Stop Searching ~ Start Succeeding WIth The Right Fitness Program!

2011%2Bnytc%2Blogo Stop Searching ~ Start Succeeding WIth The Right Fitness Program!


“I feel like my search has ended!”


“I have fallen for so many faulty fitness programs, eaten more “diet” food than I want to think about, and have never had real and lasting results. Thank you, Holly, for the simplicity, the “realness” of the FYM program.

I know now that it is truly possible to become more fit and healthy and this NYTC is going to be a terrific way to start my journey!”

~ Kathy


The much anticipated


12 Week Transformation Challenge Begins

January 10th & 11th

Day One Update

Challenge Members are gearing up for a successful start to a new 12 Week Transformation Challenge.

Day One’s assignment is to post their Video Intro in the TC forums. Just made my video to help demonstrate what to do and how helpful video updates will be throughout the Transformation Challenge.


Log in to ClubFYM today to…

- Access Transformation Prep Videos

- Get your Progress Journal set up

- Meet your accountability Buddies

- Get Started on your Primer Plan to kick start Fat Loss

- Check out MY Progress Journal…since I will be doing this challenge WITH YOU!

- and More!

Doors to register open Friday, January 7th. You have from then until ***NEW DEADLINE*** 10:00 PM EST, Tuesday, January 11th to submit your official registration.

Do something different this year!

Take your Results to the NEXT Level and by Joining a Challenge!

These women are READY…See why THEY will Succeed!


You are always such a motivating person and you have definitely sparked something in me over the past 6 months since I joined ClubFYM…Funny too how some friends were asking me what “diet” I was on and I felt almost insulted by the thought that they could think I would dishonour my body by abusing it just for the sake of looking good.

I was proud to explain that I’ve cleaned up my act through healthy eating and exercise and NOT the latest crazy fad. My health will not suffer at the hands of vanity.”
~ Mandy


“I am so excited and pumped for this challenge now!! (pumping fist in air). I just wrote down on my index card by my computer
“Choices that take care of ME!”
~ Rachel


“I have had a fuzzy goal to “get healthy” for about 3 years since a doctors visit suggested that I needed to lose weight and get my triglycerides, etc. under control. But then after I start a diet or start exercising again, I get sidetracked by being consumed with losing X-number of lbs or fitting into a certain size.

If you can help me focus again on being healthy, then this challenge will have been well worth it regardless of lbs lost, etc.

I LOVED what you said about, “Take the steps that take care of you”.

It made me think that if I can take care of TODAY and not try to make up for yesterday or work for tomorrows results then all of my todays will add up to tomorrows results in a healthy way without all the added stress, guilt, killing myself, etc. Again, WOW!!!!”
~ Karen


“Making choices that are healthy for me… this is SO powerful! To me it means that we focus on being mindful of the choices we make every moment - living in the moment and focusing on improving our choices and ourselves RIGHT NOW. Not just regarding our food and exercise, but our thoughts and actions in each moment.

Anyone who is in ClubFYM and has CHOSEN to do the NYTC has already made a HUGE healthy choice!!
~ Deb


“I love, love, love the theme of this challenge and the new re-focus for all! I agree it’s like you went in and read the minds of so many…focusing on health, making healthier choices, using our body for good things, giving our bodies good things and balancing the whole mind/body/spirit connection.

That’s when we radiate health, exude health and inspire others to want to be healthy! The inner creates the outer…always!”
~ Lisa Marie


I have tried so many ways to lose weight

- online programs, in person programs, you name it -I’ve wasted my money on it. But never have I felt that someone is so committed to my success until I came to Club FYM. And more importantly, I can tell that your motivation for our success is not for your own glory or bank account but because you truly care about us. The only way I know how to say thank you is to be committed to making myself a better, Healthier, me.”
~ Julie H


Transformation Challenge FAQ’s

Question: “Is there really much more to this fitness program than I would normally do with my workouts and nutrition?”

