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Halloween Tabata Fat Burn Workout

Tabata Fat Burn Workout 1024x796 Halloween Tabata Fat Burn Workout

The Halloween Tabata Fat Burn Workout

Make the most of your holiday workouts kicking off Halloween with a Frightening Fat Loss Workout known as Tabatas!

A traditional Tabata interval lasts only four minutes, with 20 seconds of intense activity alternated with 10 seconds of rest. It is a super-quick, efficient and intense way to get fit & yummy, improve endurance, super charge your metabolism and burn MORE fat.

Tabatas also ROCK for moms who need something SHORT and Intense to turn up their workout results.

You can choose to just complete a 4 minute Fat Burn workout or turn your Tabatas into 15 minute Circuits. For a Circuit Style workout – each group of 4 exercises will be repeated twice before finishing one of 3 circuits and getting to take a 1 minute rest. This 5 minute circuit will then be repeated a total of 3 times for 15 total minutes.


Your Yummy Mummy Halloween Tabata Fat Burn Workout




1 Devilish Deadlifts

2 Bloody Band Rows

3 Goblin Squats

4 Suicide Planksdeadlift thumb Halloween Tabata Fat Burn Workout


Happy Halloween!

Today kicks off the countdown to the HOLIDAYS! I am here to help you become a Holiday Hottie!

Just log in to for bonus fat loss workout videos and strategies!

may 300x227 Halloween Tabata Fat Burn Workout

The November Workout of the Month gives you access to two, full, follow along Tabata Circuit Workout videos!


1sig Halloween Tabata Fat Burn Workout

FYM Costume Contest For Halloween

halloweenq FYM Costume Contest For HalloweenWhat do you think Of The FYM Costume Contest?

For the past couple year’s I’ve kicked off the holiday season with a fun Halloween Workout all dressed up to take you through a fun fat loss workout!


In the FYM Costume Contest for 2008 I dressed as Olivia Newton John using only a pumpkin!





In the FYM Costume Contest for 2009 I went with the Cheerleader costume for I am here to cheer you on – made it fun by using my pom poms in a creative way to add a challenge to these full body moves!





Now 2010 – last year – I missed out on the fun since 2 weeks prior was the arrival of Alexander.

Alex and Ty Halloween 2010 FYM Costume Contest For Halloween
So this year I am ready to get this tradition started up again – and it would be great to have YOUR help!

FYM Costume Contest

1 leave comment JPG FYM Costume Contest For Halloween

Share your Halloween Costume idea!

The only thing I ask is that you keep in mind that I actually have to workout with this costume – which is what shot some of my fun ideas down ; )

To make it even more fun, I will choose the Top 3 FYM Costume Contest Suggestions for a Free Halloween Workout!

Contest will run from now, October 27th to Sunday, October 30th. I will post the winners of the contest and the new Halloween Workout video, complete with costume on Monday – Halloween!


I am excited to see your ideas and suggestions!

Thanks again for your help!


1sig FYM Costume Contest For Halloween





Fat Burn Playground Workout for Moms VIDEO

playground chin1 e1319570663296 Fat Burn Playground Workout for Moms VIDEO
Get Outside and Try A Fat Burn Playground Workout


The Fall weather has been absolutely gorgeous here in Kentucky.

I love days like these for I not only get to enjoy being outdoors with my boys – but I can also get a super effective fat burning workout in at the Playground!

Outdoor workouts are such a convenient alternative for Busy Moms who are looking for fun ways to stay active and burn more fat.

Check out my latest Busy Mom Fat Burn Playground Workout Video





1. Bench Step Ups

Step Ups are a great way to kick off your playground workout, getting your heart pumping and warming up your legs! Focus on one leg at a time, make sure your foot is firmly planted on the bench, fully extend your hips at the top of each step up. Increase the challenge by adding a reverse lunge to each step up – get ready to feel the burn with this one!

