Why Green Smoothies Rock

accessorize your smoothie Why Green Smoothies Rock


Green Smoothies Rock!
There is an easy, delicious and super energizing way to

Get Your Greens and add to the Power of 10!


One of the fastest and most effective calorie control strategies for fat loss is to eat 10 servings of Produce each day.

Of your produce choices ~ GREENS ~ calorie for calorie, are one of the most nutrient-dense food groups you can eat.

Benefits of Greens

1. Super Low Calorie
Because they are so low in calories, they are ideal for fat loss and weight management. The more you eat the more you lose!

2. Nutritional Superstars
Green vegetables are all very high in iron, folic acid, fiber, magnesium, bioflavenoids, carotenoids and Vitamins A, C, E and K. Plus there is an abundance of anti-oxidants, protecting us from free radical damage.

3. Enzymes
When eaten fresh Greens are also a good source of enzymes. Enzymes will boost your metabolism and ensure a healthy digestive system.


Fresh is KEY

When shooting for the power of 10, make it easy on yourself my start small.


Focus on getting at least one serving of Greens – you can do 1 serving it is only 1 cup. Which means you can easily boost your total number of servings of greens by getting in 2 – 3 cups or more!

(Interesting how the USDA Food Pyramid recommends adults should consume about 3 cups of dark green vegetables per week! )


Eat more greens -> stay satisfied -> stay energized -> stick to it

= amazing results!

An easy solution….RIGHT? Well…

Due to our busy lifestyles, sometimes taking the time to prepare and munch down a big old salad every day is just not possible.


Which brings me to the Green Smoothie Solution!


Green Smoothies?

Yes – these are simply smoothies that are made with fresh organic greens blended in to them with a a fruit or two and a couple other tasty ingredients.

Green smoothies provide a concentrated amount of fresh greens in quick and convenient drink. Plus blending greens and fruits together breaks down the cells of these plants which improves digestibility and makes it easier for your body to assimilate.

What Exactly Are Greens?

“Greens” are Leafy greens, the green leaves of edible plants. Some of these leafy greens are grown specifically for the leaf itself like lettuce, spinach, kale and parsley. While found as the green leafy tops of root vegetables like carrots greens, beets and turnips.

The Most Popular Greens For Smoothies

- Baby Spinach
– Kale
– Collard greens
– Mustard greens
– Dandelion greens
– Turnip greens
– Beat greens
– Parsley
– Arugula
– Romaine lettuce

Benefits Of Green Smoothies

This is what you can expect if you drink just one smoothie a day.

1. Increased Energy

Powerful boost of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients without bogging down your digestive system. Drinking your greens in the most optimum form for your digestibility and nutrient absorption leaves you feeling more energized.

2. Mental Clarity and Focus

With a healthier foods come greater mental clarity, focus, alertness and the ability to better handle stress and reduce anxiety.

3. Increased Fiber Intake

While juicing can also give you a powerful punch, it just cannot give you the whole fruit and vegetable like green smoothies can. Fiber is essential for good colon health and keeps you regular.

4. Clearer Skin

High in fiber which allows your body to eliminate toxins the right way instead of through your skin. Plus you are getting that concentrated source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that fight the aging process!

5. Reduced Cravings

Easily fight those cravings for junk foods, unhealthy sweets, salt and fats. When your body receives adequate nutrition, you no longer feel hungry from a lack of nutrients in the typical, dead processed food. You will find that after a couple short weeks of drinking green smoothies, you will crave healthier foods such as fruits, vegetables and greens.

6. Rich With Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is like the blood of the vegetable which natural health experts state enhances the immune system, purifies the blood and rejuvenates the body.

7. Alkalizing

Fruits and vegetables are alkaline foods and many natural health experts claim that consuming these foods helps maintain a proper alkaline balance in the body. Cancer does not grow in an alkaline body. In fact, most disease grows in an acid environment.

