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5 ‘Get Back On Track’ Tips

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How A Busy Mom Gets Back On Track

I admit…I’ve had quite a time getting back on track and making progress on the goals I set out to achieve at the start of the New Year. With Spring just around the corner there is no better time than now for renewal and fresh starts.

Over the past several weeks my knack for procrastinating has impacted my productivity. Several important tasks have piled up to the point where I was feeling completely overwhelmed and just unsure of what I should do to get out from under this.

I am seeing this trend extends to the busy moms who set health and fitness goals at the start of the year and for one reason or another, life got in the way and progress on their goals was put aside.

I spent some time reflecting on the why’s and what’s and simply decided that enough is enough. I then outlined the steps that must be taken to pick myself back up and keep moving forward.

While my struggles center around personal and business goals, the one aspect I did not let go of was taking care of my body. I have not missed a scheduled workout and have even added yoga into my weekly routine. I have also made an effort to stick to supportive eating at least 80% of the time. Without this level of self care, I can only imagine how much more of a negative impact the other factors would have had on me.

I’d like to share the tips I have found to be helpful to me in hopes that those who may have let their health and fitness goals go to the wayside will be use them in an effort to get back up, on track and moving forward again.

Here are my top 5 “Get Back On Track” tips.


Tip #1 ~ Just Start

Sounds simple, right?
But for many who may share similar feelings the worry of – what, when, how – can take over. This is not a comfortable feeling, but I promise if you push through it and choose just one action step to take, no matter how big or how small, it is what is necessary in moving you forward.

For example, I am writing this blog post to share with you today.
It’s taken me quite a while for I fell out of my routine of writing – and after weeks of putting off writing thinking how can I recover and catch up and rebuild the trust from my readers…I simply decided to write something – anything – just be brave – get it out there – be myself.

Not sure why I felt the need for the timing to be perfect or the topic to be “hot”.
What matters most is that I follow through with a goal I set to create and keep a current blog.

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Tip #2 ~ Forgive

This one also takes some courage.

It’s way too easy to beat yourself up and mull over the shoulda’s and couldas’ but honestly – where does that get you? I will tell you – only deeper into that hole.

Guess what…you are only human. We will make many mistakes along the way. When you stumble or even if you fall – pick yourself up – dust yourself off and tell yourself “It’s Okay”. Take a moment to see what lesson was provided by this stumble and use it as a stepping stone to help you move on.

Tip #3 ~ Recognize Progress

2013 started off strong!
Lots of motivation and action taking with the hopes and dreams of creating the best year yet. It’s easy to forget the progress that was initially made when you get so caught up in what you have not been doing or deadlines that will be missed.

Goals need deadlines – otherwise they remain dreams.

If a deadline was set and you did not reach that particular goal, rather then fall into the negativity of why, reset the deadline and come up with a more proactive set of action steps.

I have actually had to move a couple of my business deadlines and at first was quite bummed about this – not only because I felt I did not give my best, but I also did not want to let others down. Rather than get hung up on what did not get done – I needed to take a step back and see everything that WAS achieved and use this as motivation to keep chipping away.

Since the start of 2013 I have launched several new Fit Yummy Mummy products – from the Metabolic Meltdown for Moms DVDs and The Busy Mom Band Workout Videos to filming fresh new fat loss workouts for ClubFYM each month in addition to filming upcoming resources such as FYM in a Gym and Metabolic Mobility. In just 3 short months a LOT has been accomplished!

Progress has been made all along.

As busy moms, we should get into the habit of recognizing our accomplishments for we can use them as motivation.

As you complete something important to you, use that positive feeling as an inspiration to achieve even more!


Tip #4 ~ Focus on Solutions

I know I have struggled with this one likely due to the fact that emotions have such an influence over the thought process. When something goes wrong or is astray, focusing on the problem only allows negative thoughts to overwhelm you. I am so thankful for my husband for he has been a huge help in this area. I am getting better at refocusing on what needs to happen rather than the “oh no- why is this happening – why me” victim mentality.