2. Push Ups

I show you how to do both decline push ups and incline plyo push ups. If you are not ready for these – just perform your push ups at an incline against a bench or step. Be sure you keep your body in a straight plank with each repetition. Hint -as you lower, lead with your chest not your neck.

3. One Leg “Swing” Squat

One of my favorite moves is the One Leg Squat for it really targets your glutes. Yes super challenging, but completely doable when you have the assistance of a swing! Lean back holding the swing and lower into a squat as you normally would, making sure weight is in your heel. You can keep your arms slightly bent to help activate your back muscles as you perform each rep.

4. Chin Ups

An awesome upper body move that works your arms, shoulders, back and core. Since many moms do not have a chin up bar at home – monkey bars are the perfect substitution. You can either go right into full chin ups, do negatives – where you jump up to the top of the chin up and slowly lower to the count of five, or have a buddy hold your feet behind you for assisted chin ups.

You also have the option to perform Inverted Rows if your playground has a straight bar to allow you to do so. You can either assume an underhand or overhand position, hang under bar keeping shoulders back, be sure body stay in a straight plank as you pull yourself up for each repetition.

5. Glute Raise March

Like a hip bridge, however you will lift your hips and hold the top of this bridge position, keeping glutes tight, draw one knee back at a time. Increase the challenge by performing bridges after you march.

6. & 7. Baby Reverse Lunge & Push Press

Have a baby? Share in these next 2 exercises together! Hold your baby securely by placing hands under armpits of baby – and Smile! This is great face to face time and will really work your whole body!

Finishers - I have 2 for you to try!

These are great ways to really push yourself at the end of an intense workout to give your metabolism even more of a boost!

Finisher #1 Monkey Bar Climbs

Looks simple – right? Afterall, kids do it every day. Well give these climbs a go AFTER you complete your playground workout and feel the difference this makes – in your arms, shoulder, back and CORE!

Finisher #2 Hanging Leg Raises

Yes, we can’t forget our core ; ) One of the most effective moves to help strengthen and challenge your core are hanging leg raises. Now I show you a variety of ways you can do these – straight leg, bent knee, side to side and running in place – up to you to try them out and see which ones best fit your fitness needs.

How To Use Your Fat Burn Playground Workout

You have a couple different options – – Perform these moves straight through as a circuit repeating 2-4 times or pair up into super sets, completing each pair 2-4 times in a row – take a short rest, about 60 seconds, and move on to the next super set.

No excuse why you cannot get outdoors this Fall and have fun with your kids as you achieve your fat loss goals!


Do You Enjoy This Fat Burn Playground Workout? Tell Me About It!

1 leave comment JPG Fat Burn Playground Workout for Moms VIDEO


1sig Fat Burn Playground Workout for Moms VIDEO

Melt Mommy Belly Fat

tighter tummy pic 1024x604 Melt Mommy Belly Fat

Tips to Melt Mommy Belly Fat and Tighten Your Tummy


I have some answers to your mommy belly questions plus I have outlined strategies to help you get fat loss results.

Here’s a transcript of the latest LIVE Q and A Sessions on Facebook about how to get a tighter tummy and melt mommy belly fat once and for all.

Q: The Tighter Tummy in 12 Days photos look really amazing – I have downloaded some of your 15 min sample workouts…are these the ones that i need to do daily for these results?

Tighter Tummy In 12 Days Photos

Tighter Tummy in 12 Days

apple 1024x680 Tighter Tummy In 12 Days Photos

“I have more results in 12 days than I have from the last 2 challenges!”

It’s true! The amazing ladies over at ClubFYM just wrapped up a new mini contest I created for them to help boost their fat loss results – and in the area we as moms want to see it the most….THE MOMMY BELLY!

For 12 days I outlined the most effective steps they can take to make a drastic difference in just 12 short days – and as you are about to see – their results are jaw dropping!

No quick fixes here though….these ladies worked their tails off to achieve these tummy tightening, mommy belly blasting results!

What did they do?

