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Lean Abs Circuit for Busy Moms

11Holly T Up Abs Lean Abs Circuit for Busy Moms

Working On Flat Tummy Results?

What Mom doesn’t dream of flat, defined abs?


Fire Up Fat Burn With This Intervals Trick


Interval Training is a more effective form of cardio for it helps you burning a higher amounts of fat and calories during and long after your workout – INTENSITY IS KEY to burning the MOST Fat in the Shortest time possible.

Try this TRICK to boost the fat burning power of your interval training workouts!



Mom of 6 Melts 7 Inches Off Mommy Belly

angela sid 762x1024 Mom of 6 Melts 7 Inches Off Mommy Belly
How a Homeschooling Mom of 6 Banishes the Mommy Belly

There is nothing more inspiring than seeing the mommy belly melting, flat tummy results of REAL Moms – especially moms who have had multiple pregnancies, like Angela Coffman a Mom of 6! She is this week’s Featured Fit Yummy Mummy, sharing her transformation journey and how she was able to burn the mommy belly fat and get an even BETTER Body back just 6 months postpartum!


3 Summer Watermelon Recipes

DSC 04872 3 Summer Watermelon Recipes

PinExt 3 Summer Watermelon Recipes

3 Ways to LOVE Watermelon

Memorial Day Weekend kicks off the unofficial start of Summer!

We spent this holiday weekend taking part in many fun summer events from a trip to King’s Island to a red hot Cincinnati Reds baseball game. The celebration also included firing up the grill and cooking up some tasty foods for a fun cookout experience.

In my home, I am the grill master.
Since I have been known to be a bit of a fire starter in the kitchen, it is much safer for me to cook outdoors.



How To Miss A Childhood

216802 5424208907 653398907 149954 366 n How To Miss A Childhood

How Distracted Are You?

Today’s post is to highlight one of the most powerful reads I have come across in some time.

One afternoon while Alexander was napping, I was “working”, spending time online, searching through various Mommy Blogs and articles to help inspire and generate new topics to write about for Fit Yummy Mummy. As I browsed, I came across a headline that caught my eye.

How To Miss A Childhood


The Challenge of Weight Loss For Moms

DSC 0484 300x199 The Challenge of Weight Loss For Moms

Weight Loss For Moms

As a busy mom, beginning a body transformation journey can be intimidating and filled with daily challenges.  In order to get results, you must be willing to take action and do something different.


4 Simple Fat Loss Tips Moms Skip

DSC 0650 300x199 4 Simple Fat Loss Tips Moms Skip

4 Simple Fat Loss Tips Busy Moms Tend To Skip

When it comes to working on your fat loss goals to create your best body ever, it is very common to make the whole process complicated.

Ever wonder why this is?

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Delicious Dreamsicle Fat Loss Smoothie

PinExt Delicious Dreamsicle Fat Loss Smoothie

Orange + Vanilla = Dreamsicle

Try this delicious fat loss smoothie!

You Will Need….

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Easy Protein Popsicles Recipe

Protein Popsicles to Satisfy a Summer Sweet Tooth

Protein Popsicles are an easy and healthy way to satisfy cravings for ice cream.

You Will Need….


Double Chocolate Fat Loss Smoothie

Double Chocolate Smoothie Recipe

If you love chocolate but find this love has stalled your fat loss efforts, add this smoothie recipe to your menu plan and experience what a difference it makes to enjoy the sweet but lose the fat!

You will need… (more…)