3 Summer Watermelon Recipes

DSC 04872 3 Summer Watermelon Recipes

PinExt 3 Summer Watermelon Recipes

3 Ways to LOVE Watermelon

Memorial Day Weekend kicks off the unofficial start of Summer!

We spent this holiday weekend taking part in many fun summer events from a trip to King’s Island to a red hot Cincinnati Reds baseball game. The celebration also included firing up the grill and cooking up some tasty foods for a fun cookout experience.

In my home, I am the grill master.
Since I have been known to be a bit of a fire starter in the kitchen, it is much safer for me to cook outdoors.

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How To Miss A Childhood

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How Distracted Are You?

Today’s post is to highlight one of the most powerful reads I have come across in some time.

One afternoon while Alexander was napping, I was “working”, spending time online, searching through various Mommy Blogs and articles to help inspire and generate new topics to write about for Fit Yummy Mummy. As I browsed, I came across a headline that caught my eye.

How To Miss A Childhood
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Kettlbells For Moms VIDEO Crash Course

KB Pose Kettlbells For Moms VIDEO Crash Course

Busy Mom’s Crash Course VIDEO Guide to Kettlebell Training

You are excited to begin using the Kettlebell as your new busy mom fat loss tool – but before you jump in, I want to outline four important tips to help you start off safely as well outline what you can do NOW to get the most out of your kettlebell workouts.

This is a series of Videos created when the Kettlebells for Busy Moms was first released in January of 2012. If you have QUESTIONS about KETTLEBELLS then this is the place to begin.

Getting Started With Kettlebells
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