More Time To …Workout?





How much time do you spend working out?

This has been a hot topic just in the past 24 hours.

From a question asked during a live coaching call….

“I would like to know truthfully how much do YOU work out a day? Do you do extras or do you do the exact thing you tell us to do. Should we be putting in extra time? (more…)


Prevent Summer Fat Loss Set Backs


Do you find it hard to stay fit over the Summer?

Tell me about it!


You want tank top ready arms, swimsuit confidence and even a bikini ready body. So you find a summer slim down plan to follow – you’ve added in a tummy flattening diet and you are willing to try out all the fast summer fat loss tips….

…so what’s making all of this so hard to get results?

Believe me – I understand!

Summer is a time of transition.

I am feeling all of this first hand! (more…)


Post Baby Belly 4 Week Fat Melting Results

karen 4wk post1 1024x570 Post Baby Belly 4 Week Fat Melting Results

Post Baby Belly Results

43 women at ClubFYM just finished up an exciting 4 Week Team Challenge  – and the fat melting results – as you can see from Karen’s before and after above – have been nothing short of phenomenal!

Read on to see just a handful of super inspiring Post Baby Belly 4 week results!

Nikki posted….”I lost another inch off my mommy belly – now my workout pants are too big!”

nikki mini Post Baby Belly 4 Week Fat Melting Results

Mum Tum 28.5 – 27.5 Down 1.0″

I FEEL stronger in my arms and abs. Originally, in joining FYM, my goal was to lose weight. After the NYTC, my focus changed to strength and getting lean.



Peanut Butter and Jelly Smoothie VIDEO




Peanut Butter And Jelly Smoothie – a Classic in a Cup

Tyler was home from school last week and requested a PB&J for lunch. I too thought this sounds quite yummy however since I am really fine tuning my eating habits over the next 4 weeks in an effort to lose the last bit of baby belly fat I am avoiding wheat products so a sandwich was not an option. While I assembled his sandwich I decided to experiment with some ingredients to make a PB&J smoothie instead.

Here’s what I came up with…



Best Mommy Belly Tightening Exercise

Holly Rigsby Plank 300x123 Best Mommy Belly Tightening Exercise

Step 5 in your Mommy Belly Makeover

This is one of my Favorite Mommy Belly exercises because it truly challenges my entire body!

Tighten Your Mummy Tummy



Post Baby Belly Flap Banishing Tips

300 belly fat Post Baby Belly Flap Banishing Tips

May is Mommy Belly Makeover Month and I’ve been posting a step by step plan to help you get rid of that belly fat on. Next up – addressing the post baby Belly Flap!

While I have many more hands on strategies and videos to share with you, I wanted to address one of the most common concerns posted on the blog as well as sent to my personal email, which has to do with….The Belly Flap!

“I would love to see lots of video work for that low belly flap, roll of fat. Mine is more like an apron of fat, but I am working on it and I can’t tell things are starting to change, but I would love to see it go faster !!!! thanks Holly!”

trans Post Baby Belly Flap Banishing Tips

While I can make a TON of videos all centering around workouts that boost your metabolism, tighten your tummy, create new curves…not one of these videos will specifically target the dreaded “Post Baby Belly Flap“. (more…)


Pinch An Inch Of Mommy Belly Fat?


pinch%20300x262 Pinch An Inch Of Mommy Belly Fat?


Mommy Belly Fat Can You Pinch an Inch?

Stephanie could…well she could pinch quite a few inches of mommy belly fat. (more…)


Chocolate Recovery Smoothie VIDEO Recipe

“Chocolate Reward” Recovery Smoothie


Yes you CAN have chocolate and LOSE Fat!

Here’s what you need…. (more…)

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Fat Loss Questions on facebook

FB%2Bpic Fat Loss Questions on facebook


Now holding LIVE fat loss Q and A sessions on the

>> Fit Yummy Mummy Facebook Fan page

Answering your questions as well as sharing tips and strategies to help you reach your body shaping goals.

Here’s a transcript of the latest LIVE Q and A Sessions: (more…)


3 Unexpected Tips to Trim Your Tummy

BellyFatLoss 3 Unexpected Tips to Trim Your Tummy

Step 4 in your Mommy Belly Makeover

Trim your tummy and lose inches by following these 3 unexpected, yet simple and super effective tips.

Tummy Trimming Tip #1
: Avoid FAKE Foods


While this may not be such an “unexpected” tip – based on the foods I see Fit Yummy Mummy’s posting in their progress journals in the Club Forums….I still see a surprising amount of “Diet” based foods. (more…)

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