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Now holding LIVE fat loss Q and A sessions on the

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Answering your questions as well as sharing tips and strategies to help you reach your body shaping goals.

Here’s a transcript of the latest LIVE Q and A Sessions:

# Karen M
When increasing weight for upper body moves, is it best to increase by 5 or 10 lbs?

#Fit Yummy Mummy ?
@Karen It really depends on the move – you can be at 2 totally different levels for a push and a pull. If you can only choose one – go with 10 lbs and just decrease the reps.


Do you drink your protein shake after an interval workout too or only after strength training?

#Fit Yummy Mummy
?@Sarah you can, its more essential to just refuel your body – vs having the nutrients to help repair the muscle you just broke down during a strength training workout.



#Valerie K
I’m delighted with the results I’ve been getting with Prograde metabolism and the work I’ve been putting into it, but should I be worried about losing to fast? I’ve lost 11lbs in 2 weeks.

#Fit Yummy Mummy ?

@ Valerie – how great to hear of your success. If you are losing TOO fast, then you need to take a second look at your calorie intake. Normal fat loss is 1-2 lbs per week …anything more and you may be losing water/lean muscle.



#Julie N
What should I do if I can hardly hold the side plank with the lifted leg? I can only do it for 15 seconds instead of 30 (that’s the one in the intermediate workout B (?) I think. Can I just say I LOVE THE E-BOOK???!!! icon smile Fat Loss Questions on facebook

# Fit Yummy Mummy
?@Julie So happy to hear you are loving the FYM ebook. As for the side plank leg lift – this is fine – for it means you are being challenged – if it were to come easily to you – no change would be taking place. Keep at it and little by little you will increase your core strength.



Hi Holly! Am I sabotaging myself (my results) if I am doing a 3 mile run before my strength workouts? It is something I really enjoy and it seems that that is the best time to fit it in

#Fit Yummy Mummy ?
@ Krissy If your goal of strength training is to get stronger – then yes running 3 miles prior to your strength workouts is only fatiguing your body and preventing you from truly pushing and challenging yourself.



#Karen H:
I currently use the Prograde recovery after my workout, the Prograde protien powder at other times when I need some extra protein (I think it is whey) but I am wondering about Casien protein. Is there every time that this is recommended? I have just heard others talking about it recently.

#Fit Yummy Mummy ?
@Karen H if you are taking the prograde products as recommended then you are fine – you do not need to keep adding to your list of supplements unless there is a specific reason to do so.



#Karen M
Is 40 seconds x 20 seconds okay for intervals or is 20 seconds not a long enough active recovery rest period?

#Fit Yummy Mummy
@Karen M yes this is fine – the new FYM IT DVD will actually have a 45-15 workout for you to follow!



#Karen H
Thanks so much. I love my Prograde products, especially the Recovery shake- so yummy and my VGA+ has really improved my nail and hair strength

#Fit Yummy Mummy
@ Karen H VGF+25 – that’s awesome. I noticed a big difference with hair, skin and nails TOO – PLUS my mood was “mellowed” out ; )



#Amber M
I read last night on your Facebook that if you can do 30 min of intervals you probably not working hard enough. Most weeks because of my schedule I do 3x a week. I do the strength intervals first for 15 min & then follow up 15 min of some h…eavy cardio intervals.. Is that ok since it’s two different types of exercises? I don’t rest between sets & can’t talk during the whole 30 minutes! I tell my kids don’t talk to me! Lol. I love love love your program. I’ve worked out or years & finally am seeing results I want! Thank you

#Fit Yummy Mummy
?@Amber Yes this is not the same as doing a full 30 min of Intervals. YAY for Finally seeing results!!!



#Taronda S
So I have been tryin intervals off and on. I know consistency is key but have 3 kids under 6 and get tired. Do I need to do intervals and strength training on the same…or swap them every other day?

#Fit Yummy Mummy ?
@ Taronda Totally understand lack of energy – BUT sticking to your workouts gives you MORE energy – I promise! As for what format to follow – up to you. The Fit Yummy Mummy’s choose between 3 days a week where they do both strength and intervals on the same day OR 6 days a week where they alternate between the two. UP to you – you choose what you will stick to.



