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18 thoughts on “18 Pumpkin Exercises for a Fast Fat Loss Workout

  1. Hey. Holly you are absolutely the best! My brother bought your fityummymummy package for me in May but i still have not got around to it. I think this pumpkin workout motivated me to finally start! I want to take my before pictures tomorrow and then i could start! thanks so much! is there any chance that you will be coming to the east coast anytime soon because i would love to meet you!!!!!! thanks so much for everything! May G-d bless you and protect you!

  2. Dear Dear Holly,

    What a wonderful collage. And Tyler is oh so cute and so endearing. It made me cry seeing the two of you bond so well and make that video. YOU look like his elder sister more and less like his MOM. WOW! Thanks for the video. Happy Halloween!


  3. Thanks Carolyn,

    I actually have my FYM soundtracks custom made! If you have the FYM DVD’s you will hear lots of cool mixes.

    As far as how long a pumpkin lasts – guess it depends on how it is stored – and how long it has been sitting around before you purchase it. So I do not have an answer for you. Too much variation. Maybe go by the touch and feel test.

  4. Love it! The pumpkin is not just for baking anymore!! And by the way, I love the music that goes with your workouts, where can I find it?
    Happy Halloween!

  5. Holly, you and Tyler are adorable! Can’t wait till my son gets big enough to incorporate him into my FYM workouts! Way to get the family involved! (But where was Patrick?)I think he would’ve made a GREAT male-cheerleader! Happy Halloween!

  6. Thank you Tyler and Holly. You two are so cute. That gives me lots of ideas for workouts with our pumpkins. Happy Halloween to you guys too!!!

  7. Hi Holly,

    thanks for the great tip, i’ve already spotted by future quasi-medicine ball on sale at my local grocers. :)

    Now, i’m about to ask a really stupid question (feel free to cyber laugh at me, really, i wont know ;))

    My question is, what is the life span of said pumpkin??

    Ive never been the proud owner of a WHOLE one before and now i’m having visions of attempting an inclined push up, only to find myself face-planted, forearm deep is a mooshy pumpkin soup-esque centre!!!!!

    Maybe being a newbie to all things pumpkin i should stick to the size Tyler is using, looks challenging enough, and its closer to the ground!!!

    Any advise from you lovely YMs would be great appreciated!

    thanks in advance!!

    xxx Ness

  8. very good video Holly

    By the way, i’m from HK. i’ve seen lots of hoaxes hree. We have nothing like your workouts. you are a real deal. i hope to see your work develop in hk market

  9. Very good ideas indeed:) I just can’t believe how warm it seems to be at your place…we have snow here & are freezing so i’ll be trying those exercises inside the house!!!!

    Thanks & Happy Halloween!

  10. Tyler was so cute balancing the little pumpkin on his head…glad you didn’t try that with your big pumpkin. :LOL:

    Have a happy Halloween!!

  11. Since I don’t own a medicine ball [it’s on my Xmas list ;)],
    this pumpkin idea will help me get started now.
    What weight would be a good start?
    Thanks for the great ideas!

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