~ Bonus Benefits ~

Green Smoothies are EASY to MAKE and are a Natural Source of Fat Loss

How To Make A Green Smoothie

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You will need…

- A Good Blender

- Liquid

You can keep it simple and just use filtered water or you can add coconut water/milk, almond milk. Just choose liquids that are natural – not overly processed (yes, like cows milk and commercial soy milk products). The goal of a green smoothies is to keep it whole and natural.

- Choice of Greens

Baby spinach is an easy green to start off using.

- Fruit

Use Fresh or Frozen. For great flavor be sure your fresh fruit is very ripe. I prefer to use frozen fruit for it’s easy and I prefer the way frozen fruits blend up into an icier version of the smoothie.


- Protein source

I prefer a hemp protein blend – using Veganique

- Extras

You can add other fun ingredients to add to the nutritional power of your smoothie and/or for taste. Just be sure to keep track of portions and how they add to the total calorie count. Ground flaxseed, cinnamon, ginger, herbs (rosemary, mint, basil, parsley), coconut oil, etc.


How To Use A Green Smoothie

Green Smoothies are a meal on their own ~ which is why I always add a source of protein.

If I have one for breakfast or to replace a meal, I am sure to make one up that is about 350 -400 calories with at least 2 servings of greens and 1 serving of fruit. If it is just for a snack, my green smoothie may be around 200-250 calories.

It is best to have alone as a meal/snack rather than with a whole food meal this way you ensure that your body will have an easy time digesting them and get the maximum nutritional value.

And because they are so easy to digest, you may find that you have more energy afterward than if you ate a heavy meal because your body doesn’t have to expend as much energy digesting.

Easy Green Smoothie Recipe for Newbies

1 cup water
2 cups spinach
1 banana

Adjust portions as needed.
Add ice if you like a frozen smoothie blend.

Once you start off with this one, you can begin to experiment on your own, try a one of the Green Smoothie Recipes listed below or posted in the ClubFYM Recipe exchange in the forums today!

My favorite Green Smoothie is a 2 cups baby spinach, 1 cup kale, 1 cup frozen blueberries, 1/2 cup frozen cherries and a heaping scoop of Veganique.

~ Have Fun Creating your own Favorites ~

Be ready to see what a positive difference Green Smoothies make for YOU!


What is Your Favorite Green Smoothie?

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40 Responses to “Why Green Smoothies Rock”

  1. Shannon says:

    Just tried the basic Green Smoothie for newbies (with protein powder added) and it was pretty tasty! I was really surprised!

  2. Jennifer says:

    My favorite Green smootie is:
    1 c. spinach or kale
    1/2 banana
    1/2-1 pear pealed
    1/2-1 orange
    a bit of fresh ginger root
    Add a protein powder if desired
    I have a blendtec blender so I don’t eliminate the seeds.

    This is usually enough for 2 servings so I put the other half in a mason jar and take it along with me when I am out. The contents settle and don’t look pleasing but just give it a good shake and it’ll be good looking again.


  3. Diane says:

    Hi ladies, I kinda agree w/Kimberly from #12 that mixing my friuts and veggies together just sounds sooo wrong! but they do sound like they would be one of the healthy ways to keep your body detoxed if nothing else (lol). I to will be trying these insane mixtures that are quick and healthy drinks not only for me but for the whole family. As soon as i too, need to invest in a new blender, Which will be within the next week or so. I will be going blender crazy with all these healthy mixtures and different smoothie recipes. Thanks Holly and Thanks to all the Ladies for all the different combinations of smoothies. CHEERS Drink up Ladies.

  4. Doreen says:

    I love spinach and beet green based smoothies, but I also have a favorite which is just celery and cucumber….very refreshing! and no burping after-wards!
    A refreshing (but strong) lemonade is easily made with 1 lemon, and 2 apples juiced together! Pour over ice and it almost tastes like a lemonade sherbet! There are so many combinations! It is fun to try them out!

  5. JRo says:

    I have been drinking these for almost two years. My allergies disappear, as long as I keep up with my drinking of these yummy smoothies!

    My fav is water with spinach (or other light green that is in season) and a leaf or two of Kale. Then I add frozen mango and a spoonful of coconut oil. It makes it so creamy. AND it is YUMMY! No forcing yourself to drink it up!

