Boston was represented this Halloween

boston boys on halloween 2 1024x1008 Boston was represented this Halloween


Here’s a recap on our Halloween adventure – which was rescheduled for Friday November 1st due to the threat of severe storms.

So happy it was for while the storms never did it, it was cold and windy and not the most pleasant night to be going door to door. Friday night however couldn’t have been more perfect!



It’s Hard to Get Results

Choose Your Hard 1024x882 Its Hard to Get Results

It’s Hard, I know. I get it.

If it feels as if things have been a struggle lately, I just wanted to let you know that I understand.

Yesterday after getting Tyler from school, the boys and I made a stop at Walmart to grab a rotisserie chicken (awesome for a quick dinner option) and check to see if there was anything else Alexander wanted to add to his Halloween costume – he’s been quite indecisive (Jake, Iron Man, Batman, police boy). (more…)


Best Pumpkin Recipes for Fall

Our Favorite Pumpkin Recipes

Enjoy some of our favorite pumpkin recipes


Sweet & Satisfying Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Recipe


Pumpkin Pie is a holiday favorite but eating too much can hinder your holiday fat loss efforts.

Here’s a fun way to enjoy this delicious fall flavor and stay on track ~ make it into a smoothie!



Our Fall Family Tradition

DSC 0415 1024x679 Our Fall Family Tradition

Fall is our Favorite time of Year!

Not only is the change of seasons absolutely gorgeous it’s also the start of football season and the celebration of many birthdays in our home…PLUS it’s also the chance to share in one of our family traditions that actually kicks off all of our Fall celebrations and events ~ visiting the Pumpkin Patch! (more…)


How To Melt More Fat AFTER a Workout

 Sizzlers1 How To Melt More Fat AFTER a Workout

The way you End your Workout can Greatly Enhance Fat Burn!

Workout finishers are movements or a series of movements added in at the end of a workout ranging from 4 to 8 minutes. Consider them the Exclamation Mark of your Strength based workout for an added Metabolic Hit. (more…)


How To Choose the Right Weight for your Workouts

548291 10151601427008477 431256585 n How To Choose the Right Weight for your Workouts

Do your weights challenge you?



A Plateau Buster Mistake – Don’t Do This!

 A Plateau Buster Mistake   Dont Do This!

 “If you do what you have always done,
you will get what you have always gotten”


How long have you been doing the same workout routine?

Feeling stuck with your results?

It may be due to the fact that your body has hit a plateau.


The Best Motivation Trick EVER!

back to school boys 736x1024 The Best Motivation Trick EVER!


It’s Week Two of Back to School for us and I can now say that we are finally in a good morning routine. As I shared before, this was a huge adjustment as Tyler’s new Middle School schedule (can’t believe he’s a 6th grader!)  has him getting up and ready nearly two hours earlier than elementary school!

Sure the first week was a bit rough…but we made it through and I can now admit that I like having to start my day a
couple hours earlier.

Since school has now started up for many other families, I’ve been getting several requests for help that go a little
something like this….

“Holly, help! School started and now I am losing motivation!
Please kick
start me again!”

Does this sound like you? (more…)

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Chocolate Protein Pancakes Recipe

chocolate protein pancakes Chocolate Protein Pancakes Recipe

It was the first week back to school and to help our mornings go more smoothly I did some bulk cooking. One of the easiest and most nutritious breakfast foods…protein pancakes. Especially delightful for the boys when they are chocolate ones!

Here is the recipe I used… (more…)


Are You Always Running Late?

si 13212197 h63w7gyfp7 lr Are You Always Running Late?

Tyler on Time Management for Busy Moms

This week marks the start of “Back to School” season for our family.

Still cannot get overt the fact that Tyler is going into Middle School. Our morning routine is going to completely change as Tyler’s get up and get ready schedule will shift to almost 2 hours earlier. To help make this adjustment we have spent the past week waking up about 5 – 10 minutes earlier.

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