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My No Excuses Kettlebell Fat Burn Circuit

photo 61 260x300 My No Excuses Kettlebell Fat Burn Circuit
My Workout When The Gym is Closed – Kettlebell Circuit VIDEO

For the 2nd day in a row, my trip to the gym ended up as a No Go. Sunday I was an hour early as child care did not open until noon. Today – all ready to go only to arrive to a host of Fire Trucks and members evacuating the building!

Something was telling me to JUST stick to my typical At Home workout routines!

5 Fixes To Improve Your Kettlebell Swing

So You Think You Can Swing


The Kettlebell Swing is one of the most popular Kettlebell exercises and unfortunately one of the most incorrectly performed.

Apply these 5 fixes to improve your Kettlebell Swing and experience the true fat burning, body shaping benefits for Busy Moms!

Fix #1
It’s All About The Hips

4 Ways Kettlebells Melt Mommy Belly

How A Kettlebell Helped Me Lose The Mommy Belly

1. Consistency

After having Alexander, it was a bit of a challenge to get myself motivated to start working out again. The Kettlebell was motivating to me for it was just ONE piece of equipment. I could just focus on a couple moves, I did not need much space and my workouts kicked my behind in a matter of 10-15 minutes.

3 Kettlebell Mistakes Moms Make

Get the MOST out of your Kettlebell Workouts – Avoid these 3 Big Mistakes

If you are just getting started with kettlebells or have tried them out in the past and did not feel you were very successful with this fat loss tool – there are 3 big mistakes you want to address in order to train safely, avoid frustration and make amazing body shaping, fat burning progress.

Mistake #1
Wimpy Bells

How To Get Started With Kettlebells for Busy Moms

Busy Mom’s Quick Start Guide to Kettlebell Training

You are excited to begin using the Kettlebell as your new busy mom fat loss tool – but before you jump in, I want to outline four important tips to help you start off safely as well outline what you can do NOW to get the most out of your kettlebell workouts.

5 Favorite Kettlebell Moves for Busy Moms

Five of My Favorite Body Shaping Kettlebell Moves for Moms

When I workout with my Kettlebell I choose movements that challenge as many muscle groups at once in order to get a FULL body strength boosting and fat burning workout.

Yes Strength is KEY to not only losing the baby fat, but getting the lean, toned, defined look moms are after.

The Kettlebells I use are 12 and 16 kg.

My workouts are known for taking 15 minutes or less – and using a Kettlebell plays right into my short burst workout routines which are perfect for busy moms.

Plus the challenge Kettlebells create makes your workouts FUN!

All this week I will be sharing Video Tips that reveal the top Kettlebell Training Secrets for Moms to help you get your body back and better than ever.

No other fat loss tool is as convenient and empowering!

Screen Shot 2011 12 18 at 4.16.04 PM 5 Favorite Kettlebell Moves for Busy Moms


Kettlebell The New Busy Mom Fat Burner

KB%2Bfave%2Btool Kettlebell The New Busy Mom Fat Burner

I love my Kettlebell!

As a busy mom – this has been one of my favorite go to Busy Mom Fat Burner tools.

Get Your Body Back Transformation Challenge

Screen Shot 2012 01 12 at 6.38.23 AM Get Your Body Back Transformation Challenge
Are you Ready for Change?

Looking to Lose the Muffin Top?

Fit Back into your Skinny Jeans?

Flatten that Mommy Belly?

Wear a Bikini with Confidence?

Weigh a few pounds Less?

Lift, Firm and Tighten those Trouble Spots?

Look in the mirror – stand sideways and SMILE at what you see?

This is just a small fraction of the RESULTS that will be achieved by participating in the 12 Week FYM Transformation Challenge that Starts on Monday, January 16th at NOON EST.

The Doors to Register are OPEN – so you can get started Right NOW!

Energizing Morning Stretch VIDEO

The Perfect Way to Start Your Day
Stretch And Get Energized

Not a Morning Person?

The alternative to dragging yourself out of bed to reluctantly start your busy day is to take a mere 5 minutes to take care of you and your body!

Doing something as simple as a few basic stretches each and every morning can only help to prepare you physically and mentally to take on the challenges of the day.

Benefits of Morning Stretches Include:

5 Minute Morning Energizer

 5 Minute Morning Energizer

What is the first thing you did this morning?

Did you do something to take care of YOU? Well…when your body feels good, your mind feels good.

Instead of just dragging yourself out of bed, jumping in the shower and filling your body with coffee, take 5 and just take care of your body!

No it does not always require starting out with a full blown, total body workout. All you have to do is MOVE your body!

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