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New Year BeYOUtiful New You Challenge VOTE ’14

NYTCBannerVOTE New Year BeYOUtiful New You Challenge VOTE 14

I am very excited to share the New Year’s Transformation Challenge Finalists with you!

  The purpose was to make this challenge FUN and help these ladies Maximize 2014 – Making it the BEST Year YET….for real this time!

Just over 200 women took part in a 12 Week series of thoughtfully plotted weekly assignments & Live Weekly Video Meet Ups for extra accountability and motivation. Each assignment was designed to challenge the way they think, move and nourish their bodies.

There about 50 amazing final transformations essays submitted, so to narrow it down to just 6 was quite difficult.

14 Day Flat Tummy Results

14flatRESULTS 14 Day Flat Tummy Results

Check out the results the ladies who follow The Fit Yummy Mummy Facebook page achieved during the “14 Day Flat Tummy” Mini Challenge.

This challenge started on February 1st and the mini challenge ran for 14 days.

The ladies were to check in to see what the new Flat Tummy Strategy was each day on the Fit Yummy Mummy Facebook page for 14 days.

11546 10151990267358477 1765946292 n 14 Day Flat Tummy Results

In addition to accessing my support, getting questions answered and finding a quick source of motivation while implementing each strategy.

5 Month Post Baby Bounce Back Results

 Heidi Z fym feature 1 5 Month Post Baby Bounce Back Results

Celebrating Busy Mom Heidi Z. and her post baby body results!


What does FYM mean to mean to me?

Where to start…

I was so excited to find out we were pregnant!! I was so ready to be a mom! But I had a fear that I’d never been able to shake: loosing the baby weight. I’ve seen so many women try so many things to try to get if off.

Most unsuccessfully.

6 Year Anniversary Celebration

551352 10151810660398477 267115174 n 6 Year Anniversary Celebration

This has been one Eventful Week …well more like two Months!!!

With several birthdays, a wrap up of the 10 Week Fall Transformation Challenge and the Kick off of FYM’s 6 Year Anniversary.…so much celebrating to be done – much of which has taken place behind the scenes in the forums of ClubFYM.


This is why I’d like to extend the Anniversary Celebration & Contest to the blog!

Tighter Tummy in 12 Days ’13

my%20tt Tighter Tummy in 12 Days 13

 “This was so awesome!
I had the majority of my Summer Challenge
Results take place over the TT12!!!”

This is what the moms are saying after taking part in the Tighter Tummy in 12 Days mini challenge in the forums at ClubFYM.

This was a fun mini challenged created to help boost fat loss and tummy flattening results as the FYMs wrapped up the 6 Week Summer Slim Down Challenge and it is much loved for it focuses in on the area we as moms want to see change the most….THE MOMMY BELLY!

What is the TT12?

Celebrating Strong Moms

alex%20and%20mom%20flex%201 Celebrating Strong Moms

The Month of May ~ FYM Celebrates Strong Moms

Strength means something different to each of us.

This is why I provided the opportunity for moms to submit a photo on the FYM Facebook Page that best represented what being strong mean to them along with a few words sharing how strength has positively impacted their lives.

Here is the compilation of all the “I am a Mom & I am Strong” entries. My hopes are that these featured stories not only provide motivation and inspiration, but also help to open women’s eyes to the potential they have when goals are focused around improving strength.

How To Sculpt Your Body For Busy Moms

210191507578237978 bmgYKA00 c How To Sculpt Your Body For Busy Moms

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”

Take The Leap…Build Your Wings

The theme of the latest Fit Yummy Mummy 10 week transformation challenge centered around stepping and even leaping out of your comfort zone for this is where true and lasting change takes place.

The ability to step and even take a LEAP is what allows you to develop the confidence & Strength to MOVE forward – despite the discomfort – to create amazing changes.

Over 260 women took part in a series of thoughtfully plotted weekly assignments, prompting them to take a RISK and experience the Results of testing your self-imposed limits.

One of the BIGGEST tasks – NO SCALE. For 10 weeks, they learned how to identify and embrace an entirely NEW way of measuring results and achievements.

As you will soon see ~ this step outside of the comfort zone paid off big time!

Here is a snapshot of just a fraction of some of the Amazing Changes the Fit Yummy Mummy’s experienced.

Denise Melted 10 Inches Off Mommy Belly

Collages8 Denise Melted 10 Inches Off Mommy Belly

It is hard for me to describe the amazing changes in my life in the past 10 months.  I have dedicated myself to a new way of thinking about food, a new way of thinking about exercise and a new way of thinking about my body. 

Since the end of 2011, I have lost over 30 pounds of fat and more than 20 total inches!! 

Anniversary Blog Contest Winners


Last week to help kick off the 5 Year Anniversary Celebration for Fit Yummy Mummy, I invited you to please take a moment to reflect and share…What does FYM mean to You ~ How FYM has helped You?

what%20fym%20means%20to%20me Anniversary Blog Contest Winners

Thank you again to everyone who has supported and helped to celebrate FYM!

With over 100 comments and testimonials shared on Facebook and the blog, I was deeply touched to read each abd every one – feeling so blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing women!

Five Winners were Selected to receive the following Prizes.

How Stephanie Earned Her Body Rockin’ Results

steph%201 How Stephanie Earned Her Body Rockin Results

I found Fit Yummy Mummy in the middle of the night during a moment of desperation. 

I was 8 weeks postpartum with my 4th and final child and had been given clearance to resume normal activity. I was surfing the net while nursing and came across what seemed like a “too good to be true” add for the Deluxe Pack Busy Mom Workouts.

It was late.
I was tired.
I didn’t want to be in the shape I was any longer.

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