Workouts For Moms Halloween Video: Burn Fat with a Pumpkin

Workouts for moms; Are you getting a jump start on your Holiday Weight Gain?

Yes, I wanted to give you a bit of a scare – I need to grab your attention – for did you know the typical holiday weight gain is 5 and even up to 10 pounds through the holidays and into the New Year?

And guess what, it all begins with Halloween!

How could it NOT with all the sugar laden treats! Candy just isn’t around for one day. Halloween treats at home, Halloween treats at the workplace, and Halloween treats beneath our car seats. And it’s around for weeks!

Halloween is quickly approaching….How much more frightening can it get?

Fear not!

You can lose fat and look and feel your very best over the holidays!

All you have to do….is start your workouts for moms now.

I have created a fun Halloween Pumpkin workout to kick off a healthy and fit holiday season ~ I even dressed up for the occasion, after all, this is all about making fitness fun!

CHECK out My Halloween Video - what do you think of my Costume?

Experience the fat blasting power of a pumpkin.

“Pumpkin Attacks Fat” – a simple solution to your lack of workout time this holiday season. Discover how to use a pumpkin with 4 full body exercises to help you get in the fastest, most effective workouts you’ve ever done!

Follow a circuit style workout that engages in muscle movement like no other. workouts for moms using a pumpkin that target every muscle in your body, fire up your metabolism and burn fat!

BONUS: It’s FUN – the real reason why we exercise.


If you are interested in more fun holiday videos and a FREE Pumpkin Workout Log, be sure to stop by

Your Friend and Coach,

Holly Rigsby

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