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3 Tips To Lose The Muffin Top

1 4 weeks muffin top 3 Tips To Lose The Muffin Top
Looking to Lose the Muffin Top?

The Muffin Top is one of the biggest areas of concerns for Moms.

The photo above is really me, 4 weeks post baby. While I was able to “lose the baby weight” within the first 3 months after having Alexander, in order to continue to lose fat in the belly area required continued and focused effort.

So what does it take to lose the Muffin Top?

Not what many Moms initially think….you cannot shrink your muffin top with all the creative crunches or ab routines around. In fact, the best metabolism boosting workouts will not even melt your away the fat on your belly.

Almond Joy Smoothie

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Almond Joy Smoothie Recipe

Satisfy your sweet tooth and stay on track with your fat loss efforts when you have a delicious smoothie that is as simple as this to whip up – plus is just 200 calories!


1 Cup Ice
1 Cup Almond-Coconut Blend Milk – Unsweetened! The combo of flavors is amazing without added sugar.
2 Scoops Prograde Chocolate Protein
Shredded Coconut (optional)

Add ice, milk and Prograde Chocolate Protein powder to blender – I use my Magic Bullet for the perfect portion size – blend until smooth. Sprinkle with shredded coconut and enjoy!


Coconut is an awesome source of Lauric Acid which is a healthy essential fatty acid that strengthens the immune system and studies are also showing what a boost it can give to your metabolism by improving thyroid function. Add this super food to your list – and enjoy the fat loss benefits!


Screen Shot 2011 12 18 at 4.16.04 PM Almond Joy Smoothie

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Unique Playground Workout for Moms


Have fun and burn fat at the playground  – all you need is a Swing!

One of my favorite places to workout is…Outside – especially at a playground.

A fresh setting gives me ideas for unique ways to do my fat burning Fit Yummy Mummy workouts.

This week I experimented with just using a Swing to get a total body, metabolism boosting workout in while the boys played.

Swing Fat Loss Circuit

1. Single Leg Squats
8-10 reps each leg
Great Butt Booster!

Motivation Strategies for Moms

tumblr lo8cd2A25o1qk8s5f Motivation Strategies for Moms

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Help – I Need Some Motivation!

“I need some motivation. I currently need to lose 10lbs per doctors order. I would love to lose a little bit more. I won’t lie, I seem to come up with many excuses why I can’t workout. I can use some advice…what can you tel me……thanks” ~ UnMotivated Mom

Do You Workout to Make Up?

DB lunge1 1024x680 Do You Workout to Make Up?

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Why Do You Workout?

How often do you find yourself using exercise as a form of punishment?

While it is natural to think the over-consumption of calories or one too many missed workouts can be “made up” with an extra workout or added time to your workout this approach will only hinder your results.

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But, if you view your fat loss workouts as something negative – something you have to do because you have not been “good”…this sucks all the joy out of exercise.

Yes, I did say joy.

You see if you approach your fat loss workouts with an understanding of the benefits they offer – you actually come to respect, appreciate and look forward to them.

The more you WANT to challenge your body, the more consistent you will become – which leads to amazing results.

Revisit the reason you DO exercise and focus on the benefits you DO get out of working out.

~ Increased Energy
~ Improved Mood
~ Diminished Cravings for Junk
~ Your Body Looks Better

What are your reasons?

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Make this week’s workouts a brand new experience and see what a difference your approach can make!

Need new ideas for short, body shaping workouts?

Stop by ClubFYM for the fresh new fat loss workout of the month!


Screen Shot 2012 03 01 at 12.24.05 PM Do You Workout to Make Up?

Screen Shot 2011 12 18 at 4.16.04 PM Do You Workout to Make Up?

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Are You Toned?

DSC 1241 793x1024 Are You Toned?

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So You Want a Toned Body…

A quick google search or a glance at the latest fitness magazine covers at the check out counter display headlines filled with the promise of getting Toned.


“How To Get A Toned Body for Spring”
“5 Ways to Tone Your Arms”
“20 Tricks to Get Toned Abs”
“Get Toned in 10 Minutes”

What does this mean?

In the world of weight loss and fitness the word “toned” is a controversial one.

In reality “muscle tone” refers to:

residual muscle tension or tonus. In physiology, medicine, and anatomy, it is the continuous and passive partial contraction of the muscles, or the muscle’s resistance to passive stretch during resting state.[1] It helps maintain posture, and it declines during REM sleep (

but when people trying to lose weight or improve the shape of their body use the word toned ~ typically that is NOT what they mean.


So I would like to ask YOU….

What does getting TONED mean to YOU?

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Screen Shot 2011 12 18 at 4.16.04 PM Are You Toned?

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Tight Bottom Tabata Workout

Holly%20Rigsby%20MB%20Push%20Up Tight Bottom Tabata Workout
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Turn It UP with Tabatas

Yesterday my goal for Leap Day was to do a handful of things out of the normal routine to make the most of my Extra 24 hours. So I planned out a metabolic workout that was a step outside of my comfort zone since I tend to default to my super set, strength based FYM workouts.

Perfect timing though as I received my daily StreamFit email  – and there was the perfect workout to help me step it up test my limits – and all in just 10 minutes!

Now the original title of the Tabata workout is called “Tantalizing 20-10 Total Body Tabata Med Ball Sizzler”

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