The Challenge of Weight Loss For Moms

DSC 0484 300x199 The Challenge of Weight Loss For Moms

Weight Loss For Moms

As a busy mom, beginning a body transformation journey can be intimidating and filled with daily challenges.  In order to get results, you must be willing to take action and do something different.


4 Simple Fat Loss Tips Moms Skip

DSC 0650 300x199 4 Simple Fat Loss Tips Moms Skip

4 Simple Fat Loss Tips Busy Moms Tend To Skip

When it comes to working on your fat loss goals to create your best body ever, it is very common to make the whole process complicated.

Ever wonder why this is?

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Delicious Dreamsicle Fat Loss Smoothie

PinExt Delicious Dreamsicle Fat Loss Smoothie

Orange + Vanilla = Dreamsicle

Try this delicious fat loss smoothie!

You Will Need….

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Easy Protein Popsicles Recipe

Protein Popsicles to Satisfy a Summer Sweet Tooth

Protein Popsicles are an easy and healthy way to satisfy cravings for ice cream.

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Double Chocolate Fat Loss Smoothie

Double Chocolate Smoothie Recipe

If you love chocolate but find this love has stalled your fat loss efforts, add this smoothie recipe to your menu plan and experience what a difference it makes to enjoy the sweet but lose the fat!

You will need… (more…)


Fit Mom Playground Circuit Workout

Playground Circuit Workout for Moms

Make the most of the trips you take to the park. While your children explore and play, you can too with these unique playground circuit workout exercises.

My favorites involve using the playground equipment in creative ways to get a full body, fat burn workout.



Kettlbells For Moms VIDEO Crash Course

KB Pose Kettlbells For Moms VIDEO Crash Course

Busy Mom’s Crash Course VIDEO Guide to Kettlebell Training

You are excited to begin using the Kettlebell as your new busy mom fat loss tool – but before you jump in, I want to outline four important tips to help you start off safely as well outline what you can do NOW to get the most out of your kettlebell workouts.

This is a series of Videos created when the Kettlebells for Busy Moms was first released in January of 2012. If you have QUESTIONS about KETTLEBELLS then this is the place to begin.

Getting Started With Kettlebells

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Kettlebells Burn Mommy Belly Fat Results

Holly KB abs Kettlebells Burn Mommy Belly Fat Results

PinExt Kettlebells Burn Mommy Belly Fat Results
Melt The Mommy Belly With Kettlebells

The testimonials are starting to pour in to share what a difference The Kettlebells for Busy Moms Workout System is making for moms who were in need of an effective workout plan to burn the baby fat and get an even better body back. (more…)


2 Favorite Warm Up Moves

PinExt 2 Favorite Warm Up Moves


2 Warm Ups To Prepare Your Body

Do you skip your warm up?

No reason to when you understand the benefits you’d be missing out on AND when you have simple, full body dynamic warm up moves to choose from, you have no excuse.

Two of my favorite dynamic warm ups are (more…)


Sunset Body Weight Workout

Fun Twist On a Body Weight Workout

Earlier this spring I took my flip cam out to the park for accountability and ended up capturing what turned out to be a creative spin on a body weight workout as the sun was setting behind me.

Here’s My Sunset Body Weight Workout

One Leg Romanian Deadlift to Reach: 6-8x each side
T Push Ups: 6-8x each side
Jumping Lunges: 8-10x each side
Hot Hands Plank: 8-10x each side
Windmill: 6-8x each side

Repeat 2-4 times

sunset wo  1024x980 Sunset Body Weight Workout

PinExt Sunset Body Weight Workout

Give it a try anytime, anywhere.
Body weight workouts are excellent options for Busy Moms on the GO.

Leave a comment below ~ Let me know if you like this body weight workout!

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