The Secret to Burning Fat

DSC 11001 433x1024 The Secret to Burning Fat
How cool is your cardio for burning fat?

Can your cardio routine Burn MORE fat and calories…..for the next 24-48 hours?

This is the secret to burning fat and getting the fast fat loss results FYM Intervals produce!

Traditional cardio is great and all if weight loss is your only goal. Sure you can easily jump on your favorite piece of cardio equipment and chug away until you see your goal # of calories burned…which may take you a good 45 – 90 minutes a few times a week. Thing is once you get off the cardio ride your calorie burn begins to decline and your body goes back to normal.

Get This

The shorter and more intense your cardio workout, the more overall fat
and calories you will burn…and KEEP burning fat!


Through a process known as EPOC “Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption” which is basically a scientifically proven technique that not only causes your body to burn fat but BOOSTS your METABOLISM!

A Faster Metabolism = Faster Fat Loss

Boosting your metabolism gives you continuous fat loss results…yes, even when you are NOT working out!

When you make Intensity the focus of your cardio, you are essentially training your body to work for you – vs constantly working your body.

3 More Interval Training Bonuses

+ Intervals preserve lean muscle
Muscle is your metabolism, workout in ways to keep it!

+ Intervals curb your appetite
Ever notice how the more cardio you do…the hungrier you become?

+ Intervals are time savers
All you need is 15 minutes, 3 times a week!

As a Busy Mom this is the PERFECT solution!


You simply cannot expect such benefits (or results) from traditional, long duration cardio.

So if you want to triple the amount of fat that you burn and cut your cardio time in half – or more – all you have to do is…

Trade out traditional cardio for short burst interval training workouts!


Need Intervals Ideas?

fym intervals total mockup 1024x837 The Secret to Burning Fat

Be on the lookout next week for the Newest fat loss resource for busy moms!

The complete Interval Training Kit with brand new soundtracks, follow along workout videos and a success guide that maps out dozens of Intervals Ideas for you PLUS how to create your OWN Interval Training Workouts so you are NEVER stuck!


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Burning Fat

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  1. This looks awesome! Can’t wait to hear more about this program.

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