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Pomegranate Winter Salad Recipe

winter pom salad pic Pomegranate Winter Salad Recipe

Brighten up your favorite salads this winter with Pomegranate!

I absolutely love the visual presentation of this winter  salad recipe as the goat cheese resembles fallen snow, and is complimented by the crisp greens and ruby red pomegranate jewels – not to mention it is literally bursting with flavor!

Best Pumpkin Recipes for Fall

Our Favorite Pumpkin Recipes

Enjoy some of our favorite pumpkin recipes


Sweet & Satisfying Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Recipe


Pumpkin Pie is a holiday favorite but eating too much can hinder your holiday fat loss efforts.

Here’s a fun way to enjoy this delicious fall flavor and stay on track ~ make it into a smoothie!


Chocolate Protein Pancakes Recipe

chocolate protein pancakes Chocolate Protein Pancakes Recipe

It was the first week back to school and to help our mornings go more smoothly I did some bulk cooking. One of the easiest and most nutritious breakfast foods…protein pancakes. Especially delightful for the boys when they are chocolate ones!

Here is the recipe I used…

Cookie Craving Smoothie Recipe

cookie smoothie main Cookie Craving Smoothie Recipe

Crave Cookies?

Give this sweet smoothie a try and stay on track with your fat loss goals.

Sweet Beet & Berry Slimming Smoothie

sweet beet smoothie Sweet Beet & Berry Slimming Smoothie

Blend Beets & Berries for a Sweet & Slimming Smoothie

Testing this out at the time I made the video. I was intrigued by the idea of adding beets to a smoothie so I experimented with what I thought would be a tasty combination.

Lean Lion Smoothie Recipe

lean lion smoothie Lean Lion Smoothie Recipe

Alexander Approved Smoothie Recipe

Smoothies are a staple in the Rigsby household.

The hot days of summer has everyone turning to a refreshing smoothie for a quick snack or meal on the go. I tend to experiment and come up with new combinations for the boys to test out.

While Tyler is open to anything and has always been a good eater, Alexander is quite the opposite – a very picky eater. When I make smoothies he is all about the plain vanilla or chocolate.

This morning in preparation of the Summer Smoothie recipes that I will be posting this weekend, Alexander came into the kitchen and requested a smoothie.

Natural Vitamin Water

16584 10151591367188477 420300546 n Natural Vitamin Water

Quench Your Thirst With Infused Waters

Add some flavor and zest to your daily water intake with infused waters!

These are the real deal when it comes to Vitamin Water for it’s all natural and YOU get to choose your ingredients. The perk is that in creating your infused water concoction, the jars and pitchers of water are beautiful and make fabulous center pieces as well!

My go to recipe has been sliced cucumber and mint leaves. I recently came across a recipe for cucumber, blueberries and lime ~ so Yummy! Also piqued my interest in expanding my infused water options.

Since my boys are water drinkers, they have enjoyed the added fun and unique flavors this summer – which is only expanding their palates – gotta love it!

Chocolate Raspberry Protein Pancakes

chocolate protein pancakes 1024x768 Chocolate Raspberry Protein Pancakes

Chocolate Raspberry Protein Pancakes


Protein pancakes are a delicious and healthy way to add variety, as they can be customized to use any berry or flavor combination imaginable (like crepes, pancakes can be savory).

While the recipe I typically use is posted below, the recipe for making protein pancakes is super flexible, giving you dozens of options.

Here are 4 tips to keep in mind when whipping up your favorite protein pancakes.

Cuties Are The Perfect ‘Pep Me Up’ snack

221708 10151396972678477 408857903 n Cuties Are The Perfect Pep Me Up snack
Pep Me Up Snack

There’s nothing like the refreshing scent of citrus to awaken the senses. It’s sunny, refreshing and energizing and because of its familiarity, also comforting and relaxing.

Weekend Warrior Workout Challenge

526844 10151388990978477 1503055987 n Weekend Warrior Workout Challenge

Weekend Warrior Workout Challenge for Busy Moms

Perform this weekend warrior challenge as a circuit – do 10 reps of all 4 exercises in a row repeating for 20 total minutes. How many rounds can you complete while maintaining good form?

1. Goblet Squat
Be sure to go nice and low on this, elbows between knees

2. Single Leg Row
Balance on one leg holding bands or cable. Alternate legs each round.

3. Push Ups
If you cannot do full floor push ups, do them at an incline so that way you are still targeting your core.

4. Hanging Leg Raise
I like to keep my legs straight at the start, but if I start to putter out, will just draw knees up to chest. If you are unable to “hang” you could modify and perform leg raises while lying on a mat.


Be sure to follow your workout challenge with a good post workout shake
- I love Prograde Workout – along with a good total body stretch!

 Weekend Warrior Workout Challenge


How did you do?

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