2 Flat Tummy Chin Up Bar Exercises


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Tone Up with the Classics – A FitBie Workout Special: Part Two

As seen in Fitbie’s latest article…”12 New Things to Do with Common Fitness Equipment“, as a contributor I outline a handful of new exercises to do with the equipment you already have – to help keep your workouts FRESH, FUN and helping you to achieve flat tummy results!

To help you get started, I made VIDEO that shows you how to do 2 new moves with your Chin Up or Pull Up Bar !

Burpee Jump Pullup
If you’re already fit enough to take on the pullup, try this total-body strengthening variation from Rigsby.

Do It: Stand below a pullup bar. Perform a traditional burpee but instead of returning to standing position, explode upward to grab the pullup bar with an underhand grip. Pull your chest toward the bar, elbows tucked, and slowly lower yourself for 5 counts. Once your arms are fully extended, gently drop back down to the floor and begin your next burpee.

Make It Easier: Modify your burpee by walking each leg back into pushup position. Pause, then walk one foot at a time back to a squat, stand, and jump to grab the pullup bar.

Hanging Knee Raise
Distance yourself from the pullup bar’s namesake exercise with the hanging knee raise. This core move leaves crunches in the dust, says Rigsby.

Do It: Hang from a pullup bar with an overhand grip. Extend your arms but keep your shoulders down. Engage your core and raise both knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Pause and slowly lower as you extend your legs and repeat. Focus on slow, controlled movements.

Trainer Tip: If you start to swing or use momentum to help drive your knees up, you need to slow down the movement.

Make It Easier: Slowly raise one knee at a time in a running motion.


Try out these Two New Flat Tummy Exercises – leave a comment below to let me know what you think!

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  1. Holly,
    I just started trying to do chin-ups. Can you let us know the brand/model of the Chinup bar that you installed at your home (model looks good)? So that we pick a right one which is durable and easy to install?


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