Tighter Tummy in 12 Days ’12 Results

my%20tt Tighter Tummy in 12 Days 12 Results
“I have more results in 12 days
than I have from the last 2 transformation challenges!”

This is what the moms are saying after taking part in the Tighter Tummy in 12 Days mini challenge in the forums at ClubFYM . This was a fun event I created to help boost their fat loss results as they wrapped up the 6 Week Summer Slim Down and is much loved for it focuses in on the area we as moms want to see change the most….THE MOMMY BELLY!

For 12 days I outlined the most effective steps they can take to make a drastic difference in just 12 short days – and as you are about to see – their results are jaw dropping!

No quick fixes here though! These ladies worked their tails off to achieve these tummy tightening, mommy belly blasting results!


What did they do?

Well, it’s all outlined in the forums at  ClubFYM along with step by step videos, but here’s a quick overview -plus many of the FYMs share their favorite Tighter Tummy in 12 Days TIP below.

Step 1. Take a before photo

Step 2. Follow the Accelerator Diet
A free, clean eating meal plan available to all clubfym members

Step 3. Follow the FYM Workouts

Step 4. Practice Core Strengthening Assignments
Follow the Tighter Tummy Video Assignments posted for each of the 12 days.

Most shocking part, ZERO Crunches were performed to get tight tummy results.


Just sticking to the full body, short burst strength training workouts provided with FYM and focusing on core strength.

Take a look at what is possible keeping in mind that this is a short list of ALL the results that were submitted.

This is a quick highlight a variety of women and results to help ALL ladies see that it does not matter what your age, how many children you have (or don’t have), as long as you make a commitment to Follow the RIGHT Steps, with Consistency and Effort – – – YOU WILL GET RESULTS!

12 Day Tighter Tummy Results Photos

jade Tighter Tummy in 12 Days 12 Results~ Kia, Age 27 Mom of Two (ages 2 and 6), Victoria Australia



Sara Tighter Tummy in 12 Days 12 Results

“What thrills me the most about the TT12 was the fact if such great tips and training can be applied in 12 short days and awesome results happen, HOW MUCH MORE CAN I DO IF I AM CONSISTENT WITH THIS???? This was so empowering for me.

The teaching about TA’s (transverse abdominis)  is probably the one that will have the biggest impact on my future workouts and everyday core use. Fabulous to have that picture in my mind and some great exercises to weave into my daily workouts. I am excited about changing my focus and really have the tools now to achieve in this area.”

~ Sara, Age 35, Mom of Three (ages 16 mos. 4 and 6) Ontario



em Tighter Tummy in 12 Days 12 Results

“I am thrilled by the amazing results that I have seen in only 12 days! I have loved all the tips and great exercises that Holly has shared!

My Favorite TT12 Tip:

Following the AD and not eating refined and processed foods. It is wonderful how clean and light I feel after not filling my body with that stuff.”

~ Emma, Age 33, Mom of Two (ages 7 months and 2) Sydney, Australia


diana Tighter Tummy in 12 Days 12 Results

“I didn’t think I would end up with these results!!! Just a few weeks ago I had a breakdown when I was asked if I was expecting and I mentioned how my lower belly would not go away…. well it did….a whole inch!!!

Holly was right – the first 12 weeks were just the start to my transformation I feel like doing the TT12 REALLY helped me in pushing my results further. For me it has been such help to have joined it to help me finish my STC and it pushed me 2 extra weeks after my initial 12 week “tryout” to see what I could do. I have proven to myself that I can change my body and that it is possible to remove that belly! Needless to say my goal was realistic and I got to it and now its time to set my new goal to fit into a size 10!

My Favorite TT12 Tip:
Just follow it as it is mapped out for you to follow and always ask yourself if your core is truly engaged! For me this was what really elped me as I always walked slouched and just let my belly hand out!”

~ Diana, Age 26, Mom of 4 – Step Mom of 1, Fontana CA

christi Tighter Tummy in 12 Days 12 Results“I was thrilled as I was putting my pics side-by-side…my measurements changed a bit, but the smoothness of my belly is my biggest indicator. I know my clothes have started fitting a little looser, but I keep telling myself it’s “all in my head.” NOW I KNOW DIFFERENT! I LOVE these before & after pics – otherwise how would I know how much I’ve changed? The agony of seeing my fat goes away after seeing this change! I’m ecstatic!

My Favorite TT12 Tip:

All of them really.  There are great tips that have gone way beyond what the general challenge has given me, and I feel privileged to have joined the “challenge within the challenge.”  I think the best tip for me is the plank progression.  That may be the best belly flattener ever, and I feel pushed to improve upon my knowledge to keep challenging myself.”

~ Christi, Mom of One (age 6), Keller, TX

Ains Tighter Tummy in 12 Days 12 Results


“The side shot shows the definition coming in my stomach now.  The tightness of the muscles even just over this 12 day period!  I feel like the difference in measurements shows the “tightening” of the corset, kind of like doing the strings up tighter!!

My favourite TT12 Tip:

well… I’ll say 2

1- the plank using the stick, to make sure my form was as close to correct as possible! This set the stage for all the other stuff!

2- the TWOs at the end, 2 drinking meals, 2 greens based & 2L of water.  A timely reminder of watching what goes in my body for best results!”

~ Ains, Age 30, Mom of Four (ages 19 mos. 3, 5 and 10) Brisbane, Australia


nelsonbm1 Tighter Tummy in 12 Days 12 Results

My Fav TT12 Tips:

“Body Brushing, Daily Plank Practice & TAs/Kegels.  Also being aware of your TAs throughout the day.  I also found it interesting to seriously focus for those 12 days and see what could be accomplished.  Another good tip was no carbs/fruit after lunchtime or after dinner. “

~ Brandy, Ae 32, Mom of Tw0 (ages 8 months and 4), Alexandria, KY


Truly Amazing Belly Fat Blasting, Tummy Tightening Results!

And more continue to be shared and posted in the forums of ClubFYM.com.


Are you ready to begin your tummy transformation or just need a jumps start to spark even better results?

1 leave comment JPG Tighter Tummy in 12 Days 12 Results


Share what concerns you most and what you are ready to do to make a change happen.

More results photos and success stories to be shared soon as the finalists for the 6 Week Summer Slim Down will be posted later this week! Be on the lookout to cast your vote – help choose who you feel has the most amazing, summer ready body transformation!


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  1. jana says:

    KIA: well done!!! all of you ladies, great job

  2. Jane says:

    Congratulations, ladies! We learned so much, and it’s paying off! You look terrific!

  3. Alma says:

    Great work ladies I have picked out a few tips which I love and will definitely put them into practice.

  4. Sandra says:

    Amazing…. Great job ladies.

  5. Geeta says:

    Wow and Wow!Ask me how tough it is to get even half an inch off the tummy.You ladies rock,and so do you Holly.

  6. Melanie says:

    Awesome…..way to go ladies! Keep tightening them :)

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    This is fabulous!!! I need to do one of these TT challenges!!!! Well done ladies. You all look fabulous xox

  8. Krissy says:

    BEAUTIFUL results ladies!! Way to go!!

  9. Danni says:

    Okay – I am amazed :) well done ladies – my biggest question is – where do I sign up. I have the program from a few years ago, but as usual too lazy to do it – think I may have to go searching for it again huh. Well done again

  10. Marloes says:

    WOW Holly! I needed to see this! Amazing results ladies!

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