneak out(without waking boys) to start breakfast/lunch for my man….(he usually has to be up before the sun)….with some good music on:)

  10. Jana says:

    I love the music idea! I make a point of going to my baby and smiling, saying good morning, and talking to him. We walk to the windows and look outside, have some snuggles, and then it’s breakfast time. I also like to work out first thing, before breakfast if I can- helps me to set the tone for the day! If not, I’m going to make a point of moving for a few minutes of stretching or something similar.

  11. Kaari says:

    One more to add….HUGS! Morning hugs go a long way. When I’m not going to work early, early in the morning my little guys LOVE to snuggle with me, all of us in our pajamas. Just for a few minutes before we get up and get dressed.

  12. hg says:

    Thanks for the motivators! I love the idea of music. I think I am going to make a morning playlist of the kids favorite dance along songs. That will get them moving and smiling! We already make it a point to sit down to breakfast every morning, and I love that to start my day. Going to start some check lists of what everyone needs before leaving the house! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Susan says:

    Getting up early–ahead of the gang. I hate to start my day feeling behind. I like my “me” time before everyone rises. I love these tips, too.

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