5 Flat Tummy Fat Burn Exercises VIDEO

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5 Flat Tummy Fat Burn Exercises

Okay so this video shows you a total of 6 fun exercises that not only help boost your metabolism and help your burn more fat in less time, these moves also target your CORE helping to tighten your tummy as you burn the fat.

1. Goblet Curtsey Lunge
I love lunges! Great move to work your thighs and butt. Perform in reverse to take pressure off knees and really focus on squeezing your glutes. Holding added weight in front of your chest “goblet style” really helps you feel it in your core and your inner thighs. Suggested weight: 20-40+lbs (I am using a 40 lbs DB to match my fitness level).

2. Renegade Row
A Must Have move for it not only rocks your core but is helping your develop amazing upper body strength. The KEY is to keep your hips level – do not rock/twist from side to side – and squeeze your glutes! The more you feel your core burning – the better you know you are doing this challenging move. Suggested weigh: 8-20+lbs. In this video I am using 15 lb weights.

3. Stability Ball Pull Over
Awesome combo for your upper body and core! Keep your arms straight as you lift and lower the weight – notice how much you have to use your core and even your butt to complete each rep. Slow and controlled is key! Suggested weight: 10-20+ lbs. In this video I am using 25 lbs.

4. Stability Ball Step Off
Super fun core exercise! The push up plank position while balancing your feet on the ball challenges your arms, chest and core! Lifting and lowering one leg at a time adds just enough instability to really help tone and tighten your core. If you are unable to stay balanced – try this move with your feet elevated on a bench or step until you can work your way up.

5. 1/2 Turkish Get Up
One of my favorite, total body Kettlebell moves – tweaked and used a Dumbbell. The 1/2 get up not only helps you master the Turkish Get Up, but the lifting and lowering of the weigh will give you a surprisingly challenge your core as well as your backside! Suggested weight: If this move is brand new to you NO WEIGHT is plenty enough! Only add weight once you have the basics of this move down. In this video I am using a 25 lb weight. You will complete repetitions on both sides.

6. The Bonus Burpess Plus Push Up
Who doesn’t love Burpees?
Especially when you add them to the END of your fat loss workouts…oh and add a push up in there too!

How To Use These Flat Tummy Exercises

Flat Tummy Circuit
Perform one move after another with no rest. You will take a short breather – about 60 sec –  in between each round of the circuit. Repeat Circuit 3-5 times depending on your fitness level. Complete 8-10 repetitions of each move or use timed circuits to track how many reps/rounds you can complete in 15-20 minutes.

Flat Tummy Super Sets
Perform these moves in Pairs – no rest between moves – complete 3 times in a row before taking a break and moving to the next super set. So A1, A2, A1, A2, A1, A2- Rest 60 sec…then complete super set B and super set C.

A1 Goblet Curtsey Lunge
A2 Renegade Row

B1 Stability Ball Pull Over
B2 Stability Ball Step Off

C1 1/2 Get Up
C2 Burpees Plus Push Up

Give this workout a try and leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

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8 Responses to “5 Flat Tummy Fat Burn Exercises VIDEO”

  1. ritika khanna says:

    i wanted to know if its ok for me to take whey protien since i am still feeding my 8 month old baby….

  2. bekah says:

    Loved this workout! My arms are really feeling the burn from the renegade row and/or stability ball pull over.

  3. Marla says:

    Excited to do this workout this morning!

  4. Jesna says:

    Lovely workouts!! Amazing will definitely try!! U rock holly!

  5. Connie says:

    Thank you for sharing this workout with us Holly!

  6. Holly Rigsby says:

    Judy – thanks.
    This workout was performed away from home – so no baby.

    As for reps per super set – up to you. It could range from 8-12.

  7. Judy says:

    Awesome stuff. You are amazing, but, I agree with the other person, I miss Alexander. :o)

    On the A1, A2 superset, do you do 8 reps for each A? For example, 8 reps of A1, 8 reps of A2, then repeat 2 more times of 8 and 8 without a rest?

  8. Natalie says:

    thanks holly will def try a few exercises!!
    you’re awesome!

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