Buff Body With Baby

dani%2B4 Buff Body With Baby

Post pregnancy weight loss Summer Transformation Challenge Winner Dani Stevens is at it again! Not only has she shared in her post pregnancy weight loss success twice now….she is about to do it again!

“Well this summer was all about celebrating my new bikini “WOW BODY”, instead I was strutting myself (in the same bikini as my Zoolander pose pictures mind you)……bloated!!!

See my post baby body transformation here > “Buff Body After Baby“.

Why has my WOW body gone???

dani%2Bbikini Buff Body With Baby

Because it’s getting ready to be a MOM body again!

I am officially 13 weeks pregnant and have been dying to tell you all sooner but I am from a European background where you don’t mention anything until it is for certain everything will be okay.

In fact you are not allowed to buy ANYTHING for the baby before s/he arrives as it’s considered “bad luck”. Go figure? Besides most of you may know that we have had the entire month of January in holiday mode, so we have been jet setting here, there and everywhere hence my lack of FYM support and staying in touch.

So NOW you know the real reason why I didn’t register for our recent NYTC (even though the maintenance mode challenge still applies to me). I want you to know that I am with you all the way to encourage and motivate you throughout this challenge. I also hope to get support from all you sensational FYM’s as I travel back to my Mommy body. Fingers crossed I don’t gain those dreaded 25kgs (55lb) as my previous 3 pregnancies did ~ they were not FYM friendly. I just ate and didn’t move. So I hope to change all this and need all your help and support these next 6 months!!!!

I’ll see you in my new pregnancy journal which I’ll create ASAP eg: “Dani from Down Under ~ having baby no. 4!!!” and share with you my journey these last several weeks.

Here’s just a glimpse;

All I can say is WOW!!! Like WOWZA!!! I always stirred my husband that I wanted 4 kids but didn’t really think it would come to fruition. Only because he didn’t want a “people mover” van vehicle…. amongst other things!! icon wink Buff Body With Baby What was I do to?

Well my husband was pleasantly surprised and here is what I did to share the news with him Monday 13th December 2010;

Wrapped the pregnancy test kit box in Christmas paper and tied it with a luscious red bow…

…to be continued..

I just wanted to share my news quickly whilst on holidays and I can’t wait to be back in early February. For now here’s a big high 5 to each and everyone of you. Go hard with the NYTC!!!!”

 Buff Body With Baby

A family photo of us on holidays

Love & friendship

Dani from Down Under xx

~ Age 36, Mom of Three (Noah 5, Oscar 2 1/2 and Mietta 12 months) Australia


“I can’t believe I was 6 weeks pregnant when I finished the Fall Transformation Challenge and did the bikini photo!!!?? What a coincidence? I was also 6 weeks pregnant with Mietta in the one you featured me back in Feb 09′!!! and now again with this little munchkin!!! My photographer friend did make a comment when I told him I was pregnant….he said that this FYM lifestyle must be making me very fertile!!!! Ha! Ha!”

Congratulations Dani!

This is exciting news! How wonderful to kick off your pregnancy experience by achieving your best body yet! I look forward to sharing in your Fit Pregnancy Journey!

Follow Dani’s Fit Pregnancy Journey or get some support for your post pregnancy weight loss goals – Join us at ClubFYM.com to get your Buff Body With Baby!

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32 thoughts on “Buff Body With Baby

  1. CONGRATULATIONS DANI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am soooo happy for you. Number 4 WOW you are a champ in my eyes. You started this pregnancy with the best body ever and with your level of commitment and enthusiasm you have nothing to worry about. Enjoy every moment with your beautiful family. Miss you in this challenge. xo

  2. What an inspiration you are…good luck to you…a healthy and smooth pregnancy and in reaching your goals afterwards!

  3. Wow Dani! I am sooo happy for you! That is wonderful news! Congratulations! You still look great! I think pregnant bodies are amazing… to stretch and shrink again (which I have NO DOUBT you will do) is a miracle. :)

  4. Congratulations Dani!!! What wonderful news!
    And with the consistency and knowledge you’ve demonstrated
    in the last year, I’m sure this pregnancy will be a fit one
    and you will be back to your photo shoots soon thereafter :)

  5. Congratulations Dani!!!

    You look amazing and you will have all kinds of support to help keep you on track during this pregnancy… I’m sure you will demonstrate to all of us how it should be done, just as you have with the past 2 transformation challenges!

    Love the picture of the family! Enjoy the rest of your vacation and thanks for sharing your wonderful news with us! How exciting!

  6. Praise God, Dani! How incredible! Another amazing photo shoot at 6 weeks to share with your little one. This will be an incredible pregnancy for you, you know how to be healthy, you started super healthy and will continue to nuture that little blessing with great food and just the right amount of exercise! Can’t wait to experience this pregnancy with you!

    Love you!

  7. WWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How could I imagine you were planning the fourth!!!!???

    You’ re wonderful, lady!!!!! :-)

  8. Aaha!! A huge Congratulations to you and Adrian!!!!! So happy for you both! Can’t wait to see you do an awesome job of being a fit Yummy Pregnant Mummy!!

  9. Dani, so excited for you! Looking forward to you being back in the forums and for your little peanut to be as healthy as his/her mommy!

  10. Congratulations Dani!! What exciting news!!! I’m looking forward to following along with your pregnancy! I’m wishing you a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy!!

  11. Dani, congrats!!!! That is so awesome!!!! I have two children – a teen and a tween and my only regret is that I didn’t have one or two more!

  12. OMG, Dani!! I am SO super happy for you! You will be a wonderful FY’pregnant’M! I look forward to following your new journey! Congratulations to you and Adrian! HUGS!

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