    If you are getting chunky smoothies, invest in a vitamix or Blendtec. They really are worth the money.

  6. Helen says:

    1-1.5 cups fresh spinach
    2 Tabs UDO’s 3.6.9 oil
    15 almonds
    8 ozs. unsweetned Breeze Almond milk
    1/2 crushed ice
    2 scoops Metagentics Double Chocolate Rice Protein Powder
    It looks green but it tastes great!

  7. Kelly says:

    Would never have thought to use oats in a smoothie (above commenter)!! Currently, my daughter and I are enjoying (!!) a smoothie made with :
    a big handful of fresh spinach
    aprox 1 c almond milk
    a handful of almonds
    aprox 1 c ea of frozen cherries and strawberries
    (this made enough for an adult + 4yo snack)
    You would never know there was a big handful of spinach in there!!!!

  8. Samantha says:

    Since joining FYM 2 years ago… I have been having my “susan spinach smoothie” pretty much every second morning for breakfast.

    2c of spinach
    1/4 c of Oats
    1 scoop of protein powder
    1c of liquid
    1 frozen banana
    1tspn cinnamon

    you can add extras like nuts, sesame seeds, etc… Just blend in a mixer and you’ve got goodness in a glass!

    I love green smoothies!

  9. Carolyn says:

    Had the first one yesterday and LOVED it!! Going to try to put it in a cup with a lid for my kids, so they don’t see the color ;))

    Thanks Holly for this awesome idea. I cleared a spot on the counter and it is now home to the blender to remind me to have one everyday.

  10. Joanna says:

    Just tried my first one love love loved it just bannana berrys and cup of baby spinach tsp honey and oat milk. I couldnt even tast the spinach such a great idea thankyou it wil now be a daily.


  11. Tracey H says:

    o.k. I tried it. I had spinach, water, a banana and a handful of frozen blueberries. I thought I was going to taste spinach but instead the blueberries and banana hid the spinach flavor. I would have never thouht about trying this type of smoothie but good ole’ Holly knows how to throw some food ideas out there for us to try and add variety at the same time getting good nutrition from them. Thanks Again Holly for your dedication to keeping us on track. :) Love You, Your favorite seester T

  12. Pat says:

    I’ve been drinking a green smoothie a day for several months now. I agree – they’re energizing and I miss them when I don’t have one! My favorite is spring water, 1 pear, 1 apple, spinach and watermelon! I omit the watermelon when it’s out of season. Great stuff! It’s fun coming up with new combos.

  13. Jen says:

    My favorite is a bit exotic, I got into the habit when I stayed in China: its main ingredient is balsam pear/bitter gurd/ku gua, sometimes available in Asian Food Stores. Half to one cup is enough, because it really tastes bitter. Cut the gurd in half, extract seeds and soke in water for one hour (don’t use the water) then juice it. Blend the juice with 1 cup of pineapple and a squeeze of lemon juice. Together with sweet fruits one can stand the bitterness.
    The balsam pear is said to take heat out of the body and activate fat burning processes. (according to TCM).

  14. katlego says:

    i love it and i have tried so many different green veggies that i would not normally eat,
    Thank you so much for the other suggestions…

  15. Angela says:

    I decided to up spinach amount to 2 cups from 1 to see if it would effect taste and was surprised it didn’t, yea! I just added two more things to the basic banana/spinach recipe you mentioned above…Tb. of cinnamon and 2 Tb. of milled flax seed. Cinnamon IMO helps with taste as well. Thx for posting and giving me the extra push to add more greens in the smoothie!

  16. Janette says:

    I use what ever fruit I have in the house- the more variety the better-(grapes, oranges, bananas, mangos, strawberries), then use frozen fruit for more flavor and texture. This adds layers of flavors and my smoothies are never the same way twice. I use a couple handfulls of spinich greens, soaked almonds or almond milk, fresh and frozen fruit. My daughter adds pasturized egg whites to hers to increase protein content.

