Post Baby Belly 4 Week Fat Melting Results

karen 4wk post1 1024x570 Post Baby Belly 4 Week Fat Melting Results

Post Baby Belly Results

43 women at ClubFYM just finished up an exciting 4 Week Team Challenge  – and the fat melting results – as you can see from Karen’s before and after above – have been nothing short of phenomenal!

Read on to see just a handful of super inspiring Post Baby Belly 4 week results!

Nikki posted….”I lost another inch off my mommy belly – now my workout pants are too big!”

nikki mini Post Baby Belly 4 Week Fat Melting Results

Mum Tum 28.5 – 27.5 Down 1.0″

I FEEL stronger in my arms and abs. Originally, in joining FYM, my goal was to lose weight. After the NYTC, my focus changed to strength and getting lean.

But I felt a bit stalled. This 4 Week Team Challenge, seemed to break the plateau! This is great for me as it showed that I was right to not settle and to go for what I thought I could achieve.

Staying connected to my team was important. We kept each other strong and honest. I fell in love with Prograde Chocolate Protein. NO BLTs for this lady. And there was NO WAY I was writing down a negative point in this challenge – that was my ULTRA motivation!

This experience taught me that we should celebrate ALL of our successes – both big and small.  No accomplishment is too small to celebrate.  I was motivated by the amazing ladies of ClubFYM. They help me achieve my goals. And I need that!


Every Mom desires to get flat abs after baby….check out Kelly’s new Abs!

kelly toth after 4 week mini Post Baby Belly 4 Week Fat Melting Results

“This was such a fun & motivating challenge. I LOVE the team atmosphere! I found it to be so incredibly motivating & the unbelievable support from all of my wonderful teammates was so encouraging. I am so happy to have been part of this experience.

I feel like I have accomplished more in this 4 week team challenge than in probably all of the other challenges I have participated in. Thank you Holly, what a cool concept. TEAM 9, you ladies ROCK!!!! I love you girls! CHEERS & HUGS to ALL who participated!” ~ Kelly T, Mom of 2, FL


Kirstie shouts… “I lost 7 ½ lbs, 2 inches off my mommy belly and dropped from a size 12 to a size 10! This was the Best Birthday Gift Ever!”


kat 5 muffin top 300x184 Post Baby Belly 4 Week Fat Melting Results

“The Mini Challenge was short, sweet and to the point. I chose to make this challenge a gift to myself since the challenge ended a day after my birthday. It was intense at times because I was determined to make it through this challenge since the duration was just 4 weeks.

Wow it was amazing the transformation for me in 4 short weeks. I exceeded my goal of 5# and lost 7.5. To get definition in my body so quickly is a tribute to the workouts 6 days a week! Since the FTC 2010 I have lost 40lbs since starting with FYM in Aug, my fat melting results have been great. I have lost 44 lbs!

For my birthday I said I am celebrating…I am smaller, slimmer, trimmer and stronger. I am DWISIWD!

I am excited that in about 10 more lbs I will be able to say out loud “I have lost 50#s!” (I have been wanting this since 2005!).  I am celebrating the fact that Holly Rigsby/ FYM has helped me reach these goals.

Celebrating wonderful teammates that have been an encouraging and motivating part of my weight loss journey!”


Erika from Ohio Lost 4 lbs, her Mommy Belly and her EXCUSES – check out her testimonial!

erika mini  Post Baby Belly 4 Week Fat Melting Results

I am so tired. Who has the time?
My excuse for not exercising was that I was too tired and I didn’t have the time. That is no longer the song is my head. That can NOT be the measure of whether I work out. Instead, I repeat to myself the reasons why I need to do it. In addition, in does NOT take hours to accomplish. It is an investment in me and in the way I want to be. I no longer day dream about what I want for myself. I just do it! The name of my PJ was “Commit to Change”. Enough said!

Us vs Them
Tracy Anderson and Gwyneth Paltrow. Gunnar Peterson and J. Lo. David Kirsch and Heidi Klum.

Oh can I just talk about celebrity trainers for a moment? Gwyenth had Madonna’s former trainer to restore her body after 2 kids. Jennifer Lopez had twins and looks like she wasn’t even pregnant. Heidi had 4 kids and she walks down a runway in lingerie for Victoria’s Secret. Seriously, these are not REAL people. You see, in my mind, there is ‘them’. Those with multiple nannies, cooks, and housekeepers. Those with gym memberships, a home gym, and personal trainers.

