21 Day Lunch Box Challenge Week 2

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Check Out The 21-Day Lunch Box Challenge!

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fb 21 Day Lunch Box Challenge Week 2

Since Tyler 1st went back to school we have decided to take on the challenge of Packing a Lunch Box for school lunch every day for 21 school days. We are now half-way into the challenge. Check out the new meals we have created.

21 Day Lunch Box Challenge :: Week Two

Here is a Week’s Worth of Lunch Box Meal Plans


Lunch Box 1

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Baked Chicken Nuggets
Sliced Cucumbers
Sliced Strawberries
Sliced Apples
Side of Fruit Dip
greek yogurt, scoop of Prograde vanilla protein, dollop of honey

 Nugget Coating
dipped pieces of chicken breast in egg
then in mixture of panko crumbs
fresh shredded parm and flaked coconut


 Lunch Box 2

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a peanut Butter
Berry sandwich
Side of sliced Honeycrisp Apples

We used strawberries.
Any berry can be used – if they are not “slice-able”
consider mashing into an all natural jam.


Lunch Box 3

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Sweet & Sour Mini Turkey Meatballs
Sweet Potato Fries
Sliced Nectarines

How To Make Sweet Potato Fries
I add a heaping tablespoon of melted coconut oil to a gallon ziplock,
add thinly sliced fries, add rosemary, close and knead the bad to get all fries coated
as evenly as possible. Then put in oven that is 400 and it might be 30-45 min
but I watch and will toss about 20 min in.

follow your favorite meatball recipe – I used ground turkey, baked in oven.
Then added to the sweet and sour sauce made out of apricot jam
and Bragg Liquid Amino  warmed on the stove top.


 Lunch Box 4

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Southwest Mini Turkey Burgers
Sliced Honey Crisp Apples

Recipe for the turkey burgers – pretty simple.
Mix some chili powder, S& P, minced onion, minced bell peppers and ground turkey.
Form into small patties – cook as you would a hamburger (either on grill or stove top).
Top with cheese to melt.
Place on bun with mashed avocado & ketchup
(or salsa or tomatoes – your choice).


 Lunch Box 5

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Hawaiian Ham Bites
Baked Zuke Chips
Sliced Granny Smith Apples (Tyler’s Favorite)

Zuke Chips
slice zucchinis thin, dipped in almond/coconut milk,
dipped in mix of bread (or panko) crumbs, shredded
parm and seasonings – baked in oven 425 20+ min to
desired crispyness. I did make these ahead – just kept
in fridge before packing into lunchbox and they were fine.


Hawaiian Ham Bites are simply a chunk of Ham, swiss cheese,
red bell pepper and pineapple. We played around with different combinations
last night and this was the WINNER!


Lunch Box Tips

+ Make and prep for  lunch the night before.
Planning ahead makes a HUGE difference to start the morning (especially a Monday Morning) smoothly!

+ Plan meals around Protein and Produce.

+ Keep Cold Lunches Cold with an ice pack and well insulated lunch box.
+ Keep Hot Lunches Hot by storing in a thermos within the lunch box.

+ Be creative.
From the presentation of the food to different combinations.

Get Involved In The Lunch Box Challenge

by Liking, Sharing and even commenting on the lunches that we post, from asking questions to sharing the lunch you made for your child.

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fb 21 Day Lunch Box Challenge Week 2

Our goal for holding this lunch box challenge is two-fold.

1. To provide lunch box meal ideas

2. To help establish a new healthy habit
for our children (and show moms that it is possible to do)

It takes 21 days to learn a new habit and I am here to help you do it!

Facebook is the easiest way for me as a busy mom to quickly post the photos of Tyler’s lunch box as well as provide a platform for open discussion.


Please be sure to Like, Share, Comment and Ask Questions!

Thanks for joining us and showing your support!

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7 Responses to “21 Day Lunch Box Challenge Week 2”

  1. kelly says:

    what is a quick and easy healthy way to stop apple slices from turning brown. these ideas look great i can’t wait to try them for my daughter. She has just started kindy. Thanks

  2. Ashley Ward says:

    These lunches are beautiful! Gives me some great idea for lunches for my daughter. Thanks Holly

  3. brinda says:

    Hi,thanks for the ideas.As I am a vegan(vegetarian)I need more options instead of non-veg…… Thanks

  4. Carolyn says:

    Thank you Holly….some interesting and great ideas there. You have inspired me to get more creative.

  5. Lila says:

    Good for kids, yes, but these are such a help with my own meal planning, since I have to take an entire day’s worth of food with me to work each day, and I’m much more likely to have time to eat it if it doesn’t require cooking or prep work–these are GREAT on-the-run ideas, and I’m keeping track for future family road trips, as well.

  6. MJ says:

    Dearest Holly— THANK YOU so much for taking the time to take the pix & post…meal planning, incl. take-to-school-lunches, can be such an undertaking day-in & day-out, and getting some great suggestions like these will certainly make life easier!! (have you ever thought of publishing a cookbook btw?!…I’m sure you’d have lots of takers!!)
    P.S. would you mind sharing the recipe you use for making meatballs? I looked thru your cookbook and couldn’t find it for some reason.

  7. Isabella says:

    These lunches look amazing!
    I needed a “kick-in-the-pants” to get motivated and get organized. My kids started school last week and I’ve been struggling.
    thank you for posting these here as I don’t do Facebook!

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