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Fit Yummy Mummy Sweet Potato Chips Recipe

Healthy chip recipe: your alternative when you have the crunchy munchies.

 Fit Yummy Mummy Sweet Potato Chips Recipe

A Must Have Good-for-You Munchie!

I shared this recipe LIVE during the Fit Yummy Mummy TV show this Thursday and had loads of requests to post this healthy chip recipe. So here you go!

This is a simple recipe I whipped up last night after buying a large bag of sweet potatoes to prepare homemade baby food for Alexander. What I found makes this munchie so delicious is Coconut Oil!

How To Overcome Nighttime Eating for Busy Moms




Spring Fat Loss Troubleshooter: Nighttime Eating



I need some help with how to control nighttime eating.

Fit Yummy Mummy Transformation Kit New Year’s Sale

NY%2B%2BT%2BKit Fit Yummy Mummy Transformation Kit New Years Sale

It’s a Brand New Year….and you have a Brand New Opportunity to Transform YOUR Body With Fit Yummy Mummy!


It’s YOUR Turn Now!

Time to stop wishing, hoping and praying for results!

You now have the opportunity to not only participate in the


Fit Yummy Mummy New Year’s Transformation Challenge

that begins January 10th




Registration Opens this Friday, January 7th…



Even more exciting …


~ The ultimate body shaping resource for Moms is ON SALE!


You can guarantee your your fat loss, body shaping results just like the amazing moms featured as success stories did with the


Step by Step Fit Yummy Mummy Transformation Kit Complete with Follow Along Workout Videos and Mapped Out Meal Plans!


This one of a kind KIT goes on sale from Tuesday, January 4th through Friday January 7th!

Fit Yummy Mummy Transformation Kit Winners

1%20kit%20500x206 Fit Yummy Mummy Transformation Kit Winners


Fit Yummy Mummy Transformation Kit Contest Winners


In 250 words or less, I asked you to tell me exactly why the brand new Transformation Kit is the perfect program for you at this point in your life.

Thank You

To each and every one of you who took the time to leave a thoughtful reply. The responses you left below are quite powerful and I hope you all take action on your desire to achieve your dreams and more!

In fact, I enjoyed reading your responses SO much that I thought 3 contest winners was just not enough…so I chose 2 extra for a total of ….


5 Winners!


These lucky ladies will receive the Transformation Kit as a Free Summer Kick Off Gift

Samaria’s Life Changing Results With Fit Yummy Mummy

samaria+ba Samarias Life Changing Results With Fit Yummy Mummy

I may be smiling in this picture but I can’t explain just how broken I was on the inside.


There were so many reasons why, and being overweight was one of them. Before Fit Yummy Mummy I had no clue what to do.

I knew what I wanted and where I wanted to be but had no clue how to get there. I hated myself and my body and whats worst than to hate who you are when you can’t be anyone else.


How ClubFYM has helped me?


ClubFYM has helped me in so many ways.

I now realize what’s important. I am able to see the mistakes I have made. The support at ClubFYM has helped me work on having a healthy relationship with food. It’s taught me that starving myself is not the way to go. I can appreciate good food, and bad food and not feel guilty about it. It’s helped with my overall appreciate for life.


Why do I love ClubFYM?


ClubFYM changed my life.

I am a new person. I’m not only changing my body, but I’m changing my mindset. I’m learning to appreciate the person I am, and seeing my body change I know realize I can do whatever I want and no one can hold me back but myself.

I’ve got a ways to go to get to my goal but the difference is this time I know how I’m going to get there!

~ Samaria, H. Age 23, Mom of Two Boys ages 3 and 5 months, Dothan, AL

Congratulations Samaria! You are absolutely Glowing from the Inside OUT! I know you have come so far in your transformation and I am SO very proud of you! ~ Holly

To help celebrate ClubFYM’s Birthday, women just like Samaria are posting their success stories in the forums.

Members have unlocked the secret to success ~ SUPPORT! Now it is your turn!

You Are Invited


Log in to ClubFYM and join in on the celebration today!


1+bday Samarias Life Changing Results With Fit Yummy Mummy


The Birthday Bash kicks off this Friday with a Live Fit Yummy Mummy TV Show!



Live Fit Yummy Mummy TV Show airs Monday, March 8th at 1:30 pm EST inside ClubFYM’s Member Area.


Meet me, get to know ClubFYM, chat live with members and ask any questions you have about getting the body you’ve been dreaming of.

There will be prizes and give-aways too ~ from Deluxe DVD packages to ClubFYM memberships. Be sure to log in to ClubFYM and get all the details so you do not miss out!

1sig Samarias Life Changing Results With Fit Yummy Mummy

#1 Secret to Staying Motivated

837693 jump of joy #1 Secret to Staying Motivated


What’s the #1 Secret To Staying Motivated?


You set your “weight loss” goal.

It is specific, realistic and you are sure of the reasons why you want to lose weight.

You have taken the time to write out you workout schedule and even set aside the time to do a couple of energizing routines.

Fit Yummy Mummy Live Support For YOU ~ Webcast

support+TV Fit Yummy Mummy Live Support For YOU ~ Webcast

Yesterday I shared my eventful weekend and how I had the chance to meet up with Fit Yummy Mummy Denise. I received a few emails from some ladies who were concerned that they would never be able to get the help they need for they do not live by me.

