Tighter Tummy In 12 Days Photos

Tighter Tummy in 12 Days

apple 1024x680 Tighter Tummy In 12 Days Photos

“I have more results in 12 days than I have from the last 2 challenges!”

It’s true! The amazing ladies over at ClubFYM just wrapped up a new mini contest I created for them to help boost their fat loss results – and in the area we as moms want to see it the most….THE MOMMY BELLY!

For 12 days I outlined the most effective steps they can take to make a drastic difference in just 12 short days – and as you are about to see – their results are jaw dropping!

No quick fixes here though….these ladies worked their tails off to achieve these tummy tightening, mommy belly blasting results!

What did they do?

Well, it’s all outlined in the forums at  ClubFYM along with step by step videos, but here’s a quick overview -plus many of the FYMs share their favorite Tighter Tummy in 12 Days TIP below. Step 1. Take a before photo. Step 2. Follow the Accelerator Diet (a free clean eating meal plan available to all club members). Step 3. Follow the FYM Workouts. That’s it along with some bonus videos of how to truly tighten/strengthen your core.

Most shocking part….ZERO Crunches were performed to get tight tummy results. None. Nada. Zip. Just sticking to the full body, short burst strength training workouts provided with FYM.

Take a look at what is possible – keeping in mind that this is a short list of ALL the results that were submitted. My goal was to highlight a variety of women and results to help ALL ladies see that it does not matter what your age is….how many children you have (or don’t have) — Follow the RIGHT Steps, with Consistency and Effort – – – YOU WILL GET RESULTS!!!!


~ Steph – Age 39, Mom of Five (ages 3, 6, 8, 10 & 13)

stephanie 1024x630 Tighter Tummy In 12 Days Photos
Waist: 27″ down 0.5″ from 27.5″
Tummy:30.5″ down 1.5″ from 32″
Weight: 117 lbs

I have more results in 12 days than I have from the past 2 challenges!
I am so thrilled with this 12 day experience as I am seeing results again in a short time period. I was really convinced that it would take a year to see the results in my stomach. I believed that my core muscles were so stretched and weak that it would take forever to rebuild them. To see such improvement in less than 2 weeks is just incredible!

My favorite Tighter Tummy In 12 Days tip is to be aware of your core and, as often as you can remember, to activate them. And as deeply as you can. I had “thought” I was using/tightening my core during workouts until these 12 days really brought the focus to it. I realized that there were parts of my ab muscles that weren’t being used effectively.

~ Rachelle – Age 41, Mom of Two (ages 3 & 6)

rachelle 959x1024 Tighter Tummy In 12 Days Photos

Waist at Bellybutton: 33.75 – 31.5
Weight: 128 (just 8 weeks ago was 143)

My favorite part was challenging myself to increase the intensity in my workouts, however I was super surprised (happily) that I was able to eat supportively and not have any cravings while following the AD. Whoohoo!  I think my favorite Tighter Tummy In 12 Days tip was learning to know when you are really engaging your core muscles. I think on some of the exercises in the past I was not as aware of how to engage my core muscles and that really slowed my progress. I noticed a huge difference in my effectiveness of my exercises once I understood this concept better.

~ Iris Hecock – Age 31, Mom of 4 (ages 6, 3 and 18 months)

Iris H 1024x734 Tighter Tummy In 12 Days Photos

Waist 81 cm  -75 cm (-6 cm)
Mommy belly 92cm  – 87 cm (-5 cm)
Weight: 146

I finally broke my stall on the scale! I was stuck at 151/152 for a month and I stepped on the scale this morning to see a glorious 146! I haven’t seen the 140’s for nearly a decade Smile Horray for transformation! 34 pounds of fat are gone since I started FYM this summer!

What thrills me most about this 12 day experience??? Besides seeing my lower belly so much flatter and seeing muscles uncovered is that I am more motivated than ever to be as strong and healthy as I can possibly be. I’ve discovered that I feel so much better w/o milk and wheat in my daily diet and it’s worth it to me to give those up in order to feel better!  My favorite Tighter Tummy In 12 Days tip is to engage my core as often as I can. I’m so much more aware of my core and engaging my core muscles as at every opportunity in every exercise, during Zumba, picking up my kids, picking up the groceries, vacuuming the floor, etc.  Holly, thanks so much for hosting this mini-challenge and all the tips! I’m on my way to seeing the tummy I’ve never had!

~ Cathy – Age 45, Mom to 15 year old Twins

cathy lolopass 1024x863 Tighter Tummy In 12 Days PhotosMom Belly: 34 – 33 – 1″ down
Weight: 121

What thrills me most is that after almost 16 years, I am seeing my mom belly slowly go away.   I never thought this would be possible after my c-section. My favorite TT12 tip is learning the proper form of the plank. I can feel it in my entire body now, even my glutes when I do it.