#Laura L
I am 10 weeks into the transformation kit now and have lost (on last check two weeks ago) 8 inches, but only 1lb, should I be concerned by this? I’m still 8lbs away from my pre-baby weight. Also, nothing and I mean NOTHING has shifted from my thighs, I know I’m pear shaped but honestly, why wont that fat budge?

#Fit Yummy Mummy
?@ Laura 8 inches lost is awesome. If you have read through the kit, you’d see that I cover why the scale is not the best indicator of results – PLUS if you are so close to your goal weight – it takes more dedication and consistency to move it. I’d love to help you troubleshoot – be sure you log in to ClubFYM.

@Laura oh and I wanted to add I know this all too well as I just went through this myself. I’d get so close – 6-7 lbs from goal weight – and then would seem to stall. The BIGGEST difference maker for me was getting honest about what I was eating – tracking it – and cleaning it up. Try it.



#Laura L
Thanks Holly, I’ve started to really clean my eating up the past couple days, so I’ll definitely stick to it, no matter how the sugar may call lol.

#Fit Yummy Mummy
?@Laura – great to hear it…and yes, if you are not seeing more results sugar is a big culprit.


#Andrea R
Holly, I am going shopping for more dumbells and medicine balls – I’m on to the intermediate workouts but I’ve been using 8 pound dumbells and 6 pound medicine ball for the various moves. I find I am ready for heavier weights. Can you recommend what range of dumbells and medicine balls I should buy?

#Fit Yummy Mummy ?
@Andrea Oh yes, you will need heavier weights than 8 lb DBs especially for any lower body moves. I would suggest having at least 10-15 lbs for upper body and then lower body (while you can also use these weights) will benefit from 15lbs and up. Med Ball wise – 8-15 is good but you do not need a variety of weights necessarily and can always swap out and use a DB for some of the moves.



holli-i was womdering about running hills for my intervals…i just want to set the timer for 15 min & run hard up the hill and jog/walk back down..then repeat. thing is, i don`t know exactly how long it will take me to get up and down. do I need to time the intervals?

#Fit Yummy Mummy
?@Dotti Hill sprints are awesome. The timed intervals you would use would depend on your fitness level. You do need to time them in order to track them. Running randomly will not allow you to make improvements …which would lead to better results.



Do you have any recipes for changing up the flavor of the Prograde Recovery Shake? I am a chocoholic and don’t really care much for the plain vanilla shake.
about an hour ago

#Fit Yummy Mummy
?@Valerie I mix mine with coffee!



#Karen M
Is it possible to drink too much water in one day? Some days I’m almost craving it and get almost 4 liters in…..not all the time kist the odd day.

#Fit Yummy Mummy ?
@Karen M Yes – but way super hard to do. This all goes back to listening to your body.



#Deb N
Hi Holly…just wanted to comment on how much I love the fityummymummy online club. You really amaze me, and the resources that you offer to everyone are fantastic! Just wondering if you know of any similar type programs for men that you could recommend? Time constraints are the biggest issue around here….thank for inspiring me!

#Fit Yummy Mummy
?@Deb How awesome – thank you for letting me know what a benefit ClubFYM is to you! yes for men – Turbulence Training by Craig Ballantyne! So glad you have a place to come for inspiration, motivation and support! Thanks for being open to FYM!



#Dena J
You were working with Craig Ballantyne on a workout for his program. Will that be available to FYM members? If so, when?

#Fit Yummy Mummy ?
@Dena I filmed all the Booty for Wife workouts for Craig…and beleive he is changing the title…but sure, when he has this available I will be sure to let everyone know.



#Carrie T
Holly, question… A friend told my husband about HCG tablets to lose the weight pretty quickly. He is wanting to lose about 10-15. Have you heard of this stuff? Do you recommend it? I just know the diet pills are awful for you. Thx!!

#Fit Yummy Mummy ?
@Carrie “lose weight quickly” red flag…there is no magic pill.



This was super fun and like I said above, I’d love to offer this on a weekly basis for those who are interested.

Hoping that by giving you the transcript of the Live Q and A session, you see just how beneficial it can be for everyone who participates!

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