2 Essential Workout Tips

fountain%202 2 Essential Workout Tips
Today is my REST Day!

I just posted an update in the forums of ClubFYM since I have been out of touch for the past few days for I have been filming a number of workout videos for upcoming FYM events.

From a high energy Band workout with Dave Schmitz – aka The Band Man…

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To … 3 days of filming the Workout Library (over 300 exercises) for the upcoming Fit Yummy Mummy Certification with Pamela MacElree.

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My body is FEELING it!

I am reminded of 2 important workout tips that will help you see and feel the best results.

#1. Recovery is Essential

While I know many moms have a tendency to focus on number of calories burned DURING a workout – especially those stuck with a cardio queen mindset – it is the challenge of the workout and the ability to recover afterwards that leads to a greater calorie burn and a true metabolic boost – also known as afterburn.

Did you know…your body changes after a workout, when your body rests – not during.

Taking the time to rest between strength workouts is when your body begins the repair and recovery process – increasing lean muscle – making you stronger and able to do more come the next workout. Recovery can be accelerated choosing to enjoy a post workout shake (I love Prograde Workout) and taking the time to stretch and foam roll major muscle groups.

Skipping recovery will not only diminish fat loss results, but will also lead to burn out and over-training injuries. These types of setbacks will not only stop fat loss but cause many to go all the way back to square one. and going right along this tip is….

#2. More is NOT Better – Better is Better.

Focusing on calories burned will only lead to longer and less effective workouts.

The workouts I teach are short, 15 minute strength based programs that challenge your entire body. Because they are so short, some moms are skeptical that they will be effective, and will double up on workouts, doing 2 15 minute workout in a row.

Intensity is key to getting fast fat loss, body shaping results.

Doing more will only delay or prevent results for your body can only work intensely for a short period of time. Trying to do more will diminish the intensity – hence, diminish fat loss results.

I like to tell the Fit Yummy Mummy’s that the best results are achieved when you get your body to work FOR you rather than always having to work your body.

Besides…your workouts should leave you feeling ENERGIZED not Exhausted. As busy moms there are plenty of other factors that lend to exhaustion – but your workouts should NOT be one of them.

Focus on the quality of your strength based workouts – increase the challenge and intensity within the workout by setting personal records.

Keep these 2 workout tips in mind as you follow through with your fat loss plan and take note at how much faster your body changes for the better!


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