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Below you will find the Hottest Fit Yummy Mummy fat loss resources. Be sure to click on the link for each to get the complete details of each package. Some packages offer body physical DVD and Downloadable Digital options. If in doubt, ask!

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~ The Fit Yummy Mummy Fat Loss System

The foundation of your body shaping success is found in the Fit Yummy Mummy Fat Loss System. This is your step by step guide for it contains your goal setting plan, motivational strategies, nutritional guidelines as well as 16 weeks of your Fit Yummy Mummy workouts – plus 12 weeks of advanced bonus workouts now with online exercise video library – receive instructional videos of how to properly perform each exercise in your FYM workout plan.

**Now with full follow along workout videos and Learn It video library!

Ensure your success
Grab your original fat loss guide here ——> Fit Yummy Mummy

FYM new EBOOK 862x1024 Shop

This is the original fat loss system for busy moms – outlining the lifestyle components in a handbook is downloaded right to your computer.



~ Intervals for Busy Moms

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Intervals For Moms

4 Full Follow Along Interval Training Workout Videos
30-30, 60-60, 60-30 and 45-15
Each Interval Session takes you through a full 15 minute workout

4 Downloadable Interval Training Soundtracks
30-30, 60-60, 60-30 and 45-15

New length, new protocols, new music, custom tracks with my voice.
Co-Created by Workout Muse

Complete Interval Training Pack details —>HERE



~ Advanced Intervals

Looking to turn up the challenge of your intervals workouts?

The combination of strength training and interval training will produce the fastest results possible in the shortest period of time.

The Advanced Intervals Program includes:

A Complete 4 Week Training Program Designed By Me
An Accountability Workout Tracking Sheet To Ensure You Stay on Track
12 Learn It Videos For Each Of The Advanced Dumbbell Exercises

Screen Shot 2013 07 14 at 4.45.13 PM Shop

Advanced Intervals for Moms

Sale is only offered at specific times of the Year.
Ask if you are interested in gaining access.


~ The Trouble Spot Solution

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The Trouble Spot Solution

The Trouble Spot Solution is an ADVANCED training system.

Advanced for it requires 100% commitment to consistently follow each of the Trouble Spot Circuit Workouts as they are mapped out for you to follow for 12 full weeks.

Advanced for it requires 100% commitment to take your supportive nutrition habits (that you have already spent a good 6-12 weeks establishing) to the next level in order to enhance fat loss results. A good 75-80% of your trouble spot transformation results will come from what and how you eat.

You cannot – I repeat – You Cannot transform your trouble spots if you are not ready to get honest about your eating habits and be open to testing out a higher level of supportive eating strategies.

Advanced for you must have first mastered the basics of a fat loss plan, by following a progressively challenging strength based workout plan at least 3 days a week that has helped you to properly perform the following foundational moves – which will require you to perform more advanced variations throughout a 3 Phases of The Trouble Spot Training System.

This includes mastering - The Squat, Lunge, Deadlift and Swing

The Kettlebell swing is one of the most powerful, body shaping movements and it is suggested that you invest in a kettlebell and prior to starting The Trouble Spot Solution Training System. Yes a dumbbell may be used as a sub, however it has limitations.

Additional equipment includes
a mat, stability ball, step/bench and 2 sets of dumbbells. One set for upper body moves weight will vary based on your fitness level, ranging from 8-15lbs and one set for lower body moves 20lbs and up.

The Trouble Spot Solution is NOT
A beginner fat loss workout plan.

This is the BIGGEST Difference between The Trouble Spot Solution and the Fit Yummy Mummy Fat Loss Ebook (and yes even the Transformation Kit which is a more comprehensive version of the Fit Yummy Mummy Ebook) .

~ Get Little Black Dress Ready

FYM LittleBlackDress bundle V1 2013 10 23 Shop

—> Get Little Black Dress Ready

I’ve Put Everything You Need To Look Fabulous In Your Little Black Dress Into A Step-By-Step Workout Blueprint

The Little Black Dress Ready Workout System is an 8-Week, strategically designed body sculpting workout plan organized into Two Phases.

The magic of this system is in the exercise selection, sequencing and timing to help bring out the definition, tighten up all the right places of your upper back, arms, shoulders and chest – all the areas that shows when you wear those flirty black dresses. Combined with the specific leg and core exercises you need to melt fat, flatten your tummy and tone your legs, these workouts will have you Little Black Dress Ready in record time.

Lean Body Workouts for Moms
Start Sculpting Your Best Body Now!

