Blue Cheese Crusted Cowboy Ribeye

Blue Cheese Steak

This is what I had for my Anniversary Dinner!

Yep – a Cowboy Ribeye is Huge and OH so Delicious!

Patrick and I were finally able to carve out an evening to go out and celebrate our 7 year anniversary (which was August 12th) at Ruth’s Chris Steak House here in Louisville.

Yes this was a planned indulgence – or what others may call a cheat meal – so I had no intentions of restricting what I love to eat… and yes Steak is one of my favorites!

Eating the foods that make your knees weak, your heart pound or your mouth water is absolutely encouraged when following a sound fat loss plan.

Because I choose to eat supportive meals about 75% of the time, I can eat divine meals such as this without guilt or worry.

And can top it off with a delish dessert plate…

our anniversary dessert

Cheesecake, Raspberry Sorbet and Pecan Chocolate Bark – YUM!

While I requested a doggy bag for the other items served with dinner…this plate was just about licked clean!

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Metabolic Cooking System

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Yes – it was an amazing anniversary night!

 7 years


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One thought on “Blue Cheese Crusted Cowboy Ribeye

  1. This is great! It’s so important to be able to splurge once in a while – diets that are too strict never work out! Thanks for sharing – looks like you guys had a great time! :)

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