How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

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Think Eating Healthy is TOO Expensive?

Yummy mummy, think again…

Fall Transformation Challenge Winner Angela Coffman is here to share her tips and strategies on how to eat healthy when you are on a tight budget.

I turned to Angela for she is the creator of where she blogs to teach families how to eat healthy on a budget.  Angela knows her stuff for she has a family of 8 yet manages to stick to a $400 monthly grocery budget.

I’ll turn it over to Angela….

How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

“Holly and I were visiting one day about how many emails she gets from women who wish they could join Fit Yummy Mummy, but don’t believe they have the money to eat healthy foods.  One mother said, “We have a pizza and spaghetti budget.”

This is so sad, because eating healthy foods doesn’t have to cost more!  In fact, it can cost less.  For example, potato chips are $3.99 lb, but a bag of organic baby carrots can be purchased at Costco for $1.10 a lb.  They are both grab and go snacks, but baby carrots are more affordable and will support your Fit Yummy Mummy goals.

basket of vegetables How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

Attention fit yummy mummy: if your family is used to eating pizza and spaghetti you can still work with that.

Pizza made at home with 100% whole grain crust and veggie toppings can become a healthy meal choice and is more affordable than buying frozen or deli take and bake pizzas.

Even spaghetti can become a super supportive food when marinara sauce is paired with ground turkey and poured over spaghetti squash or brown rice pasta instead of white flour noodles.

With Fit Yummy Mummy, Holly recommends eating 5-6 small meals a day with protein and produce at each meal.

This is why I’m basing this sample budget on 10-4oz servings of produce and 6-4oz servings of protein a day.

In addition you may want to add some servings of whole grains such as brown rice or quinoa which are just a few cents a serving. You can buy produce for a range of $.13-$.65 a serving and protein for a range of $.17-$1.00 a serving.

This comes out to $2.32-$12.50 a day for every Fit Yummy Mummy.  Take that Fast Food Chains!

All of these prices were spotted this week at Costco, Aldi, or a local grocery store, but occasionally go on sale for even less.  When you spot low prices, stock up!  Then you’ll never have to pay full price again.


Produce examples


Fresh Jonagold Apples $5.99 for 12.           $.50 a serving

6 Romaine Lettuce Hearts $3.79.                 $.32 a serving

Mini bell peppers $3.99 for 2 lbs                 $.50 a serving

Organic Baby Carrots $5.49 for 5 lbs           $.27 a serving

Fresh Broccoli Florets 3 lbs for $4.79          $.40 a serving

Organic Frozen Broccoli 4 lbs for 5.99         $.37 a serving

Frozen whole strawberries $8.99 for 6 lbs   $.37 a serving

Frozen wild blueberries $9.99 for 4 lbs        $.62 a serving

Organic frozen green beans 6.49 for 5 lbs     $.32 a serving

Normandy Veggies $6.49 for 5.5 lbs            $.30 a serving

Frozen Stir Fry Veggies 6.99 for 5 lbs          $.34 a serving



Fresh button mushrooms $1.29 for 8 oz        $.65 a serving

Tangerines 3 lbs for $1                                   $.16 a serving

Black Grapes  2 lbs for $1.59                         $.19 a serving

Onions 3 lbs for $1                                         $.16 a serving

Bananas $.50 lb                                               $.13 a serving

Best Choice
frozen veggies on sale $.59 lb     $.15 a serving


Protein Examples

Canned tuna in water $.59 a can                                             $.59 a serving

Eggs $1.29 a dozen (6 servings)                                              $.21 a serving

Frozen boneless Chicken Breasts $2.00 a lb                          $.50 a serving

Almonds $9.99 for 10 lbs (Costco)                                        $.22 a serving

Turkey Burgers $9.99 for 12 frozen patties (Costco)                        $.83 a serving

Dry Beans $1.99 a lb                                                              $.17 a serving

Salmon filets $3.99 a lb (Aldi) frozen                         $1.00 a serving

Frozen Raw shrimp $3.99 a lb (Aldi)                                     $1.00 a serving

Ground Turkey $2.29 a lb (fresh Costco)                              $.57 a serving

Greek Yogurt (Kirkland brand Costco) $4.99 for 8 cups       $.62 a serving

Almond Butter (Maranatha brand) $5.89 for 26 oz               $.22 a serving


If you have a pantry filled with these healthy, low-cost foods, you can create a huge variety of meals in the form of stir-fries, soups, salads, smoothies, omelets, and wraps. It’s really not difficult to discover how to eat healthy on a budget.


Sprouts GS How To Eat Healthy On A Budget


There are other ways to get the Fit Yummy Mummy grocery budget even lower.  You can *culture your own Greek Yogurt at home in your slow cooker.  Or *grow your own sprouts* in a tea towel and colander.

I’m currently sprouting my own wheat berries ($.50 a lb) and will dry and grind them for sprouted grain tortillas and pita breads.  When spring comes around you’ll find me planting my own organic produce in my yard to cut the bills even further.  The dread that comes with thinking about doing the work is harder than the actual work, but for those who can’t or don’t want to grow your own foods, there are lots of savvy shopping choices for you that still make the Fit Yummy Lifestyle an affordable option.

I’m not blind to  the tempting choices that can blow my grocery budget.

Fresh strawberries or blueberries call to me, but won’t show up in my fridge until spring when their prices fall again.  But the affordable frozen alternatives make fantastic smoothies and since they were frozen quickly out of the field often contain more vitamins and minerals than “fresh” produce that has been on the shelf for a few days.

The $12.99 lb fresh tuna steaks aren’t in my menu plan either, but I have so many other affordable alternatives, there’s no reason to feel deprived.  Many of my students at the Grocery Shrink are also Fit Yummy Mummy members.  We’re proving every day that it’s possible to be fit and budget savvy at the same time.”

~ Angela Coffman

Thanks for mapping it all out for us Angela and helping to show moms how eat healthy on a budget, achieve your fat loss and fitness goals even when you are on a tight budget.

Be sure to check out Angela’s website – for additional ways to save!


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2 Responses to “How To Eat Healthy On A Budget”

  1. Jana says:

    Love it! I started using my slow cooker, and a pork roast for $10, a bag of ready-to-cook small potatoes for a few bucks and a bag of organic carrots for $2-3 provides at least 2 dinners and 2 lunches for my familiy of 3. And that’s only using half of the potatoes and carrots! Talk about good food that’s affordable!

  2. Helen says:

    While I agree that you can eat healthy on a budget, the prices given are not universal. I live on Guam, a U.S. territory in the Western Pacific. I would guess that 98 percent of our food is shipped in by boat and plane, so consumers on the island get hit with “shipping” fees incorporated into food prices. Few things are truly fresh.

    Although we have a 12-month growing season, we also have a 12-month pest season; the few farmers we have must resort to some type of pest control to get any yield at all.

    Eating vegetarian, organic and healthy here is a major challenge to a budget, especially with a large family (I have 9 kids, although only five are home at the moment).

    For some of us, this type of eating requires a big commitment and the willingness to spend even more on food than we usually do.

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