Intervals Training DVD Contest Winners

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Last week I invited you to tell me why the newest FitYummyMummy fat loss resource – Intervals for Moms DVD Kit is the perfect resource to help you at this point in your fat loss transformation journey.

I’d like to give a  BIG Thank You to the 140+  women who took the time to leave a thoughtful reply. You have all shared such compelling reasons as to why an Intervals DVD Kit will make the difference to your body shaping results. So instead of just 5 winners – I have extended this offer to 7 lucky winners!

Now to Announce the 7 Winners!


If your name and reply is below, please send send a message right away to with your complete name and address to claim your Intervals DVD Kit so I can send you everything you need to get started!


Winner #1 Tracy

Every woman deserves to feel good about herself and be happy in life. Too many of us let ourselves go, me included, and we tend to full back into the background and not take care of ourselves. It’s so sad to see but so encouraging when kind, caring and compassionate people like you Holly are there to pick us all back up again and get our butts into gear and start moving and losing pounds…. and for that, I thank you…. I would like to win because I need your kick ass, get yourself moving intervals to get me back on track (that background has been in my life too long now) Thanks Holly… Tracy, all the way from Australia, living in Canada x


Winner #2 Holly Perona

Hi Holly! The Interval Training for Moms DVD Kit is the perfect program for me at this point in my fat loss journey because it is versatile, customizable, and less time-consuming than traditional exercising. I am working on losing weight and becoming healthier myself so I can better care for my family and to set a good example for my children. I feel your kit is necessary because it will give us some new inspiration and motivate us to continue our journey. Thanks for the chance!


Winner #3 Ash

Hi Holly! This is the perfect resource for me because I need a creative, quick, fun and encouraging IT dvd. and THIS IS IT! It’s like an awesome workout buddy, walking me through it, counting for me, and giving me new ideas! This is like the final piece of the puzzle, you’ve made this entire program specifically for moms and I couldn’t be more grateful!!!!!!


Winner #4 Paula Hoy

Hello Holly! I want to say first of all that I love your voice and the inspirational music you choose. Thanks for offering this awesome contest. It would be so fantastic if I could win the DVD set. Intervals workout routines will never be boring, nor will there be any hassle to watch the clock to time them. Instead I will be able to concentrate and enjoy intervals on a whole new level. I absolutely need the intensity, focus and effectiveness made possible by this training kit. Another sweet bonus would be precious time saved, allowing for extra quality time with my family. I need the kit as much as you need a chance to go for your dream of trying horseback riding. I hope that you will pursue your dream too!

Winner #5 Andrea

I deserve to win these intervals because I have 2 good legs, 2 great arms, and a body that wants me to rock it! Demands in my life are as crazy as the next persons with 2 crazy busy kids and a full time job, but I have a goal to make the most of my day as well as my life! I have much to do before the end of the day, but that doesn’t mean that I have to leave out anything! To me that means to find a way to work it all in a balanced way so that my mind feels satisfied and energized to tackle the next day, then the next, then the next! Short interval training will work for me, for I am ready and willing with my family, God, and my mind on my side to get my body smokin’ as I near my (yikes) 49th birthday!


Winner #6 Nicole

The part of my workout that I struggle with is the intervals…even though you have everything all mapped out on different ideas on what to do and how to do and a scale where our breath should be. I still struggle with them! I thought I was doing strength training good until I was actually able to do them online with you. You challenged me another level and I can’t thank you enough. I LOVE THE VIDEOS. I would love to be able to get this DVD and have you challenge me in this area! It would be the missing piece to my puzzle There is NOTHING like working out with you and having you there to push me and encourage. I really appreciate all that you do. Thank you for considering me.


Winner #7 Melinda Skarbek

I can’t wait for the new Interval Training Kit to come out. I have always had a tendency to make things harder than they are and intervals are something you can do anywhere. I tried the treadmillless intervals over 6 months ago and have not gotten on the treadmill since then. I struggle with ideas and always wonder if I am doing them right. Would love to be selected to be one of the first to try it out. Thanks Holly for creating something that helps Mom’s to work out smarter in less time.


Congratulations again to Tracy, Holly, Ash, Paula, Andrea, Nicole and Melinda!