  17. Deb says:

    I was wondering how to up my greens intake and this is an awesome idea I hadn’t thought of. Thanks Holly and all you wonderful ladies for sharing your recipes! I’m on it!! :-)

  18. Rachel says:

    Thanks Holly for this great post! I love green smoothies too…. I usually use 1 cup of rice/soy milk, 2 cups of baby spinach, 1/2 cup of fresh blueberries, 1/2 cup of fresh raspberries (or frozen), 2Tbsp of protein powder, a few drops of vanilla extract & some cinnamon…blend it & that’s me in a good mood all day long!! lol!!

  19. lljmustang says:

    I highly recommend http://www.greensmoothiegirl.com website & youtube videos for some great info & recipes!! If your new to smoothies you may feel pressured into buying an expensive more powerful blender. My “recondition” Blendtec (ebay) was very affordable and has worked like a champ for 2-years & going strong. I LOVE my Blendtec and use it twice daily!! Don’t forget to log your smoothie recipes into a menuplanner. You can rack up the calories quickly, even with fruit. Also, don’t get caught-up in all the supplements & superfoods when first starting. The best smoothies are the easiest, just 1-2 fruits & leafy greens – Keep it Simple!!

    My favorite morning smoothie:
    frozen Mango
    1/2-frozen banana
    handful fresh fruit (try Grapefruit or Kiwi..yum!!)
    Greens (spinach or romaine)

    Note: I drink 1/2-smoothie for breakfast & take other half in cold thermos to work for snack or lunch alternative. Smoothies will also keep in fridge till next day, but they’re definitely better when fresh :-)


  20. Lori says:

    We totally dig green smoothies – and if you have a VitaMix blender, it will make quick work of anything you add. I’m not a big veggie fan, but I can drink just about anything. Also, don’t forget stevia to sweeten your smoothie if you don’t overdo the fruit. They’re super filling and a great way to load up on F&V servings.

  21. sarah says:

    My fave is a frozen banana, some unsweetened vanilla almond milk, couple handfuls of spinach and 1 tbsp almond butter. Yum!!

    I also recommend putting a couple of fresh dates in if you are using more bitter greens like mustard greens or chard or kale.

  22. Irene says:

    Thanks for your post! I have been having veggies but I haven’t really tried yours! Will give it a try!

  23. Jen Wilking says:

    A couple of green smoothie resources:

  24. Candis Wiebe says:

    YES!!! This is awesome!!!! Once again you girls are inspiring!

  25. Karen Parker says:

    Hi – the thought of drinking anything green makes me feel quite ill. But you all seem to enjoy it so much so I reckon I will give it a go. I figure if I add enough frozen berries it will look ok.
    Thanks for the ideas – keep them coming.

  26. Lyna says:

    Well, I hate to admit this – but I’m not a veggie lover. I practically force them down my throat every time, usually after covering them veggies in some gravy or other so that I won’t taste anything. And surprise, surprise, I never get my required amount of greens per week. Green smoothies are an interesting idea that I think I’ll try. I won’t have to chew – just swallow everything down. I’ll probably go heavy on the fruits though!

  27. melissa says:

    I was really scared to try one as well, thankfully I was at a friends house and she just gave me a sip of hers. Really, really good!!!!!!!!!! I love my green smoothies! If I add blueberries my son will eat them too (this makes them not green). My girls love them no matter how I do it! Get the whole family on board!!!

  28. Joanna says:

    Hi Holly thanks for yet again a great post Im always getting such good tips from you. I cant wait to give this a go. Im fairly good with veges but definatly dont get 10 serves. I love smoothies so look forward to trying to increase veges this way.

  29. Kimberly says:

    Wow, I have to admit, the first mention of mixing spinach with all those fruits kind of creeps me out. I’m a little afraid of it…but since so many people are dropping so many different recipes, I am tempted to give them a try. Still…I’m scared ;) First, I guess I have to buy a blender, haven’t had one in the house for a good 6-7 years now.
    Thanks for the tips and I’ll be sure to let you know if I brave it and try one.

