Quinoa Berry Cereal

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Pour Berry Blend Smoothie Over Your Quinoa 

Our Back to School rough draft week, is proving to be quite an experiment.

After a quite a lazy summer cooking-wise, I’ve had the desire to get back into the kitchen and get creative about the meals I am making for the boys. My goal is to get some different foods in front of them with a twist on flavors and textures.

Yesterday morning I came up with the idea to pour what was left in from a Green Smoothie I had made, over a serving of quinoa – wallah… Quinoa Berry Cereal!

This has an added kick of produce and protein, for the green smoothie was whipped up to include Prograde Vanilla Protein, a serving of frozen berries and a some spinach.

Berry Green Smoothie Recipe
1 cup water
2 cups spinach
1 cup frozen berries
2 Scoops Prograde Vanilla Protein (on sale)
1 tsp coconut oil (optional)

I topped this quinoa cereal off with some sliced strawberries and shredded coconut and offered it to Tyler for breakfast…as you can see, he ate it right up.

quinoa%20ty Quinoa Berry Cereal

Tyler’s been an AWESOME new breakfast tester!

We’ve come up with a rating scale as an easy way for him to give feedback on what we need to keep in our breakfast recipe box.  A scale was needed, for Tyler is such a wonderful and fair kid. When you ask him how his day was to what he thought of a new breakfast, his response is always….. “It was good.”

The scale will not only help me in serving meals he enjoys but to also help him get comfortable being descriptive with his feedback on different experiences.

Quinoa Berry Cereal scored a 3 on a scale of 1-5.

We agreed that 1’s were the meals that (please) do not make again.
2’s are okay in a pinch
3’s are the Good meals
4’s are the Better meals
5’s are the BEST meals

So with that – see how creative you can be with your Smoothies.

View how you use your SMOOTHIE MIX with a different perspective.
They are not only JUST for DRINKING.

More fun meal and recipe ideas will be shared as we continue to refine our rough draft week for Back to School season.


Are you stocked up on your Protein?

Don’t Forget
Prograde Protein Powders – On Sale all This Week!

Summer15 Quinoa Berry Cereal

Be on the lookout for more
fun recipes to USE your Smoothie in a different way
other than just Drinking It!



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3 Responses to “Quinoa Berry Cereal”

  1. Tre says:

    I make this green smoothie but I add cinnamon thank u for ur recipes they are delicious :)

  2. vivian says:

    some of this food can not be seen here in nigeria, i would have love to try them.

  3. alexandra says:

    For the past couple of years, one of my favorite breakfasts is 1/2 cup quinoa, 1/2 cup frozen cranberries (thawed), 1/4 cup raisins and 1/2 cup of yogurt. This delicious and creamy.

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