FYM Lean Body Basic 3 Mock Shop

The newest ClubFYM Workout DVD Bundle “Busy Mom Lean Body Workouts” includes three incredible and challenging Workout of the Month DVDs giving you a total of 6 fat blasting, body sculpting, at home strength workouts with built in warm ups to maximize results!

Lean Body Workout DVD 1: Tight Body TriSets

“Holly, my booty wants to personally thank you for the March workouts!!! Awwwwesome! Also, the Learn-it videos for this month were so helpful and thorough…love all of the modification tips and hints!”


Lean Body Workout DVD 2: Burn It Off Bodyweight Workouts

“Who knew my own body weight could kick my butt? Perfect, perfect, perfect to take along on upcoming trip with family this weekend! Thanks Holly!”


Lean Body Workout DVD 3: Body Shaping Swimsuit SuperSets

“LOVE the dead bug move – I am just engaging my legs right now, as I am easing back into w/outs after slacking off over the past few months. It is one of the hardest core moves I’ve encountered, and I love envisioning my ab muscles getting stronger with each rep.”

Start Sculpting Your Best Body Now!

—-> FYM Lean Body Workouts

Busy Mom Bodyweight Blast

FYM BMBWB videosand3dcover V1 Shop

—-> Busy Mom Body Weight Blast

8 Week Body Weight Only Workout System

Each of these workouts is quick and incredibly EFFECTIVE.

And the best part…they can be done ANYWHERE, ANYTIME with ZERO EQUIPMENT so that you can reach your fat loss goals no matter where you are or how little time you have.



~ Metabolic Mobility

total mock fym metabolic mobility Shop

—> FYM Metabolic Mobility

Metabolic Mobility is the ultimate training program for breaking through your fat loss plateaus, instantly feeling better than you have in years and releasing the brakes on your progress to looking and feeling your absolute best.

So, are YOU ready to look and feel your best?

  • 17 Unique Exercises – Most Of Which You’ve Never Seen Before…and None of Which You’ve Ever Performed With This Degree of Precision
  • “Learn It” Videos Detailing Exactly How To Perform Each Exercise For Maximum Mobility & Metabolic Effect
  • 2 Never Before Seen Follow Along Metabolic Mobility Workout Videos
  • A Downloadable Metabolic Mobility Workout Fast Start Guide To Teach You Exactly What To Do To Maximize Your Results

‘Release The Emergency Brake’ That’s Holding You Back From The Body You Want


~ Metabolic Meltdown


Click Here —> Metabolic Meltdown for Moms

The Metabolic Meltdown For Busy Moms Will Boost Your Metabolism, Melt Away Unwanted Fat, To Transform and Tighten Your Entire Body In Just 6 Short Weeks!

All you have to do is perform Three 20 Minute Transformation Workouts a week along with the Metabolism Boosting Meal Planning Guide. PLUS, You Can Accelerate Results and Target Trouble Areas with Sizzlers that take just 5 minutes of your day – Its’ the perfect workout solution for busy moms!

Press Play to watch a video sampler here:

Screen Shot 2013 07 14 at 4.12.27 PM Shop

Receive 3 DVDs which contain Three Total Body Transformation Workouts, Six Sexy Sizzlers, Nine Metabolic Minutes and MORE! Watch the video to get the complete DVD package details.



~ Bands for Busy Moms

bands for busy moms 5 target mockup1 Shop

Click Here —> Bands For Busy Moms Workouts

Get all 5 Bands for Busy Moms Target Zone Videos

+ Perfect Posture
+ Upper Body Blast
+ Lower Body Blast
+ Get Muffin Top-less
+ S-A-S-S-Y

PLUS the Cardio-Core Blast Workout Video, the 50:10 Metabolic Band Blasting Workout Video, 2 Hotel Room Workout Videos and my favorite 4 Timed Workout Soundtracks

Press Play to watch a video sampler here:

Screen Shot 2013 07 14 at 4.16.06 PM Shop

Watch the video to get the complete Bands for Busy Moms video package details.



~ FYM in the Gym

fym gym total850 Shop
Click Here —> FYM in the GYM

FYM In The Gym Focuses On Exercises That Will Make You Stronger, Leaner & Sexier Than Ever!

Discover the secrets to boosting your metabolism and sculpting your body with barbells, dumbbells, cable machines, and suspension trainers. Get the easy-to-follow video instructions you need to feel confident working out with all the fun body-shaping equipment your gym provides.