  30. Baronese says:

    I am so happy that you discovered green smoothie, especially since you are pregnant. You and your baby will be super healthy and it is good to produce milk for the baby. I have been drinking gs for about 3 yrs now and I have recommended it to many friends and family. It is the best thing for overall health. Next time I will add some recipes. I make my gs religiously every morning.
    All the best Holly for you and baby as you continue to drink your gs.

  31. Elsa says:

    My favorite green smoothie I have every morning for breakfast is so delicious. I add water, spinach, asparagus, celery, cucumber, mustard greens, broccoli, banana, strawberries, blueberries and 1 tbsp ground flaxseed. I usually have another one in the afternoon for a quick pick-me-up.

  32. Naomi says:

    I love green smoothies too. I have about a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice with 2 cups of baby spinach and 1 banana. Than I add ice and blend. Sometimes I even add a bit of ground flax seeds for my omega’s.

  33. Fiona says:

    I love green smoothies! I have them every day, sometimes twice a day. I use: water, a few dried goji berries, BIG handful ofr two of spinach, 2 apples, banana, couple of handfuls of frozen blueberries, and a scoop of SunWarrior vanilla protein powder, plus a scoop of powdered greens. This is a great way for me to get greens AND bananas, which I HATE. I hadn’t eaten a banana in almost 3 decades, but when I add it to my green smoothie I can’t really taste it, and it’s completely pulverised so I don’t get any chunks. I possibly have too much fruit, but for me the secret to a good green smoothie is making one I’ll REALLY enjoy, so that I’ll be sure to have it each day! When I first tried green smoothies I had less fruit (just an apple and banana) and didn’t enjoy them much at all, so I got out of the habit of drinking them.

  34. eva says:

    I have been in love with green smoothies for a couple of years now. Not only are they delicious, what an awesome way to get a head start on your daily veg/fruit intake! My fave right now is collard greens, banana, mango and ginger. Deelish!

  35. Jana says:

    My favorite, that I use as a post-workout smoothie, I call Mean Green: 1/2 c each water, low-fat cottage cheese and plain organic (or sometimes vanilla) yogurt; 1 banana, 2-3 c spinach; cinnamon, vanilla and fresh ginger to taste. An awesome addition if I have it in the house is a handful of fresh pineapple chunks. Super yummy!!!

  36. maureen says:

    Hi all!

    I never tried vegi smoothies before, I ve been making frozen mix berries, banana blend with soy vanilla/orange juice. Or sometimes i blend avocado, frozen banana with soya Vanilla its yummy! I’ve had this this morning.
    I’ll give a try on vegi thanks for the tips!

  37. Carrie says:

    I love green smoothies too! I love to do 1 cup almond milk, 2 cups spinach, frozen banana and 1 scoop of sun warrior vanilla protein powder. I think they taste great!

  38. Sara says:

    I make a green smoothie using frozen pineapple, half an apple, and frozen cranberries. I then add a scoop of Sun Warrior vanilla rice protein powder (sweetened with stevia) and a bunch of kale, collards and parsley!

  39. Hillary says:

    When I first started with FYM (at the beginning of this year), I was eating horribly and regularly forgot to eat my veggies.

    I completed the Elimination Diet recommended by Holly, and felt amazing! I was getting a regular 10(+) servings of vegetables a day and — being honest — I loved the results, but it took a lot of planning beforehand.

    I still don’t eat pork, alcohol, MSG, milk products, or wheat products containing gluten. But — as I’ve gone on it’s been harder for me to continue to get all my veggie servings in. About a month ago I added a greens smoothie to my daily routine — problem solved. I hate the taste, but I love the results!

  40. Terra says:

    my daily first-thing-in-am is a version of the “master cleanser” which I call green lemonade!! It’s water with the juice of 1 organic lemon, 1 TB pure organic maple syrup, about 1/8 tsp cayenne, 1/8 tsp of spirullina, 1/8 tsp of chlorella, 1/4 tsp of a greens powder, and 1/4 tsp of acai powder. It’s yummy and super-antioxidant and vitamin rich.
    Have a happy pregnancy!

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