ClubFYM Transformation Announcement~

ClubFYM undergoes a Transformation!

I am so excited to share some big changes for ClubFYM that will take place over the next week!

To help explain exactly what is happening and why, I’ve created a series of daily videos.

See what I have to say about our amazing community – with a fun story of how this all began including a shout out to some of our Premiere FYM’s – some ClubFYM facts, a heart warming testimonial – as well as what to expect over the next few days.

The Complete ClubFYM Transformation Video Series

Bonnie’s Story part 1

Bonnie’s Story part 2

My Take on ClubFYM

Benefits of Blueprints

The Power of Consistency

Success Stories

The NEW ClubFYM is Open!


Your Friend and Coach,


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0 thoughts on “ClubFYM Transformation Announcement~

  1. Hi Holly,

    Thank you for all your work. I am generally a pretty healthy eater. I have been vegetarian for some years and have gone back to meat because my life is so full it’s hard to cook too many different things. When vegetarian I ate a lot of Soy products and now, looking back and with the knowledge I have, I realize that it put a lot of weight on around my waist.
    I am nearly 60, I am quite slim and look in good condition but I’m not happy with my waist.
    I also need to get stronger which I am trying a little. Trouble is I have a weak shoulder and keep hurting it with exercises. I can’t do push ups and things like that and they are good for the waist. What do you suggest?
    Thanks Holly

  2. Thank you Holly,
    for being so real. i look forward to the ClubFYM upgrades. thanks for sharing penny sue’s testimony – i was moved by it and by your heartfelt wish that we will all have that testimony. i have not used cfym as the tool penny talked about so i am insipred to see how it can benefit me in reaching my goals so i too can have such a testimony. Again thank u for all that you do.

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