Magic Bullet Green Smoothie Trick

bluegreen%20smoothie Magic Bullet Green Smoothie Trick

PinExt Magic Bullet Green Smoothie Trick

How To Make a Green Smoothie in a Magic Bullet

One of my favorite Busy Morning  Back To School Breakfast Tips is to Sip a Green Smoothie as I get the morning started.

Trouble was in making my Green Smoothie in my Magic Bullet, I found that ingredients get all crowded – so I tried something different and it totally worked.

1. Blend Spinach FIRST
I use about a cup of water and 2 cups spinach

DSC 0001spin Magic Bullet Green Smoothie Trick

DSCgs2 Magic Bullet Green Smoothie Trick

2. Add Frozen Berries
I use about a cup of frozen berries.

Notice all the EXTRA space after blending the spinach 1st!

<DSC 0003 Magic Bullet Green Smoothie Trick

3. THEN add Protein powder
I use Prograde Vanilla Protein – 2 scoops
and also add a tsp coconut oil for some healthy fats

DSC 0004protein Magic Bullet Green Smoothie Trick

In the past the protein would get frothy making it hard for me to add all that spinach – so I solved the issue by blending it FIRST!

Give it a Try and see what a difference it makes!!!

Smoothies are a staple in our home – not just great for busy mornings, but the kids love them too.

Alex Tested – and Approved!

alex%20and%20gs Magic Bullet Green Smoothie Trick

Make sure you are stocked up on your
Prograde Protein Powders – On Sale all This Week!
Summer15 Magic Bullet Green Smoothie Trick
For Back to School Week,
I will be sharing fun recipes to USE your Smoothie in a different way
other than just Drinking It!


  Stay Tuned!


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4 Responses to “Magic Bullet Green Smoothie Trick”

  1. Dana says:

    Hey Holly! I always save all of your smoothie recipes to try and came back to this one because I have half a bag of spinach I need to use before it goes bad! Have you ever tried freezing spinach or freezing a smoothie? Smoothies are quick and easy as it is but I have to get up at 4am for work and be quiet so I don’t wake up my husband or our two little puppies otherwise I have to entertain the dogs for a bit before they pass back out :)

  2. Connie says:

    I was having the same problem so I sold mine and went back to a regular sized blender. I used to put in my liquid and blend the powder first and then the spinach.

  3. Ivette Lopez says:

    I love mix berries, is there a way to not have to feel the seeds???

  4. Lauren says:

    Ahha! I too could barely fit it all in my MB. Thanks for sharing the tip! LOVE MY PROGRADE PROTEIN and all 5 of my kids approve of smoothies too :) Thanks for all your tips Holly!

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