6 Weeks To Summer Ready Abs

6weekabs Q1 1024x660 6 Weeks To Summer Ready Abs

I decided to join in on the Summer Slim Down Challenge even though back in April I had achieved my pre-baby body weight of 115. When one goal is met – new goals are set. This is what keeps us growing, personal development is not something that just ends. Even though weight was lost and I was super proud of my progress, at no point did I think… “I Made It” “I’m Done” nor “I’m Happy Now”.

(happiness is not something you wait for – happiness is something you create Now and practice daily to appreciate and get the most out of your journey)

At the start of the Summer Slim Down Challenge,  I reflected on the journey I’d been on over the past few months…I view the changes my body is going through post baby in phases.

(and in not one of these phases did I do everything perfectly and travel a straight line from result A to B…nor did I Reach point B and Stay there exactly in that precise measurement.)

Initial phase
is fast and somewhat easy weight loss, for the body accumulates so much fluid before/during/after delivery, add in nursing and the fact that the body is going through quite a recovery process.

2nd phase

is actually losing based on the fact that I could ease back into my workouts and begin to regain strength…all thew while sticking to eating clean and having foods that do not support fat loss in moderation.

3rd phase
some loss, but more body shaping, as I cleaned up my eating and made an effort to be more consistent with workouts.


Sticking Points
There will always be a phase of Plateau in here too – for some it happens right away – for others it happens later…we are all so unique there is no way to accurately measure.

Prior to the start of the challenge,  I had ended up holding steady and getting TOO comfortable – not willing to do more than – “just get by” –  that I got off track a bit.

Getting off track aside…
holding steady was a natural outcome because my body had undergone so much change over the past few months plus partly ME because I have only gone/pushed myself so far with lifestyle changes up to this point.

Now as I started the Summer Slim Down Challenge, I was ready to move on to phase 4
off the top of my head, calling it the refining and defining phase -

And for me – this is taking it to the next level – for I could VERY well stay right where I am and be quite content and happy with my results.

However, I know what I am capable of achieving and I love the excitement a new challenge brings to me for it allows me to learn even more about myself – – - and yeah….the journey is WAY more powerful than the end results.

So I  set new goals for me!

My results from April 4th
(6 months postpartum)

weight: 115, waist: 26, hips: 34.5

At the start of the Summer Slim Down Challenge
After taking new starting stats, I see an increase in measurements and can assess that they come from a couple of factors that have changed.

1. Off track with supportive eating
I have become a bit too lax in my eating habits…I have admitted to being a volume eater and know my lunches and/or dinners have been on the heavier side when it comes to calorie intake. Going back to planning ahead as well as writing it down.

2. Increased weights/strength
Now that I have been working on increasing my strength, I know a portion of the increase in inches and weight also comes from an increase in lean muscle. Just to clarify…I am in no way “bulking up” – I am simply gaining what is Needed – what I was unable to Maintain while pregnant – in order to get my metabolism, my strength and my lean body results back to where there were pre-baby.

It’s just that I have not been consistent with my clean eating habits in order to balance out the loss of fat at the same time.

My Goals

- Get myself back to what I achieved at 6 months postpartum

- additional tone/definition

hence the following photo…took outside to get a good view of my belly area for I know I am on track and moving forward the more definition I can see in my abs.

- Increased Strength

In my spring journal I noted how I was working my way back up to being able to squat more weight – right now working on 25 lb plates – would like to get back up to 35 lb plates. Upper Body wise – back to 7 or even 8 chin ups! Can do 4 and sometimes 5 in a row.



I will get 3 FYM workouts and 3 IT workouts in each week

Map out meals – master list of main meals and snacks
Food Log to track eating what is planned or changes made to eating plan

Prograde Metabolism – now that Alexander is no longer nursing, I am giving this a go to see what a difference it makes to my efforts.

