Fit And Pregnant At 6 Months Plus Some Fit Tips

pregnancy+fitness+3rd+trimester Fit And Pregnant At 6 Months Plus Some Fit Tips

I posted some updated photos on the Fit Yummy Mummy Facebook Fan Page yesterday as I am now officially in the 3rd trimester at 28 Weeks. And I’m very happy that I am fit and pregnant at 6 months.

An exciting milestone for us!

I received a ton of questions after in regards to “what are you doing?”

So I made a 5 minute video update to fill you in



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You are more than welcome to follow along with my progress either at the

Fit Yummy Mummy Facebook Fan Page ….

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OR if Facebook is NOT for you, I also share a more detailed account with weekly video updates and photos in the ClubFYM online community


Thanks again for all your support ~ It is so fun to share this Fit And Pregnant experience with you!

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16 thoughts on “Fit And Pregnant At 6 Months Plus Some Fit Tips

  1. Holly, you look amazing! I bet you will bounce right back after you have this baby. I am so jealous of your cute little body.

    I have a question about how to manage healthy food intake while working out and breastfeeding. I am still breastfeeding my 9 month old baby boy and find that i cannot drop calories or i will loose my milk (i have done it before and was close to loosing my milk) I am eating healthier now then I ever have before and am proud to say that it comes from you. I am working out (doing cardio (20-30 minute) jog/walks 3x every week and lifting weights 4 days a week). I feel like my body is holding onto unncessary baby weight while i am breastfeeding and it is making it difficult to loose. I have noticed that i have toned up a lot and dropped my water weight. I have dropped some inches but i am still carrying 28 pounds of fat that i gained while pregnant. Please if you have any suggestions or tips, let me know. thanks so much. and i love your website!! keep up the great work, you are motivating me!! Jenny

  2. Holly, you look so good! My husband & I are working on number 2 too! I’m in my third week of my 7 week goal to lose the baby fat before getting pregnant. Seeing your pictures and video blog inspire me to keep at it. I see that I really can be a fit, hot, yummy mummy to be again! Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. You are truly my hero Holly….. seriously! I would’ve fallen flat on the floor with one of those push up attempts (I’m not even pregnant) yet you did 6 in a row and even maintained your balance whilst demonstrating more push ups on a SB as well!!!


    Goes to show how a conditioned and fit physique can perform in their third trimester! You are a machine!!! (mmmmmaaaaassssssshhhhheeeeeenn!!!!!)

    Awesome role model xx

  4. WOW…you truly look fabulous Holly! I envy you just watching with what ease you are able to do your exercises being 6 months preg. Simply wonderful. Take care & all the very best.

  5. Holly
    Thanks you very much for sharing this video for me to realize that to be physically fit choose no physical condition. God Bless you and your baby. Wish to have a safe delivery and healthy little angel.

  6. Holly,
    Thanks for showing women (and everyone) that pregnancy is NOT a pathologic condition, but a normal part of a woman’s life!!

  7. You look Fabulous! 132-lbs at 28 wks? Wow! I think all of my pregnancies I started at 135 and got up to 170…yikes! What was your starting weight?

    My baby is 6-mo. and I remember trying to do push ups and squats and there started to get less and less room and I had to modify just like you are. I loved the exercise ball, I did a lot of abs on there, so I could lean back and strengthen my muscles without being completely on my back. I have also done a pregnancy workout from Australia that was really good.

    Keep up the good work. I hope to follow you the next time I’m preggers. I just hope to look as awesome as you when I do the next time!

  8. You look absolutely beautiful and very impressive how you have been able to stay fit and active throughout your pregnancy. I remember the hardest months for me was the first trimester (sick as a dog) and last month (when I just wanted it to be over). LOL – Keep up the inspirational work. Thanks for the video.

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