You will receive nearly 90 exercise videos!
In each video I walk you through how to properly perform each exercise safely and effectively, with variations so you know how to modify as needed. To make it easy to navigate and implement, I have organized these videos into mini tutorials as follows – From Getting Started to Exercises for Each Body Part to Cool Down & Stretching. This way you can choose to view the videos from your home computer prior to heading out to the gym as you plan your workout or you can quickly access a tutorial clip on your smart phone if you need a quick reminder while at the gym.

Press Play to see a Sample:

Screen Shot 2013 07 14 at 4.26.37 PM Shop

Watch the video to get the complete FYM in the GYM video package details.



~ Fit Yummy Mummy To Be
Pregnany Workout Program

fym to be total mock Shop
Click Here —> Fit Yummy Mummy To Be

To get an even better body after you have your baby and bounce back faster than ever is to stay fit, stay active and stay strong throughout your pregnancy.

Okay, so not a Secret…however, based on all the contradictory, outdated information, rumors and old wives’ tales that are perpetuated by many pregnancy resources, it can be quite confusing and frustrating to even know where to begin along with what you can do.

Great news is that I am here to help you!
This is more than a workout program based on theory. With Fit Yummy Mummy To Be I not only use proven methods based on scientifically researched pregnancy training protocols I also take you through the workouts step-by-step. That’s right, you’re going to follow along with me as I workout through all three trimesters – we’ll be growing, getting fit and getting stronger…together!

You Will Receive …

+ Specialized Follow-Along Strength Training Workout Videos for Your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Trimesters

+ Level 1 & Level 2 Workouts to Accommodate For Your Personal Fitness and Energy Levels Workouts Range From 5 – 20 Minutes So You Always Have A Go-To Option Available

+ Access 12 Full Body Workouts in All, 4 per Trimester Giving You Plenty Of Flexibility Throughout Your Entire Pregnancy

+ Downloadable Success Guide Outlining Must Have Workout Guidelines along with Printable Workout Logs and BONUS Additional Fit Pregnancy Tips & Strategies


~ The Transformation Kit

tk total package712 Shop

12 Week Transformation Kit

Get The Exact, Step-By-Step Follow Along Fit Yummy Mummy Fat Loss Blueprint You Need To Get Your Best Body EVER In Only 12 Weeks with 6 Brand New Follow Along Workout DVDs!

Get 12 weeks of brand new, never before released 15 minute workout DVDs – actually 24 weeks for I have created a Phase 1 and Phase 2 series so anyone of any fitness level can follow along with these workouts with fat burning intensity that matches their needs. You will receive a total of 6 DVDs.


…And More!
I am giving you every resource, tool and strategy that will make your transformation as simple as popping in a workout DVD and following along with me.

Click Here —> Order Your Transformation Kit

Ask about Specials on this Comprehensve Package

~ Busy Mom Workouts 2.0 DVD Pack

3 disc TOTAL mock700 Shop

BusyMomWorkouts 2.0

The 2012 Fit Yummy Mummy DVD Pack “Busy Mom Workouts” includes three of my favorite challenging DVD workouts

Body Weight Fat Blasters
Bikini Body Super Sets
Fat Burning Tabatas

Plus BONUS ***Interval Training Video
Interval training is an important component of your workout plan. This video demonstrates how to design your intervals workouts including several how to examples along with a follow along workout and downloadable 30-30 soundtrack.

Get a total of 6 fat burning, at home workouts with built in warm ups to maximize results!

Order Your Busy Mom Workout Pack Here—> BusyMomWorkouts 2.0



~ The Official FYM Cookbook!


The cookbook contains…

More than just recipes – but every meal planning/nutrition tip you need to eat supportively successfully!

- Eating for Fat Loss Do’s and Dont’s
– Top 10 fat burning foods for busy moms
– FYM Meal Planning Cheat Sheet
– 4 Step Meal Mapping Crash Course
– Daily Meal Plan samples for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks
– Over 200 recipes for breakfast, lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Soups and Smoothies

Plus a supportive eating chapter that covers…

- Overcoming Sugar Addiction and Food Cravings
– Eating Healthy on a Budget
– Energizing Snacks
– Healthy After school Snacks
– How to Fight Late Night Cravings



~ Prograde Nutrition

Supplements for Health, Fat Loss and Vitality.

I suggest VGF+25, Prograde Lean Meal Replacement and Prograde Workout.
Save 15% off your first order.
Enter the coupon code: FYM
At check out.

1+my+prograde+store Shop



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