Accountability – posting updates and progress in my journal

Motivation – posting my “before” bikini pics on my mirror


I captured my video and my new starting stats this past week, enjoyed a relaxed holiday weekend – NOW it is time to take action and get some momentum going!

While the Summer Transformation Challenge begins June 6th – I’m ready to get started now – no need to wait!

My 6 Week Results

Weight: 15.8

DSC 0751 500x332 300x199 6 Weeks To Summer Ready Abs
About a 2 lbs difference (started out at 118) – although this so fluctuates…based on the results that follow, scale weight is so insignificant.



Down 1.5 inches!

abs inches 11 1024x350 6 Weeks To Summer Ready Abs



Down .5 inches – and love the new lift in my behind!

a hips inches 1 1024x418 6 Weeks To Summer Ready Abs


Noticing lots more definition in my back!

DSC 0159 408x500 6 Weeks To Summer Ready Abs


what is so exciting….
the difference in definition in my ABS!!!

I knew based on consistency with clean eating and getting both RT and ITs in that my waist felt/appeared less bloated…but when I took THIS Photo…I was too excited to see a loss of more belly fat too!!!


6weekabs1 1024x654 6 Weeks To Summer Ready Abs


Strength goals…

Upper body – improving my chin ups! 7 full range chins CHECK!




Difference Makers

+ Creating a workout calendar to countdown the workouts I had completed and seeing what more I had to go. Having my workout goals in my sights at all times kept me mindful of time I scheduled to workout.

+ Stocking Kitchen

Having lots of great fresh fruits and veggies on hand made it so much easier to stay on track. Even if I had the munchies – I could still stay on track by “indulging” in some sugar snap peas and hummus. Summer faves – tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, blueberries, strawberries, cantaloupe, cherries and mixed greens.

+ Setting Strength Goals

I did this with body weight moves – such as my chin ups, above, plus my push ups. Knowing I would start to putter out at 12 or 13 – I changed my focus on waiting to putter until 15 …this helped me push right through my perceived limitations and surprise myself!

Lower body wise – Getting  BB Squats in once a week, allowed me to lift heavy.  I was able to complete 3 full sets of 8 reps (weight 95 lbs).  I am ready to bump up the weight!!!

+ Supplements – as I mentioned in my starting goals, I was finally able to give Prograde Metabolism a try and wow, what a difference it has helped to make!!! Not only is the boost in energy welcomed and appreciated  – causing me to turn to less and less coffee and focus more on water intake – just KNOWING I was adding in a new supplement to help make more of a difference in my body composition gave a nice level of accountability – why waste it on crappy eating!

+ Accountability – keeping up with my journal in the club forums when I could was such a needed boost. Knowing fellow FYMs were there to listen, give their own advice or tips and were always there leaving encouraging comments was a tremendous help!

My Biggest Summer Body Breakthrough….


Out of all the great fat loss strategies I could list, from my kick but Intervals workouts, my challenging strength workouts, delicious snacks, fat burning meals, metabolism supplements, motivational tips….NONE would make a bit of difference to the changes my body has experienced if I had not followed through with consistency.


Did I get all 18 workouts in, eat clean 90% of the time, remember to take all of my supplements  every single day, wake up happy and fully motivated to give my all each and every day?


But what I did give, what efforts I made in this short 6 week period of time were with great focus and the determination to finish what I started and be Proud of myself for doing so.

This allowed me to get right back on track when I encountered a slip or setback. I did not allow days, weeks or moths to pass before doing so. Each moment of each day is an opportunity to start new.

To forgive, to learn and to move on with the knowledge of what does not work, the strength to use what does and the awareness that results can only come from taking ACTION – no matter how big or small that action is….all action, moves you forward.

So – that is my summer slim down reflection!

Hope you glean some insights to help YOU make progress with your own body shaping goals!


Please take a look at the 6 amazing women who have been chosen as finalists and see the major progress they too have made in such a short period of time.

Introducing The Summer Slim Down Challenge Finalists!

Look, pick a favorite then place  YOUR Vote!

