Best Mommy Belly Tightening Exercise

Holly Rigsby Plank 300x123 Best Mommy Belly Tightening Exercise

Step 5 in your Mommy Belly Makeover

This is one of my Favorite Mommy Belly exercises because it truly challenges my entire body!

Tighten Your Mummy Tummy

Strengthening your core muscles will tighten up your mommy belly because as your core gets stronger, these deep muscles will begin to naturally draw your belly in. The plank is one of the best exercises to work the deep core muscles.

As you will quickly FEEL, the plank challenges the deepest muscles of your core- your transverse abdominus which wrap around your entire midsection acting as a corset – important for all moms who wish to flatten the mommy belly after having a baby.

Tone Your Arms

Your upper body is also challenged to maintain a strong plank position. Just HOLDING the Plank with purpose allows you to feel it in your arms- especially your triceps – shoulders and chest!

Strengthen Your Back & Backside

Having to hold the plank position with your hips in alignment also strengthens your lower back and engages your Glutes! In order to hold a solid plank position you must contract your abs, back and glute muscles!

This is a full body exercise in disguise!







How To Do The Plank

Begin on all fours. Position your hands directly under your shoulders. Place your feet about shoulder-width apart and straighten your legs, balancing on your hands and toes – as if you are at the top of a push up. Use your core muscles to lift and support the weight of your body  and focus on forming a strong, straight line.

Engage your core as you imagine drawing your belly button back to your spine. This ensures you have engaged your deepest core muscles but you are still able to breathe!

Double check the alignment of your hips… make sure your butt is not raised up in the air nor do your hips sag too low.

TIP: A great way to test your plank form is to have a friend take a broomstick and lay it down the center of your back – to help you properly align your body.  The broomstick should lie flat against your body – if not, adjust the points on your body that are pushing it up.

Are You Shaking?

This is normal. Your body may begin to shake after a few seconds of holding the plank position. This is simply due to a lack of coordination and strength in your deep core muscles.

In this case, start off with shorter intervals – holding for 5 secs at a time. As you progress, within a couple weeks you’ll notice significant improvement in your ability to hold this position for a longer period of time without shaking!


Make It More Challenging

Increase the challenge of your plank by lowering down and holding this position on your forearms. Keep your core engaged and lift your body off the ground so you are balanced on your toes and forearms. Hold for 5, 10, 20 or more seconds at a time – working your way up to being able to hold for a full 60 seconds with good form.


Perfect Your Plank Form Tips

~ Avoid arching or sagging your lower back. Keeping your abs tight by drawing your belly button back to your spine and contracting your lower back and glutes will help you maintain that solid plank position.

~ Check to be sure your wrists are under your shoulders to create a strong base and to really target your chest, shoulders and triceps.

IMPORTANT: Please consult your Dr before beginning a new workout or exercise routine.

Burn More Belly Fat!

Just to clarify – no amount of “belly tightening exercises” will burn the fat off your belly. This thinking is tied to the myth of spot reduction.

Fat loss is a total body process.

When you workout in ways that boost your metabolism using Full Body Resistance Training Moves you will begin to lose more inches, look more defined and toned plus have an abundant amount of energy – all in minutes a day!

Triple your Flat Tummy Results when you cut out empty calories from fake diet foods, processed foods and sugar!


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11 Responses to “Best Mommy Belly Tightening Exercise”

  1. This looks great for the back, thanks!

  2. Julie says:

    Hi Holly!
    I am beginning my 3rd week postpartum and have been taking half an hour walks since week 2. I am supposed to be taking it easy for a little longer since I had some extensive tearing during my babies delivery, but I would like to ease into a little bit of resistence training since I am now able to comfortably walk everyday. I cannot do alot of jumping around yet (like intervals) but I feel confident I could do planks (is this safe to do if you still have a gap in your ab muscles from pregnancy?). I have 14 lbs to lose and it seems most of it is in my hips and thighs. Do you have any suggestions of exercises I could do to start working on this until I hit the 6 week mark? (then its full steam ahead! :) Thanks!

  3. Wendy says:

    One of my favourites too Holly! I also really like to move dynamically from the forearm version to the push up version, then back again. You need to swap the leading arm after a few!

  4. Kaari says:

    Darling little Alexander!

    Our karate instructor last night said he researched and decided that the females have to do the knees-version pushups. I know he’s wrong; you are living proof.

  5. Sally says:

    Thank you, Holly and Alexander! Great reminder! I like the challenge equals change quote. If you challenge your muscles then they ARE changing. That is a cool and memorable affirmation! ~Sally : )

  6. Hannah says:

    Thanks so much Holly! Can”t wait to put this in my daily workout!

  7. Isabella says:

    thank you Holly! and Alexander!
    here I thought the push up plank was the more difficult version… now I know better:)

  8. Selmed says:

    That was a great video, Holly. I will be doing it everyday as part of my daily exercise.

  9. Susan says:

    I love planks. They are so great, at any level of fitness. Alexander is too cute. He is growing like crazy. I’m glad he’s getting into fitness already. Thanks for sharing with us again. I hope to see you soon.


  10. Bonnie Christian says:

    Thanks Holly and Alex…just what I need to stay on track…..I love the challenge Alex put into his plank…sending hugs and love…

  11. Kia Komadina says:

    Very good, Holly, as always! Thank you! I just love Alexander’s plank versons!! :)

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