~ Ingrid – Age 31, Mom of Two (ages 2 & 9 months)

Ingrid Tighter Tummy In 12 Days Photos

Waist 35 in – 34in
Mommy Belly 40in – 38in
Weight: 142 lbs

This Tighter Tummy In 12 Days mini challenge has given me that extra thing that i was missing, it has change my perspective and way of thinking, with your wonderful tips Holly i am more conscious when i do my work outs to really engaged my core i am getting good with planks and it is amazing how it can change your belly just with 12 days i am so excited that now planks are like my daily bread …….. Seeing is believing the pictures don’t lie…

~ Christine J – Age 24, Mom of Two (3 & 1)

Christine J 1024x972 Tighter Tummy In 12 Days Photos

Waist: 28.5″–27.5″= -1″
Weight: 137

I am more motivated and my belly is much flatter and love that I have a Tighter Tummy In 12 Days.  I feel healthier and have cut milk from my diet and wish i had done it sooner!!  My favorite tip is the plank every morning and belly melting exercises i have incorporated with my FYM strength workouts.

~Andrea – Age 27, New Mom of Two (ages 3 months & 3 years)

AndreaM 1024x737 Tighter Tummy In 12 Days PhotosMommy Belly: 87 cm – 80 cm



~ Mary Dikeman – Age 42, Mom of Two (ages 18 & 12)

Mary 1024x422 Tighter Tummy In 12 Days PhotosJeans never lie!

Belly Button: 33.5 – 32.5
Mommy Belly: 39.5 -38.5
Size 10

I am very thrilled to have lost an inch in my waist and have a tighter tummy in 12 days! That has blown me away! I am amazed at what being super focused for a short time can really bring great results.   My favorite tips were proper plank form and the post workout nutrition chart! Very helpful!


~ Grace- Age 28

Isabella 1024x560 Tighter Tummy In 12 Days PhotosBellybutton: 32.5 – 30 LOSS OF 2.5 INCHES!
Mommy Belly: 36.5 – 34.75 LOSS OF 1.75 INCHES 
Weight: 140

Im thrilled with the results and also with the realisation of what I can do when I put my mind to it…  My tip would be – awareness of my core all the time rather than just during workouts…work in progress but its getting better. That and really cleaning up my nutrition!


~ Shani – Age 38, Mom of Five (ages 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9)

Shani 1018x1024 Tighter Tummy In 12 Days PhotosWaist: WAS 30.5 inches NOW 30.0 inches LOST 0.5 inches
Mum Tum: WAS 31.0 inches NOW 30.5 inches LOST 0.5 inches
Weight: 120
Size = Still an Aussie Size 8, but NEED A BELT TO HOLD MY PANTS UP NOW!

For me, the biggest thrill of the Tighter Tummy In 12 Days Challenge has been seeing my abs starting to poke through my belly fat.  When you break big things down into smaller chunks, they become so much more doable…


~ Miranda – Age 35, Mom of Three (ages 5, 2 & 1)

Miranda 850x1024 Tighter Tummy In 12 Days Photos

Waist: 30.5 – 29
Mommy Belly: 35 – 34
Weight: 137

What thrills me the most about the Tighter Tummy In 12 Days challenge is that my effort was minimal and I still got results.   My best TT12 tip would be clean eating! It is truly what will create a magnificent tummy!


Questions or Comments on the tighter tummy in 12 days photos?

Post them below!


Interested in what this Tighter Tummy in 12 Days is all about?

Jump on over to ClubFYM.com and get the details! >> ClubFYM.com


You’ll also meet the ladies who shared their results above PLUS grab the newest workout of the month!


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  1. Carolyn says:

    Way to go ladies – well done.

  2. Dani from Down Under says:

    SUPER DOOOOPER EFFORT LADIES!!! You all look a-mazing! Keep it up and your tummy’s will be even more yummy ;))))

    I can’t wait to give this a go!!! XxDani

  3. Jana says:

    Such great results, you are all awesome!! :D Can’t wait to do the Accelerator Diet to kickstart my transformation.

  4. Jeni says:

    Awesome results. Great job, ladies. Holly, I hope you plan to do another 12 day challenge after my baby is born. I’d love to participate next time around. :)

  5. Justina says:

    SO proud of all of you. YOu all have done great.
    Well done to all for steppingout and doing the mini challenge.

  6. Marie says:

    Nice job on helping all of these women succeed at getting a flatter tummy so quickly!

    You are awesome at what you do!
    Marie Ande

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    Hi, wow how good do the ladies look. Really inspired. How do I take part?

  8. Bb says:

    These ladies look great! How can I participate in a 12 day flat tummy contest?

  9. Nicole says:

    I agree – those before and after pics are so inspiring. I want to do this when peanut arrives. I can’t wait to get abs back! :-)

  10. Milla says:

    Wow..that’s pretty inspiring. I could use a tummy trim so I better try that program right away..

  11. Kandice says:

    Wow….if this doesn’t do for inspiration, I don’t know what will!!! and in just twelve weeks!!! Great job ladies!!!

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