Then, there is ME. I am the nanny, the cook and the housekeeper. I don’t belong to a gym or have a work-out room in my house. I don’t have the staff to help me, much less hours to spend in the gym. I could only look like that if I had their money, their staff, and their lives. I realized that thought was a FLAT OUT LIE.

Holly Rigsby has laid the foundation and I just had to commit, imagine, and believe. I now know a healthy body Post Baby Belly is within my reach. I believe that how I treat it is a reflection of my own self-love and self-respect. This was very powerful for me.

In addition, my team 9 on Club FYM was AMAZING. I can’t believe women who have never met me could be so supportive, nurturing, and motivating.

Before Children vs. After Children
There is the body you had before having your bundles of joy. Perhaps not what you wanted, but nothing like ‘After Children’ body. We have all heard it before, “your body changes and you should just accept it.” Again, I stopped accepting this lie.

I realized that there was a Fit Yummy Mummy Body.

I’m excited to continue this journey and look at my results after finishing the 12 week plan in the e-book. I’m so proud of myself! Can’t wait to keep melting belly fat I dreaded posting my before pics and now I’m thrilled to post my after pics.” ~Erika



Heather Lost About 8 lbs and 1 1/2 Inches off her Mommy Belly

heather g 300x287 Post Baby Belly 4 Week Fat Melting Results

“I cannot begin to tell you how much I have loved this mini-team challenge. It has changed my life!

I had been doing FYM off and on for about 2 years in between pregnancies but things didn’t click until this challenge. I loved the team aspect and getting to know my teammates has been the best part of this whole thing. I now have much more confidence with joining in on forum discussions.

Things have I learned:

-the support of my teammates made all the difference – logging in and seeing my friends and reading their journals was how I started each day of the challenge and I looked forward to it.

-I can’t out exercise my mouth – I read this somewhere in the forums and it is SO true. Prior to this challenge I used to eat some chocolate or a bite of a cookie and think “oh I’ll work it off”.

-doing something extra (NEAT – non exercise activity) makes a difference

-write it down – the accountability of journaling is huge. It’s all there in black and white!!!

-keep it simple – Holly often says this and it is so true! I used to be the queen of the quick fix and also thought more cardio=more ice cream. Now I follow these rules: protein and produce, do the workouts as Holly lays them out.

-our unofficial team motto “Progress, not Perfection” – we all have bad days but it is vital to not be defined by those bad days.

I feel fantastic and more confident in what I can do and what my body can do. I am so grateful to my teammates and to Holly for outlining what really is the most amazing and simple programme. I am a mom of two young kids, working full time and living in a foreign country away from family – I need simplicity, support and results and FYM provides all of these things plus so much more!!!




It’s time to get your own fat melting results and begin your own FYM transformation – join the Summer Slim Down Challenge and win Fabulous Prizes for your brand new Summer Ready Body!

stc 1 for blog1 1024x898 Post Baby Belly 4 Week Fat Melting Results


Challenge Details : 2011 Summer Slim Down Transformation Challenge

Start Date: June 6th

You must get registered by Posting your Starting Stats and Before Photos at You will have access to “Get Started” video tutorials and coaching tips to help guide you each step of the way. Deadline to register is 10:00 pm EST June 6th.

Question:  “So I have to be a member of ClubFYM to take part in the Challenge?”

Yes and please note, those who decide to get one of many Fit Yummy Mummy program (FYM Handbook, Get Your Body Back DVDs, Transformation Kit, Intervals Kit) and then join ClubFYM have the opportunity to join and receive 30 days free! From that point, basic membership is a mere $19.95 a month recurring.

Everyone who Registers and Participates will Receive:

~ 2 New fat burning, Fit Yummy Mummy Workout Videos each month Complete with online How To videos, full Follow Along Workout videos and a downloadable workout log. Never hit a plateau with your workout plan again – be challenged each and every week of the month – burn more fat – get stronger – see results even faster!

~ Access to the Online Menu Planner Create unlimited, nutritionally balanced meals using your favorite foods. This same exact program sells online for $119.40 per year….challenge participants get it FREE!

