How To Choose the Right Weight for your Workouts

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Do your weights challenge you?



A Plateau Buster Mistake – Don’t Do This!

 A Plateau Buster Mistake   Dont Do This!

 ”If you do what you have always done,
you will get what you have always gotten”


How long have you been doing the same workout routine?

Feeling stuck with your results?

It may be due to the fact that your body has hit a plateau.


The Best Motivation Trick EVER!

back to school boys 736x1024 The Best Motivation Trick EVER!


It’s Week Two of Back to School for us and I can now say that we are finally in a good morning routine. As I shared before, this was a huge adjustment as Tyler’s new Middle School schedule (can’t believe he’s a 6th grader!)  has him getting up and ready nearly two hours earlier than elementary school!

Sure the first week was a bit rough…but we made it through and I can now admit that I like having to start my day a
couple hours earlier.

Since school has now started up for many other families, I’ve been getting several requests for help that go a little
something like this….

“Holly, help! School started and now I am losing motivation!
Please kick
start me again!”

Does this sound like you? (more…)

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Chocolate Protein Pancakes Recipe

chocolate protein pancakes Chocolate Protein Pancakes Recipe

It was the first week back to school and to help our mornings go more smoothly I did some bulk cooking. One of the easiest and most nutritious breakfast foods…protein pancakes. Especially delightful for the boys when they are chocolate ones!

Here is the recipe I used… (more…)


Are You Always Running Late?

si 13212197 h63w7gyfp7 lr Are You Always Running Late?

Tyler on Time Management for Busy Moms

This week marks the start of “Back to School” season for our family.

Still cannot get overt the fact that Tyler is going into Middle School. Our morning routine is going to completely change as Tyler’s get up and get ready schedule will shift to almost 2 hours earlier. To help make this adjustment we have spent the past week waking up about 5 – 10 minutes earlier.


Biggest Back to School Concerns


What is the hardest part about the “Back to School” routine for you?

Leave A Comment Below Biggest Back to School Concerns


How about a chance to win the newest DVD Pack?

“Busy Mom Lean Body Workouts”

In your comments include WHY the Lean Body Workout DVDs would be of help to you. Drawing will take place next Monday, August 19th.

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6 Moves to a Better Booty for Busy Moms

Give your Backside a BOOST with Six of
My Favorite Tush-Targeted Exercises!

Did you know… (more…)


My Personal Motivation Formula

daily motivational quotes for work My Personal Motivation Formula

How I Stay Focused and Motivated

Do It Daily (more…)

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Tighter Tummy in 12 Days ’13

my%20tt Tighter Tummy in 12 Days 13

 ”This was so awesome!
I had the majority of my Summer Challenge
Results take place over the TT12!!!”

This is what the moms are saying after taking part in the Tighter Tummy in 12 Days mini challenge in the forums at ClubFYM.

This was a fun mini challenged created to help boost fat loss and tummy flattening results as the FYMs wrapped up the 6 Week Summer Slim Down Challenge and it is much loved for it focuses in on the area we as moms want to see change the most….THE MOMMY BELLY!

What is the TT12?



A Mom’s Biggest Source of Motivation

be kind be brave quote A Moms Biggest Source of Motivation

Be the kind of person you want your children to become


Did you realize that as a parent, you have access to one of the biggest and most significant sources of motivation?