Well, it’s all outlined in the forums at  ClubFYM along with step by step videos, but here’s a quick overview -plus many of the FYMs share their favorite Tighter Tummy in 12 Days TIP below. Step 1. Take a before photo. Step 2. Follow the Accelerator Diet (a free clean eating meal plan available to all club members). Step 3. Follow the FYM Workouts. That’s it along with some bonus videos of how to truly tighten/strengthen your core.

Most shocking part….ZERO Crunches were performed to get tight tummy results. None. Nada. Zip. Just sticking to the full body, short burst strength training workouts provided with FYM.

Take a look at what is possible – keeping in mind that this is a short list of ALL the results that were submitted. My goal was to highlight a variety of women and results to help ALL ladies see that it does not matter what your age is….how many children you have (or don’t have) — Follow the RIGHT Steps, with Consistency and Effort – – – YOU WILL GET RESULTS!!!!


~ Steph – Age 39, Mom of Five (ages 3, 6, 8, 10 & 13)

stephanie 1024x630 Tighter Tummy In 12 Days Photos
Waist: 27″ down 0.5″ from 27.5″
Tummy:30.5″ down 1.5″ from 32″
Weight: 117 lbs

I have more results in 12 days than I have from the past 2 challenges!
I am so thrilled with this 12 day experience as I am seeing results again in a short time period. I was really convinced that it would take a year to see the results in my stomach. I believed that my core muscles were so stretched and weak that it would take forever to rebuild them. To see such improvement in less than 2 weeks is just incredible!

Mommy Belly Blaster



The Mommy Belly Blaster

This is One of my Favorite Mommy Belly Blaster Moves because all I need is ME – no equipment so I can do this anywhere, this move builds core strength which is super important to any mom who wants to flatten her mommy belly as she is taking the steps to burn off the fat AND this move is challenging so you really feel it in your middle!

Perform 10-15 repetitions and if you are into an added challenge, hold the plank position for 30-60 seconds after you complete these repetitions. You can also choose to elevate one leg at a time for a challenge – be sure to squeeze your glutes when you do!

Mommy Belly Blaster Tips

~ Be sure your weight is balanced in your forearms and toes

~ Keep your body in a straight line from head to toe – do not allow your hips to drop too low nor your butt to stick up too high while in the plank position – your goal is to maintain a neutral spine to truly activate your core, thighs and glutes.

~ Push off your forearms, lift your hips and look back at your toes as you come to the top of the belly blaster move.

~ BREATHE – yes you want to engage your core, drawing your belly button back to your spine in order to activate your deep abdominal muscles (transverse abdominus) , but you also need to breathe through each repetition.


IMPORTANT: Please consult your Dr before beginning a new workout or exercise routine. For best results follow a FULL body resistance training plan AND clean up what you eat!

How To Burn Belly Fat

Just to clarify …. in case you think you only need 1 mommy belly blaster move to “melt the mommy belly fat” and flatten your tummt – well let me just say that there is no such thing as Spot Reduction!!! You simply cannot work one area of your body and expect the fat to magically burn off and leave you with a flat tummy!

You CAN however, work these mommy belly blaster moves like this into your FULL Body Resistance Training Workout plan to ensure all the Major Muscles of your body are Being Worked effectively in ORDER to, Boost your Metabolism so you Burn More Fat, Loose Inches, Create Tone and Definition, Keep you Strong so you can achieve even MORE in your workouts!


How Did You Do?

Did You Take The Challenge at the End?
How long did you hold the Plank?

1 leave comment JPG Mommy Belly Blaster

Need some help developing your Core Strength?

My Go TO guy -> Mike Robertson right up the road from me in Indianapolis Indiana – is here to help with his brand spanking new program that exposes the REAL Truth about Core Training and delivers it to you in a unique webinar series giving you 3 hours worth of core training materials.

Click over to see his Video

banner590x120 Mommy Belly Blaster


If you can’t “see” what’s right and wrong about a core exercise, how can you be sure you’re doing it correctly? A MUST have resource to help you develop the core strength The RIGHT way.



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