Get Your Body Spring Break Ready Workout

Spring Break Workout Short Cut

The key to reshaping your body over the next 3 weeks in preparation for spring is….Strength Training!

When you focus on full body moves that help you get stronger, you give your metabolism a tremendous boost, you help your body burn more calories, you see the “tone” and definition you have been dreaming about….and you can do all this in just 15 minutes a Workout!


While so many moms perceive it to be so much easier to just jump on a treadmill and walk or run for 45 minutes consider that #1 easy does not get you body shaping results – if your body is not challenged, your body will not change and #2 this form of exercise does nothing to increase lean muscle or boost your metabolism.

Muscle is your Metabolism.

The more lean muscle you have the more calories you burn – not only DURING the workout but for the next 24 to 48 hours AFTER your workout. Compared to cardio which only burns calories during – doesn’t it make more sense to workout in a way that makes your body burn more calories all day and night long?

If you are new to the concept of Strength Training Workouts a little research along with a hosts of myths can make you throw your hands up in frustration.

No you will NOT get Bulky >>> “The Truth about Women, Weights and Getting Bulky”.
If you claim each time you “lift weights you bulk right up, this is simply fat you have not yet burned off for focus has not been placed on cleaning up your eating habits.

The only thing adding lean muscle can do for your body is make you Tighter and Smaller when you do it the Right Way and compliment your efforts with clean eating habits.

To help you get started and see and feel what a difference a Full Body, CHALLENGING strength training workout is all about, I am sharing one of my most popular youtube workout video “Bikini Fat Burn Workout” video above.

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How can I best help you?

1. What is your Spring Fat Loss Goal, what results are you after?

2. What do you need help with, what questions do you have?


I am excited to help you get REAL results this Spring and quite anxious to get back out on my deck and film new fat loss workout videos for you.

My goal is to help you see that there is no reason why you cannot fully enjoy this revitalizing season with the confidence of a lean, energetic and healthy body!

And…to help show you how committed I am to helping you reach your Spring Fat Loss Goals…for every 50 comments posted below, I will hold a random drawing and choose 2 winners to receive the FYM Get Your Body Back Workout Video Pack.

 Get Your Body Spring Break Ready Workout

Busy Mom Workout Video #1: Bodyweight Fat Blasters

This Video takes you through two cutting edge body weight only circuits giving you the added option to perform circuit style or as time rounds. With moves such as the Sumo Squat Reach, Plank Walk Out and One Leg Deadlift Twist you will never again doubt the power of your own body to turn up the fat burning effect of your workouts. Plus – having body weight only workouts on hand allows you take your workout with you wherever you go!

Equipment: Mat, YOU and a whole lot of ENERGY!!


Busy Mom Workout Video #2 Bikini Body SuperSets

Add a new twist to strength based super sets, instead of alternating upper and lower body within one set, you will work target and torch one body part at a time each super set. Taking on moves such as the Threaded Lunge, Reverse Plank Step Out and Goblet Step Up will help you burn more fat and achieve a bikini ready body in a matter of weeks!

Equipment: Bench/Step, 2 Dumbbells (preferably a pair for upper body 8-15 lbs and a pair for lower body 15+ lbs), Stability Ball, Medicine Ball, Mat


Busy Mom Workout Video #3 Fat Burning Tabatas

While a traditional Tabata takes only four minutes to complete, with 20 seconds of intense activity alternated with 10 seconds of rest, it is a super-quick, efficient and intense way to get fit when followed as a Circuit. This Fast Fat Burning will have you completing a 4 exercise circuit Tabata style for 3 rounds. When you Tabata-tize moves such as Burpees, Mountain Climbers, Snatches and Swings you will improve cardio endurance, increase muscular endurance and burn more fat in less time

Equipment: Mat, 1 Dumbbell and/or Kettlebell (10-30 lbs)

** BONUS: Includes My Specially Designed 20-10 Soundtrack! This means you will be following along to a soundtrack that tells you exactly when to start and stop.

In addition to the Downloadable Success Guide, Printable Workout Logs, Bonus Tabata Soundtrack and Bonus Intervals Video.


Contest Ends Friday March 1st – winners will be announced in the afternoon.

What are your Spring Fat Burn Goals?
How can I help you achieve them?
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Your Friend and Coach,
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