3 Interval Training Tweaks


How to Get The MOST out of your Interval Training Workouts

Try out these 3 Tweaks  to INCREASE the results from your Interval training Workouts!

1. Up the Intensity 

Be sure you are Working Hard Enough During the “ON”  or Work Period

As a result of working too hard in the recovery portion, most people don’t work hard enough during the work period. However, it is that hard, intense work that causes the body to change. So make sure you are doing QUALITY training.

2. Truly Recover

Be sure you are Actively Resting During the “OFF” or Recovery Period

It’s called a “recovery” period for a reason! So don’t worry about “keeping your heart rate up” or trying to “GET THE MOST” out of this recovery movement. Interval training is NOT cardio. It is a totally different method of training. So give up the cardio mindset and get to love your recovery – it’s my favorite part of the workout.

3. All The Right Moves

Be sure To Change It Up The RIGHT Way

It’s amazing that most never change their interval training workouts. Sure, we like what we know….but to get the best fat burning effect, you should be using a variety of work-to-rest interval durations AND a variety of training methods. Also, be sure to keep track of your results so you discover what works best for you.

Interval training turns up the results when it comes to avoiding holiday weight gain. Body weight intervals are super effective –  you can do them anywhere and especially when you don’t have much time to workout (like over the busy holidays)!

And you need to do it right.

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Intervals For More Cardio Fat Burn


Watch This Video On How To Do Intervals for MORE Fat Burn

If you’ve wondered what makes Interval Training so effective when it comes to fat loss….check out my top cardio tricks to turn up the fat and calorie burn during your cardio workouts – and how to CUT your CARDIO Time in HALF (if not more).

Interval Training is a more effective form of cardio for it helps you burning a higher amounts of fat and calories during and long after your workout.

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How To Do Intervals For MORE Fat Burn



How To Do Intervals for Fat Burn

If you’ve wondered what makes Interval Training so effective when it comes to fat loss….check out my video on my cardio tricks to turn up the fat burn.

Interval Training is effective at burning a higher amount of fat during and long after your workout because of the INTENSITY of this workout.

One of the Biggest Mistakes I see is DURATION

Did you know …. The LONGER your Cardio Session, the more ineffective it becomes at burning fat ~ especially belly fat.

Not only do long bouts of cardio prevent you from achieving fast fat loss, these sessions actually slow your metabolism and cause your body to store more fat – not to mention significantly increase you appetite and set you up to overeat.

The solution …

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Intervals Training DVD Contest Winners

Last week I invited you to tell me why the newest FitYummyMummy fat loss resource – Intervals for Moms DVD Kit is the perfect resource to help you at this point in your fat loss transformation journey.

I’d like to give a  BIG Thank You to the 140+  women who took the time to leave a thoughtful reply. You have all shared such compelling reasons as to why an Intervals DVD Kit will make the difference to your body shaping results. So instead of just 5 winners – I have extended this offer to 7 lucky winners!

Now to Announce the 7 Winners!

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Interval Training For Moms Coaching Session

Interval Training For Moms Coaching.

To kick off this Q and A session – have to 1st address the most important question….

Q: What are Intervals?

In order to properly perform Intervals as well as get the best possible fat loss results – you must understand what Intervals are.

Intervals are simply a more effective type of  cardio.


Yes – absolutely cardio is an important component of your Fat Loss Plan – however, it is NOT the end all be all of your fat loss results….NOR does it need to take up any more than an hour of your week.

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