3 Tips To Lose The Muffin Top

1 4 weeks muffin top 3 Tips To Lose The Muffin Top
Looking to Lose the Muffin Top?

The Muffin Top is one of the biggest areas of concerns for Moms.

The photo above is really me, 4 weeks post baby. While I was able to “lose the baby weight” within the first 3 months after having Alexander, in order to continue to lose fat in the belly area required continued and focused effort.

So what does it take to lose the Muffin Top?

Not what many Moms initially think….you cannot shrink your muffin top with all the creative crunches or ab routines around. In fact, the best metabolism boosting workouts will not even melt your away the fat on your belly. Yes following an effective workout plan is most beneficial, but working out alone is not the recipe for great abs.

Maybe you have heard this quote… “Abs are Made in the Kitchen”.

Yep! What and how you eat has everything  to do with the look and feel of your mommy belly. If you are ready to melt away the muffin top and reveal a flat tummy, then you must begin by taking an honest look at your eating habits.

Based on the great discussions shared on the Fit Yummy Mummy Facebook Page, it is great to see how many Moms are finally “getting it” and are beginning their mommy belly makeover by focusing on eating habits.

It’s just that so many moms struggle with the “diet” aspect.

And I say “DIET” in quotes – for the best results do NOT come from the latest fad that requires the restriction of calories. Starvation diets are a quick fix that many attempt to implement in the hopes that the belly fat will drop faster. Truth of the matter is eating less actually causes your body to hold ON to fat – especially the fat in your lower belly.

Great flat tummy results come from EATING ENOUGH of the RIGHT Foods – and doing it in a way that allows you to CONTINUE to keep up these eating habits…for this is a matter of Getting Flat Tummy Results and KEEPING these results – Right? So the changes made are a matter of making a Lifestyle Change.

(another reason why fad diets fail you – they are impossible and even dangerous to follow for life)

What are the RIGHT foods?
Whole, natural foods.
Avoid Processed Foods – Fake Diet Foods – Foods loaded with sugars and/or artificial sweeteners.
Your meals should focus on Protein, Produce and Healthy Fats.

One trick I teach the Fit Yummy Mummy’s is to practice the Power of 10, with the goal being to eat about 10 servings of produce (fruits & veggies) a day.

Making the change to eat more produce can initially feel challenging – but it is a change that can be made – as I explain to a Facebook Fan below.

“I would like to lose my belly fat but the hardest part for me is the diet. I can definitely stay away from fast food but I dont eat vegetables… Im just struggling with the diet part. Please help!”


Here’s a 3 step starting point for Making Changes to Melt The Mommy Belly

1. Make a list of all the reasons why you want to change.

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While it’s easy to say you want to lose the belly fat, it’s another to actually follow through. Motivation to make daily change can be a struggle unless you have your REASONS why out in front of you to remind you and keep you focused.

Be thoughtful when making this list of Reasons. It’s more than… “so my jeans fit”. Keep asking WHY – why is it so important to fit back into your skinny jeans, to be able to wear T-shirts and tank tops?

2. Take a Before Photo
Post it where you see it every day – right next to all the reasons why you want to change.

Angela C results 3 Tips To Lose The Muffin Top

Yes – this will likely be a painful experience – but this is a good thing. Without a connection to this emotion, it is too easy to slip back into old habits and conveniently forget why you wanted to change your body.

3. Keep a food log
Because you know the majority of your results come from your eating habits.
Write down what you eat for a good 2 weeks.


This helps you identify your current eating habits so you can begin to make small changes – yes, small changes – like trading out that overly processed bowl of cereal for 2 eggs and a cup of blueberries. The little tweaks you make DAILY are what ADD UP to the most Significant Muffin Top Melting Results.

A food log is THE TOOL to help you do this – for….

1. You cannot change what you do not acknowledge
2. You have a record of what WORKS (keep doing it) and what is Working Against You (avoid it)

Make it fun
use a camera or your smart phone to take photos of every meal you eat.


This 3 Step Starting Point will not only help JUMP Start your Muffin Top Melting results, but will also make the changes you are about to take on DOABLE.

The biggest reason Moms give up on Any plan designed to create flat tummy results is due to Overwhelm. My goal for you – Keep it Simple. Stay focused and take Daily Action!


Ready to Melt You Muffin Top?

What Strategies have YOU Tried Out?

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4 Responses to “3 Tips To Lose The Muffin Top”

  1. Sandra says:

    I am a long distance runner and need to continue as part of my training when i run races. In reading your articles, is this preventing me from losing the belly fat since I’m spending hours doing cardio exercise?

  2. Maureen says:

    Thanks! I really needed this. And, just reading it made (while I ate lunch) made me realize that my main meals are very healthy…it’s my little nibbles that add up each day!

  3. JRo says:

    When will your pregnancy workout videos come out? I’m preggers again and NOT wanting to lose muscle nor gain too much extra weight! Thanks!

  4. Jewel says:

    I absolutely love this article. I keep telling my mommys that abs really does begin in the kitchen. I love this thanks for sharing:)

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