Depends…take a look at all you DO get by participating in a Transformation Challenge…

* 2 Brand New Fat Loss Workouts Each and Every Month

Complete with downloadable workout Logs and Videos that include an instructional How TOs as well as the full Follow Along Videos. This keeps your workouts fresh and fun and prevents Plateaus.

* Coaching Calls

To help assist you in your transformation, I will be holding 6 LIVE bi-weekly group coaching calls to help answer questions LIVE and keep you on track during the transformation challenge.

* Mini Contests

A chance to win fun prizes every 4 weeks!

* Private Forum

Never feel lost, confused or alone! Either I or another member is just a click away!

* Online Menu Planner

Are you eating for Fat Loss? Are you sure? Map out your meals and burn more fat with this free online fat loss tool.

* Daily Motivation

Participants receive weekly emails with specific tasks to help you stay focused, plus you can post your progress in your online journal for feedback, support and accountability

*Accountability Buddies

You not only have me as your coach…you can surrounded yourself with some of the most success driven, inspiring women ever…you also get to work closely with a select few women who will be there to help hold you accountable and motivate you to achieve your very best!

*** PLUS….WIN Amazing Prizes for a Brand New Body!

$250 CASH, DVD’s, Free Membership, Prograde Gifts and More!

So…Up to you…..does this sound like more than you would have with the current plan you are following?

Question: “So I have to join ClubFYM to take part in the Challenge?”


All you have to do is be a current member and follow Fit Yummy Mummy – whether it’s the FYM Ebook, The DVDs or the Transformation Kit (which goes on sale tonight at midnight)….if you are NEW to FYM you can enjoy a 30 day complimentary membership to ClubFYM with any of the above purchases.

Once you log in, you will find detailed steps on how to set up your progress journal, post your before photos, establish your goals, get an accountability buddy and MORE!

Question: “How long is the Challenge?”

The New Year’s Transformation Challenge is 12 Weeks

~ 84 Days to a Brand New You! While you can register as early as this Friday….we ALL begin DAY ONE on Monday, January 10th!

Question: “Once I join ClubFYM, how will I know what to do?”

I have step by step details listed out for you in the Forums complete with videos…in addition to the bonus videos I’ll be posting ALL this week – getting you started, answering questions and making sure you are motivated and ready to make 2011 YOUR YEAR to Shine!

REMEMBER: Registration Begins Friday, January 7th and is open until 10 am EST on Tuesday, January 11th.

BUT no need to wait…log on now and get access to all the bonus videos and coaching this week so you are MORE than ready for Day One of the Challenge on Monday, January 10th!


Have More Questions about the Challenge?

1+leave+comment+JPG Stop Searching ~ Start Succeeding WIth The Right Fitness Program!


Not only will you end of this 12 week experience with a New Body and a totally New Life – there will be a special prize awarded to every single FYM who starts and finishes the entire 12-week challenge.

Where do YOU see yourself in 3 months?

Log in to ClubFYM and Make Your Dream Body a Reality ~ You Deserve to Be Beautiful!

Ready to take part in a body shaping – life changing event?


You have until Tuesday, January 11th at 10:00 am EST to get registered! Log in to now!
so you do not miss out on this event NOR on any of the Bonuses that come along with this great fitness program!

2011%2Bnytc%2Blogo%2Breg Stop Searching ~ Start Succeeding WIth The Right Fitness Program!


1sig Stop Searching ~ Start Succeeding WIth The Right Fitness Program!

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2 Responses to “Stop Searching ~ Start Succeeding WIth The Right Fitness Program!”

  1. Sally says:

    Highly encourage anyone to join this challenge! I started 2010 weighing 186 pounds. I’m starting 2011 at 153 pounds. My results are thanks to the FYM lifestyle. I’m joining this challenge to take my fitness to the next level and achieve the body of my dreams!

  2. Kim says:

    So excited to join another challenge. If anyone out there is considering joining…just DO IT. It is SO worth it. The encouragement, support, and FUN that you will have will result in….yep, you got it RESULTS! Go on do, you can do it. Find the beautiful YOU that you have been searching for!

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