Vote 6 Weeks To Summer Ready Abs

Voting is Quick and To The Point

So don’t delay and pass along to your friends and family to get the votes in too! You have from NOW until NOON Est on Friday, July 22nd!

Top 3 Winners will be announced on Friday afternoon so watch your inbox for the announcement to see if your Favorite Summer Transformation takes the grand prize!


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15 Responses to “6 Weeks To Summer Ready Abs”

  1. Holly Rigsby says:

    @b massoud

    I’m confused – in one sentence you say you started FYM – then in the next you are telling me about your stomach problems and that you have poor eating habits…this indicates to me that you are not following FYM.

    Maybe start there and actually follow the supportive nutrition guidelines – giving it a good 3-4 weeks of consistency to see what a difference you notice with your stomach and your digestive problems.

  2. Katherine says:

    Amazing results Holly! We are lucky to have a dedicated roll model!! Thanks again for sharing your experiences with us. Good for you! :)

  3. Susan says:

    Way to go, Holly! You rock!

  4. b massoud says:

    hi Holly

    great results i bought the fit yummy mummy 2 month ago but did not start till now the problem is when i wake up i have a super tiny tummy and as soon as eat anything it gets really big as if am pregnant again . i keep on pulling my tummy when am around people. i am always constipated and my eating habits are really bad ( i eat a lot of cheese, bread , and junk food)

    i have a 10 month baby and i did lose my pregnancy weight. i do go to the gym 2 time a week but my trainer could not really help me …..

    i do want to start your program but i dont know if it will help me solve my tummy problem. what do you think?


  5. Sally says:

    Thank you, Holly for sharing your success strategies! You are such an inspiration!
    Love, Sally : )

  6. Sonja says:

    Holly, You look amazing! You are truely inspirational…I just wish I had the motivation do keep going…every time I start, I quick rather quickly…any suggestions to stay on track?

  7. Sarah M says:

    Holly, you look fabulous! What an inspiration!

  8. Isabella says:

    as always so inspiring!
    You shine and as mentioned above really lead by example!
    As you say Consistency is key and to set those goals, continualy.

    thank you for all you do:)

  9. b massoud says:

    hi Holly

    great results :) i bought the fit yummy mummy 2 month ago but did not start till now the problem is when i wake up i have a super tiny tummy and as soon as eat anything it gets really big as if am pregnant again . i keep on pulling my tummy when am around people. i am always constipated and my eating habits are really bad ( i eat a lot of cheese, bread , and junk food)

    i have a 10 month baby and i did lose my pregnancy weight. i do go to the gym 2 time a week but my trainer could not really help me …..

    i do want to start your program but i dont know if it will help me solve my tummy problem. what do you think?

    bmassoud :)

  10. Patty says:

    Love the abs…super job!

  11. Karen McKeown says:

    Amazing results Holly!!! You are a shining example of how your program really works!!! You lead by example and you are REAL!!! Thank you for everything you do!!! You are fabulous and you look hot rocking that bikini!!!

  12. Holly Rigsby says:

    @Dani – so true about the celeb post baby makeover stories. BIG lesson learned – its one thing to just LOSE the baby weight and get “thin” – yet a totally different process when you set goals that are centered around improving your body composition and increasing strength. Like I mentioned in a previous email – it worked for me before…just the 1st time it took me 2 years to figure it all out. This time around 9 months…well that’s more realistic for us all to acheive.

    Thanks again everyone for your support throughout each of my transformative journeys! You all provide the drive and inspiration!

  13. Dani from Down Under says:

    Super effort Holly! You look fantastic!
    Goes to show how “real women” can truly reduce their post baby weight over a 6-9 month period rather than the tabloids of “model & celebrities” in a supoosively 6-9 week period! xxD

  14. Karin says:

    Wow, big difference in short time. Thank u for sharing with us. Love your photo with smiling Alexander and your video

  15. DoRe' says:

    Always an inspiration, Holly–way to go!

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