Your Intervals DVD Kit will soon be in your hands so you can experience a whole new level of Interval Training Workouts and turn up your fat burning efforts!


Name NOT Drawn?

You can still be a Winner and make some serious progress on your body shaping goals this summer!

fym intervals total mockup2 1024x837 Intervals Training DVD Contest Winners

Sale Starts 1st thing Wednesday Morning June 29th

This DVD Kit contains…

1 DVD with:

+ 4 Full Follow Along Interval Training Workout Videos
30-30, 60-60, 60-30 and 45-15 Each Interval Session takes you through a full 15 minute workout

+ Intervals Exercise “Learn It” Video Library
Never again be BORED  – Take Complete Control over Creating your Own Personalized Fat Burning Intervals Workouts.  Access an Intervals Video Library filled with over 30 moves that range from beginner to advanced – body weight to equipment based – options for work “on” and options for active rest “off” – the combinations you have for your Interval Workouts are literally endless!

Downloadable Tools:

+ 4 Downloadable Interval Training Soundtracks
30-30, 60-60, 60-30 and 45-15
New length, new protocols, new music, custom tracks with my voice. Created by Workout Muse

+ Intervals Success Guide
This downloadable Guide is filled with step by step instructions on how to get started, when to schedule and how to design your own Interval Training Workouts.  Includes Intervals Workout Design Templates, Dozens of Intervals Workout Samples, Suggestions for Modifications, Cool Downs and FAQs.

(NOTE: You also have the option to receive everything listed above as a digital download and choose to not receive a DVD of the workout videos)


Get Your Intervals for Moms Kit ON SALE Wednesday, June 29th at midnight!

*** 24 Hour Early Bird Special ***

For everyone who grabs their Intervals for Moms Kit in the first 24 hours – receive 2 BONUS Interval Training Workout Videos and MP3 Soundtracks!

Watch your inbox for the invite to order!


Q: Holly, I purchased an FYM Intervals program called “Your complete interval training workout guide” but it came without DVD’s.  I was wondering if the new interval training program will be similar in content and possibly a duplication of the one I already have.  I certainly am interested in the new one but don’t want to double up on what I already have.

~ Sherrie Lowden


A: Great question Sherrie! Yes about 2 years ago I released a series of FitYummyMummy Interval Training Soundtracks with the help of Workout Muse. The tracks came as two different packages. The Basic (60-60) and The Deluxe (60-60, 30-30 and 60-30) along with a downloadable handbook.

The Intervals for Moms Kit that I have created above is a completely different package. The music used to create the soundtracks is new, the timed intervals are all 15-16 minutes in length, this package includes 4 interval training protocols (30-30, 60-60, 60-30 and 45-15), the downloadable handbook goes a step further and teaches you HOW TO create your own interval training workouts AND the biggest difference is that this package includes VIDEO not only showing you different moves you can use for your IT sessions, but includes 4 full follow along interval training workout videos.

This package also give you 2 options for videos – either digitally – downloadable right to your computer OR physically – receive the DVD of the intervals workout videos.

So no worries on receiving duplicate information. This is all brand spanking new – and all designed with busy mom’s FAQs about Intervals in mind so this becomes the all inclusive Interval Training for Moms package.


Have Questions About The Intervals for Moms Video Kit?

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I’ll be more than happy to make new videos all week to answer any additional questions you have about Intervals training for Moms – All you have to do is ASK and post them below!



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4 Responses to “Intervals Training DVD Contest Winners”

  1. Tracy says:

    WOW WOW WOW have just been camping with my beautiful 3 and 4 year old girls and my gorgeous man, had the best 4 days… what an awesome surprise it was to just now see that I have won your interval dvd… thank you, thank you, thank you so much Holly. Can’t wait to start!!!

  2. Rafeeka Samsodien says:

    Congrats to all the winners. Your certainly deserve it.

  3. Cindy says:

    Congrats to all the winners!!! You guys are SOOOOO Blessed! Anyways…maybe next time! Enjoy it :)

  4. Ash says:

    Holly thank you so much!! I can’t believe I won! I AM SO EXCITED TO USE THIS KIT!!!! can’t wait! I emailed you from my hotmail account so hopefully it won’t go to your spam/junk. Again, I can’t thank you enough! All of us moms, TRULY APPRECIATE YOU!!!!

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