Why Green Smoothies Rock

accessorize your smoothie Why Green Smoothies Rock


Green Smoothies Rock!
There is an easy, delicious and super energizing way to

Get Your Greens and add to the Power of 10!


One of the fastest and most effective calorie control strategies for fat loss is to eat 10 servings of Produce each day.


Busy Mom of 2 Shares Secrets To Six Pack Abs

kelly+T+ba Busy Mom of 2 Shares Secrets To Six Pack Abs

Kelly, 37 year old busy mom of two ~ ages 3 and 5 ~ and a full time firefighter/EMT, discovers what it takes to melt the mommy belly, share the secrets to six pack abs and rediscover her Bikini Confidence!

“I have always had a surfer mentality, ‘fly by the seat of my pants’, so I was really challenged by Fit Yummy Mummy but I am learning, my body is changing, my life is improving and it’s exciting!



5 Mother’s Day “Pamper Me” Tips

pamper 5 Mothers Day Pamper Me Tips

Why wait until Mother’s Day to begin pampering yourself today….and really everyday! You deserve it, you know!

While many busy moms do not have the luxury or even the option of taking a day off, you can still create “mini retreats” throughout the day to take care of YOU!



4 Flat Tummy Quick Fixes


Looking For Some Flat Tummy Quick Fixes?


I have four, quick and easy fixes you can make to how you eat and move that will make a difference as soon as the moment you apply them!



Pregnancy Fit Tips Newsletter

1+preg+ Pregnancy Fit Tips Newsletter

Now that I am expecting ~ due October 19th ~ I have so many new pregnancy fit tips and insights from my own personal experience that I decided to set up a completely new section of what Fit Yummy Mummy has to offer.

Each week I will be posting the latest pregnancy fitness tip and answering your questions.

To make sure you do not miss out, be sure to sign up for the Pregnancy Fit Tips Weekly Newsletter below! (more…)


Skipping Meals To Lose Weight Fast?

plate Skipping Meals To Lose Weight Fast?Is Skipping Meals To Lose Weight Fast The Right Thing To Do?

“Yesterday I skipped breakfast and lunch. I guess I just want to lose weight and still have the mentality that eating less is better. So why is it so bad to skip meals?”

In our constant search of a shortcuts to see faster weight loss results, it would seem that one of the easiest things to do would be to eat less, right?


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One Of My Favorite Metabolism Boosting Foods

cinnamon sticks 250 One Of My Favorite Metabolism Boosting Foods

Add this tasty metabolism boosting food to your meals and snacks!



Not just a holiday spice!

A teaspoon of cinnamon is rich in nutrition….it has fiber, calcium manganese, iron, antioxidants, plus has beneficial effects on insulin sensitivity and helps control your blood sugar levels, which may factor into the fat-fighting metabolism boosting equation!

Eat It Like This!




Goodbye Muffin Top ~ Hello Size 4 Jeans!

karen+T+ba Goodbye Muffin Top ~ Hello Size 4 Jeans!

At Age 46, Karen Tibbals, a Fit Yummy Mummy Transformation Challenge member said goodbye muffin top.  She can Fit into her Size 4 Coldwater Creek Jeans With NO Muffin Top! Read her powerful transformation journey and the secrets she has discovered to make her body shaping goals a reality.

“After reflecting on my Transformation Challenge experience, I have come to realize


The # 1 Reason I have NOT succeeded

at permanent weight loss over the last few years even though I’ve been trying soooo hard.




Yes ~ I’m Pregnant!

baby+rigsby Yes ~ Im Pregnant!

My post a couple weeks ago “My Personal Bikini Ready Secrets Revealed” seems to have slipped through the cracks for some as I tried to be a little too creative with the announcement of my pregnancy.

Making it simple and official this time!



Questions About Your Sluggish Metabolism?

slow turtle 300x196 Questions About Your Sluggish Metabolism?Do You Have A Sluggish Metabolism?

I have spent a great deal of time making videos and writing blog posts about what it takes to boost your metabolism, burn more fat and get your body back.

- You Must make resistance training a priority
– You Must not do HOURS of cardio – stick to Intervals
– You Must clean up what you are eating

The old “eat right and exercise” advice, I know ; )