Focusing on the problem simply does not help matters and instead wastes time and energy – leaving you exhausted and filled with worry. Plus the problem will not go away.

Instead try focusing on possible solutions and you actively engage your mind to resolve the matter.

When you have enough energy to focus on what you can do next to get more of what you want, focus on that. Every thought that moves you in the direction of positive energy is a winner.

Try this…
“This is where I am ________. This is what I want _________. What’s the next thing I can do to get it?”


Tip #5 ~ Take it One Day at a Time

How do you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time.

This tip goes along with “just start”.

The progress you make is an accumulation of the small steps taken each and every day. What you do with consistency matters more than what you do once in a while.

As a busy mom I understand how easy it is to overwhelm yourself with everything that MUST get done in a day. Fact of the matter is that there will Always be more to do. What helps most is deciding on 1-3 action steps you can take each day that align with your goals and allow forward movement to be made – no matter how big or small that action step – its still a step in the right direction.

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What helps you get back on track?

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Your Friend and Coach,

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Post Baby Body: My 6 Month Results

before%2Band%2B6%2Bmonths%2Bpost Post Baby Body: My 6 Month Results

Post Baby Body Fat Loss Update!

I’m excited to share that just about 6 months after having Baby Alexander, I reached my pre-baby weight!

The photo above is a quick snap shot of me just before he was born – I was 38 weeks in this one.

The following photos show Day 6 postpartum side by side with my 6 Month Post Baby Body “After” photos.

Buff Body With Baby

dani%2B4 Buff Body With Baby

Post pregnancy weight loss Summer Transformation Challenge Winner Dani Stevens is at it again! Not only has she shared in her post pregnancy weight loss success twice now….she is about to do it again!

“Well this summer was all about celebrating my new bikini “WOW BODY”, instead I was strutting myself (in the same bikini as my Zoolander pose pictures mind you)……bloated!!!

See my post baby body transformation here > “Buff Body After Baby“.

Why has my WOW body gone???

dani%2Bbikini Buff Body With Baby

Because it’s getting ready to be a MOM body again!

Getting My Body Back Faster Than Ever!

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Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Results: 3 Week Update


Sharing a quick update on the post pregnancy progress I have been making.

This time around, getting my body back is happening faster than I could have imagined!

The photo above is of Baby Alexander and Me after our walk – he is 2 weeks old in this photo – so 14 days post pregnancy and I am excited to report that my body is already bouncing back!

We Welcome With Love…Baby Alexander

alex+bundle+2 We Welcome With Love...Baby Alexander


Twinkle Twinkle little star


what a joyous miracle you are…



Tyler is happy to announce the birth of his baby brother…



Alexander Matthew Rigsby


ty+and+baby+brother+1 We Welcome With Love...Baby Alexander


Born Friday, October 15th at 9:08 pm EST

6lbs. 14.8 oz and 19.5 inches long

Pregnancy Push Ups


“Holly ~ Can you do push ups while you are pregnant?”

~ Absolutely!

3 Favorite Pregnancy AB Exercises


Here are 3 of my favorite “pregnancy ab exercises” that are not only safe to perform during your 2nd and 3rd trimester but are also super beneficial during labor and deliver and of course helping you to bounce back during postpartum recovery.

Don’t Make These Ab Exercise Mistakes

It is very important to have a strong core prior to and throughout your pregnancy. However, the traditional ab exercises we are used to doing can end up causing more harm than good.

7 Fit Yummy Mummy Reasons Why September Rocks

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This is quite an exciting month! I outlined seven Fit Yummy Mummy reasons why below!

Fit And Pregnant At 6 Months Plus Some Fit Tips

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I posted some updated photos on the Fit Yummy Mummy Facebook Fan Page yesterday as I am now officially in the 3rd trimester at 28 Weeks. And I’m very happy that I am fit and pregnant at 6 months.

An exciting milestone for us!

I received a ton of questions after in regards to “what are you doing?”

So I made a 5 minute video update to fill you in

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