Good news is location is not the requirement at all!

Secrets to Losing 46 Pounds

s+before Secrets to Losing 46 Pounds

Here are my secrets to losing 46 pounds and My husband saying, “You look 10 years younger!”

My whole body is becoming toned and firm and as my husband says, “You look 10 years younger.” My tush has a very nice round shape instead of flat and flabby and my upper thighs and ankles are thinner and more shapely than they have been in years and my belly is shrinking! Some of my clothes are literally hanging off my body!

45 Pounds Lost: Celebrating a Fit and Flirty New Me at Age 40

 45 Pounds Lost: Celebrating a Fit and Flirty New Me at Age 40

“Wow!!! What a fabulous year this has been. There has been 45 pounds lost!

A year of mind blowing changes; the year I took back control of my life!

I set a goal late November 2007 that I was going to change my life. I was approaching 40; I was unhealthy and depressed. I was wearing a tight size 14 and weighed in at 176lbs.

How did I get like this???

I WAS NOT going to buy bigger clothes!!! I wanted to be healthy; I wanted to be fit, and most of all I wanted to be strong!!!

I was going to do whatever it took.

I had become MISERABLE and REFUSED to live this way any longer.

I said a prayer and asked God for guidance. I knew weight training was the key; it’s what I did in the past and had great results. I joined a gym and hired a trainer. At this point in time I wasn’t doing much. I needed guidance and structure. I found Holly’s business card at the gym; I took one, went home and checked out Fit Yummy Mummy. Holly was speaking to me!!!

I had seen Holly at the gym, didn’t know her personally, but I knew she had to know what she was talking about. She was beautiful, healthy, and strong, but very feminine. That’s WHAT I WANTED!!! So why not trust someone who has achieved what you desire? I bought her e-book and started immediately.

I joined Clubfym too. I could see this community was going to be awesome!!! I knew this was the answer to my prayer!!!

December 5th 2007 I began my journey.

I jumped in with both feet and never looked back! I was a woman on a mission and I wanted results!


Dec 2007 – Dec 2008

Over 20 total inches GONE!
45 pounds lost
Size 16 to a size 6!

 45 Pounds Lost: Celebrating a Fit and Flirty New Me at Age 40

Cleaning up my diet and eating every three hours were vital to my results.

The results were instantaneous.

I felt amazing on the inside. My mood had improved almost overnight. Talk about Energy, it was through the roof! I didn’t know what to do with it all!!! My eyes became brighter, my skin was softer, and I was looking younger!

My results really started to take o? around week 6, from that point on I was unstoppable. I joined the 1st Transformation Challenge; this gave me the motivation and drive to kick things into gear. When I started I had already removed 11lbs and 12 weeks later removed 17lbs more lbs! I was chosen as one of the 12 finalists; what an honor!!!

I can’t say enough about my new lifestyle.

I have embraced it and I am living it. I love me and the person I have become. I am a better wife, mother and friend for finding Fit Yummy Mummy. No longer am I wasting precious time worried about how miserable I am looking and feeling.

A year ago I would have never even thought about getting back into the work force. I didn’t think I was good enough or deserved it. Recently I have started a new job. I am a “teacher’s aide” at my sons Elementary School, and I love it!!! It’s amazing what you can accomplish in a years’ time. It just depends on how bad you want it, and for me it was pretty bad!!!

January 18th I will be celebrating my 40th birthday.

I am embracing this new time in my life feeling Fabulous, Fit, Flirty and Forty, Minus Forty-Five pounds!

I have succeeded.

All done in less than one year, what a goal!!!”

~ Sheri Meierle, Age 40 Mom of two, Fabulous-Flirty Fit Yummy Mummy

12 month results…How do you stick to it?

Motivation is what keeps me going.

Staying healthy for my family is very important. I am having a blast with my kids now. We are doing so many wonderful things together.

I used to make excuses, but now I am making suggestions!!!

The way I look and feel motivates me to continue down this path. I was pushing into a size 16, now I am in a 6, they are starting to feel loose. The results I have attained are far greater than anything I have ever expected.

I love the way my clothes fit. I love the way my skin feels. I love the way my muscles feel; I am strong. I like the reflection looking back at me in the mirror.

How can I not be motivated?

Ready to make your body and your life just as Fabulous?

You have everything you need with your complete Fit Yummy Mummy Fat Loss System!


Need some support?

Make sure you are a member of ClubFYM!

Stop by and say hello to Sheri – her profile page is FULL of tips and motivation to help you on your way to achieving weight loss results that not only meet – but exceed your expectations!

clubFYM Main 45 Pounds Lost: Celebrating a Fit and Flirty New Me at Age 40

Post Baby Belly – The Most Important Inch

ist2 5193846 tape measure Post Baby Belly   The Most Important Inch

Post Baby Belly – The Most Important Inch. A post by Holly Rigsby

“Guess what!? I was admiring how my post baby belly is changing this morning.

I was looking at my hips and abs and stomach and neck. Noticing how there are now indents in certain areas where there are (supposed to be) landmarks.

My stomach is tightening up and my arms are shaping up so nicely. So I thought, OK let’s measure.

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