Fit Mom Playground Circuit Workout

Playground Circuit Workout for Moms

Make the most of the trips you take to the park. While your children explore and play, you can too with these unique playground circuit workout exercises.

My favorites involve using the playground equipment in creative ways to get a full body, fat burn workout.

Fit Mom Playground Circuit Workout

1 1/2 Bulgarian Split Squats
Decline Slide Push Ups
Slide Jumps
Chin Ups
Swing Step Ups (these are fun and wow can you really feel them in this combo of moves!)
Hanging Leg Raise Combo

Complete 2-4 times

No excuses to NOT get your workout in!

Try it out the next time you go to the park and let me know what you think!

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7 thoughts on “Fit Mom Playground Circuit Workout

  1. I feel so drained out all the time and when i do think of exercising, in a min or so my back or knee start to hurt or i get breathless.Donno how to start.can u suggest easier exercises?

  2. Great ideas Holly, I can’t believe how big Alexander is already. time sure flies. Whenever my little guy hears your voice through intervals playing on my phone, he always asks me where Alexander is;)

  3. WOW, Love the Workout. can you describe the hanging leg raise combo (the names of the move you put in a row). Thanks :) and again LOVE IT

  4. Great workout ideas, Holly. I love them. And Alexander on the big swing already! He is growing up way too quickly.

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