~ Coupons on Prograde Favorites

~ Exclusive Transformation Emails and Challenge Forum Receive weekly challenge emails with fat loss tips, motivation and assignments to help you turn up the heat on your results and give you the chance t partake in POP mini contests for extra prizes!

~ Summer Challenge Video Resources to help you maximize your results each step of the way!

~ Super Charged Support System As a member of ClubFYM you not only have access to one of the most caring and supportive groups of women online, you also have access to the Accountability Buddy System. So you not only have me as your coach and have surrounded yourself with some of the most success driven, inspiring women ever…you also get to work closely with a select few women who will be there to help hold you accountable and motivate you to achieve your very best!

~BONUS – Lose Fat WITH Me! I am also participating in the Summer Slim Down Challenge so you have open access to my progress journal as I document each step of my summer fat loss transformaiton!

DSC 1314 475x500 285x300 Post Baby Belly 4 Week Fat Melting Results

7 Months Postpartum GOAL is to tone, tighten and see my abs!


~ Coaching Calls with Me –  Holly Rigsby To help assist you in the transformation, I will be holding  LIVE  group coaching calls  as well as Mini Coaching Calls to help answer  any and all  of your summer fat loss questions and keep you on track throughout the challenge.

I will also be offering a BONUS VIDEO Coaching Call next Week to help Jump Start the FYM”s who are rearing and ready to go!

~ Win Prizes Throughout The Challenge To ensure each and every member starts off strong, I’ll be holding POP Mini Contests! Not only will members access additional videos, calls and fat loss tools – POP mini contests will award prizes for to keep the fun alive and the results HOT!


Don’t Let Summer Slip You By

This is your  CALL to Action!!!

1 reg 150x150 Post Baby Belly 4 Week Fat Melting Results


Challenge Rules

1) You must be a registered member at following the Post Baby Belly Fit Yummy Mummy workouts and use the FYM nutrition guidelines to achieve your results.

2) Starting Stats You must post your Starting Stats and your Before picture within forums. Your photo must include a date stamped photo from that day to validate your start and end date.

3) Logging and Tracking Progress To remain eligible for prizes as well as guarantee your results…you will keep a progress journal within the forums of – updating on a daily or weekly basis.  This not only creates accountability and provides the information needed to qualify for the prizes, but every amazing transformation has been fueled by detailed and regular tracking of your routine and progress.

4) Challenge is 6 Weeks 42 Days to a New Hot Summer Ready Body!

The Summer Slim Down Transformation Challenge is just 6 weeks, runs from June 6th through July 17th. We all start together on Day ONE – June 6th. This is the final day to register for the challenge and get the fat melting results you want. Doors will close at 10:00 pm EST on June 6th.


Any additional questions?

Leave a comment below!



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  1. Susan says:

    Check out the hot girls of summer. :) Way to go ladies! You look wonderful.

  2. Andrea says:

    That’s looks like a fabulous challenge! I’d love to participate, but I wondered if you were able to accept Paypal payments, as I don’t have a credit card.

  3. Marloes says:

    Now those are the kind of results I like to see!! Wonderful job ladies!! After stepping back from Club FYM for a year, I am back and I am DEFINITELY signing up for the Summer TC!!!

  4. Holly Rigsby says:

    No you do not have to buy prograde to participate in the challenge. If you would like to communicate with me personally for extra support you can join

  5. Holly Rigsby says:

    Hey Abby – Intervals DVD should be ready to go in the next 2 weeks – glad to hear you are excited!

  6. Alesha says:

    Way to go ladies!!!!

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    Super effort Fit Yummy Mummy’s!!!! Keep up the amazing work!! XxDani

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    Beautiful results, Ladies!

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    Awesome girls!!!

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    WOW!! Such inspiration…. Great Job ladies!!!

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    I must buy the prograde shake in order to participate in the challenge? please do you have an email we can use to communicate? thank you holly! you are an inspiration

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    Way to go ladies! You all deserve to be in first place!! Congratulations.

  13. Kelly ;) ;) says:

    wowza!!! Look at those results!!! GO GIRLS!!!

  14. Abby says:

    also when will the intervals dvd be coming out? im sooooooo excited for it!!!

  15. Abby says:

    wow those are amazing results! way to go ladies!!
    will the transformation kit be going on sale before the challenge begins?

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