Kettlebell vs Dumbbell For Moms

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The kettlebell vs dumbbell. Wondering what the difference is between these two fat burning workout tools?

While every exercise tool has its place in a fat loss training program and both dumbbells and kettlebells have advantages when it comes to burning fat and building strength ~ I’d like to outline why I have chosen the kettlebell as my favorite.

What’s The Difference?

What makes the Kettlebell so different than a Dumbbell?

The Kettlebell is a cast iron ball with a handle attached to the top of it …like a cannonball with a handle.

This design makes kettlebells much different from working out with dumbbells. The weight of a kettlebell is not distributed evenly, with a dumbbell, the center of gravity lies in the your hand but with the kettlebell the center of gravity lies outside of your hand.

How can this be helpful to you?

I have 5 Reasons!

#1 Get More Out Of Your Workouts

The off-centered weight of the kettlebell engages your muscles differently – forcing your body to use more stabilizer muscles and work your targeted muscles more intensely.

When you workout with a kettlebell you are getting a total body workout…engaging multiple muscle groups at once so you will be building lean muscle tissue all over and burning massive amounts of body fat.

#2 Versatile

With a kettlebell you have the versatility of creating a workout that focuses on low reps for increased strength or high rep ballistic (explosive/high speed) workouts for increased performance and maximum calorie burn. You can choose to train for power, for strength, for endurance or a combination. I love the variety and intensity kettlebells add to my workouts.

#3 Functional

Not only are you challenging your entire body with just a few kettlebell movements you are training your body to improve functional strength. Many of us overlook that fact that as humans, we perform a wide range of movement activities. Exercising your body is not about splitting it up into “body part” movements. This is not how the body functions so why train it this way? Effective exercise is more about coordinated movement, not isolation.

#4 The Feel

Personally, I enjoy the look and feel of handling a kettlebell over a dumbbell. The difference in the movement of the kettlebell is a challenge I enjoy taking on. With a dumbbell the movements are typically not as smooth or easy to perform because of its shape, while the kettlebell allows you to transition to many different movements quite quickly.

#5 FUN Factor

If my motivation is lagging and I am not feeling the desire to go through my traditional dumbbell based FYM workout…just getting a kettlebell in my hands changes my mindset instantly.

Ready to experience the fat burning, body shaping power

of a Kettlebell Workout?

Click Here for >> My Favorite Belly Fat Burning Tool ~ The Kettlebell<< and grab your DVD with bonus Video today!

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The other question with the kettlebell vs dumbbell is what if you don’t have a Kettlebell? Do you HAVE to Choose one over the other?

Absolutely not!

If a Kettlebell is something you still have on your Wish List – no worries!

Most kettlebell exercises can be performed with a dumbbell. You can experience the fat burning, body shaping workouts in my follow along Kettlebell DVD using the Dumbbells you already have knowing you can change up the experience if you decide to incorporate a kettlebell.

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5 Responses to “Kettlebell vs Dumbbell For Moms”

  1. Mai says:

    Hi Holly,

    Do you ship overseas? Will there be additional shipping charges for overseas orders?


  2. marie says:

    Instead of using kettlebells, I use laundry detergent bottles that have handles. You can fill them with water, gravel or sand to get different weights.

  3. Stephanie says:

    How much different is this DVD than the one in the Deluxe DVD edition?

  4. Maria says:

    I have two questions: for buying kettlebells, which weights do you recommend?
    Is your kettlebell DVD available for downloading instead of shipping? (Live abroad and shipping is time consuming)

  5. Denise says:

    I definitely had some “muscle awareness” after doing your bonus DVD exercises, I think it must have been from the high pulls or the one arm thingie! Love the new addition to my FYM workouts! Looking forward to getting that DVD in the mail! Thanks Miss Holly

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