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Tone Your Butt – Drink This



Lift, Firm and Tone Your Butt

The Tight Booty Trifecta

DRINK This after you DO This Workout

Try my Tight Booty Trifecta workout & Follow it Up with Prograde Workout

These are three of my favorite lift, firm and tone your butt moves because

Mommy Belly Melting Exercises



The MOST Effective Mommy Belly Melting Exercises

Need a drum roll here…

drum roll please 2 Mommy Belly Melting Exercises

3 Tips for a Tighter Tummy

3 Tips For A Tighter Tummy

Holly 3 Tips for a Tighter Tummy

The Look and Feel of Your Tummy

This is one of the greatest areas of concern for so many women – especially moms. The way you perceive your tummy to appear affects your very being….from what you cannot wear to how you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror.

One of the biggest reasons why you struggle to get a tighter tummy is…. misinformation.

From TV commercials to covers of your favorite fitness magazine – and now even headlines for your favorite fitness websites! With catchy titles like the one I used above – all to catch your attention and leads you to believe there is a short cut, a quick fix that will magically melt the mommy belly resulting in toned, tight abs.

Out of desperation for results you end up taking ideas from a variety of sources and attempt to piece together into a tighter tummy plan.  It’s no wonder you feel so stuck! A mismatched plan will only lead to little to no lasting results.

Then you find yourself saying….“I tried everything and nothing works” and worse…believing it!

Fat Loss Workouts Coaching Video



Catch the replay of the Fat Loss Workouts LIVE Coaching Video

To kick off the LAST day of the DVD Pack SALE ..I held a LIVE online VIDEO Coaching Session to Answer your questions about 15 minute fat burning workouts.

During the fat loss workouts coaching video chat I covered…

- Working out on an empty stomach

- How to SPEED Up Fat Loss with your workouts

- Why Strength workouts help you burn more calories

- What to do if you use the SCALE to measure your results

Your Questions for fat loss workouts

- I’m getting ready to start working out need advice on how many days to do cardio and how many days to do strength.

- Is a superset a stand alone workout or one you add to your busy mom workout? – What do you recommend for Intervals- I have no treadmill

- Can Prograde Workout be taken after both RT and IT?

- What is a good workout for someone who has had 2 kids, has breathing problems, is a stay at home mom – my weight is at a standstill.

- What is YOUR daily routine? It would help me learn how to balance it all and make time for a workout.

Additional Qs:

“I can’t keep my fat loss workouts consistent because I have shoulder and hip pain (that seem to be only an issue when I do some FYM workouts). I’ve double checked the videos for form and my husband has critiqued as I workout. What should I do? Less reps? Do you have warm up ideas? Also, I would love to know what you did for workouts when you were pregnant. I can’t afford the forum, but I did purchase the e-book. Would you ever post pregnancy modifications to e-mail or on you-tube?”

If you are experiencing joint pain – then please see your Dr about this or make an appointment with a physical therapist. Without being able to work with you one on one – this is not something I can coach you through.

Yes – Warm Ups are included in every workout of the month that I post in ClubFYM or are also a part of each workout in the BusyMomWorkout DVD Packs.

I have a progress journal in the forums of ClubFYM where I posted my pregnancy experience. I did film workouts for each stage of pregnancy. These will be available sometime next year as a DVD pack. If you would like coaching when it comes to specific modifications you can make to your FYM workouts, I provide this as a service to members of ClubFYM.

“I read your ebook and you said we are allowed to cheat in 4- 5 meals a week? What do you mean exactly? Is it cheating on one of the sides of the meal, or is it cheating the whole meal? (ex. eating at Mc Donalds?)”

The way you choose to have your planned indulgence is up to you. Can be a full fledged cheat or only one part of the meal.

“What are the best fat burning foods to eat? And advice on getting the last few pounds of a pooch and start getting definition in the stomach area?”

Yes – my advice is to keep a food log to identify the eating habits that are standing in your way. Best fat burning foods – Whole/Unprocessed Foods such as quality proteins, fresh produce and healthy fats. Watch out for SUGAR, processed wheat, dairy – like MILK – Processed Soy and any other bagged or boxed food you eat that is loaded with ingredients you cannot recognize or pronounce.

“My best time to workout is during my lunch hour. I rush away from work to squeeze in 30-40 mins of workout thanks to your 15 min videos. But sometimes work gets in the way and I can’t go.

If you are following FYM, your workouts should not be taking 40 minutes. If work is getting in the way – then stick to the 6 day a week plan and just do 15 minutes.

“HOw do you start on a healthy diet? I want to start eating better, but i don’t know where to start. Do you have any suggestions?”

Keep a food log for 5 to 7 days to see what needs to be improved. If you have no idea what to do, then you can get a sample from the Get Your Body Back starter Pack – or a video sample when you like the FYM FaceBook page. If you wish to have help beyond this – then you will want to consider the FYMCookBook



Hope this coaching session on Fat Loss Workouts helped provide you with new insight into what it takes to reshape your body with 15 minute workouts.


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15 Minute Busy Mom Workout Secret


Short Burst Super Sets & Circuits
This is KEY to the 15 Minute Busy Mom Workout

Super Sets and Circuits increase the intensity of your 15 minute busy mom workout, helping you boost your metabolism so you burn more fat during as well as 24-48 hours after your workout is complete.

Super Sets and Circuits are TIME SAVERS!

The decreased rest and non stop flow allow these full body workouts to be completed in 15 minutes or Less.

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The newest ClubFYM DVD Bundle “Busy Mom Workouts 2.0″ includes three fresh, fun and super challenging Workout of the Month DVD Series giving you a total of 6 fat burning, at home workouts with built in warm ups to maximize results!

Body Weight Fat Blasters
Bikini Body Super Sets
Fat Burning Tabatas

Plus BONUS ***Interval Training Video
Interval training is an important component of your workout plan. This video demonstrates how to design your intervals workouts including several how to examples along with a follow along workout and downloadable 30-30 soundtrack.

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Flat Belly Core Circuit Workout



Flat Belly Core Circuit Workout

Three moves you can do anywhere that will tone and strengthen your core with the added bonus of burning more belly fat – fun bodyweight moves you can do Anywhere all to help you get your body back even easier.

1.One Leg V-Up

Lift and Lower each leg at a time. Lift your upper body just far enough so your shoulder blades come off the mat. Use the muscles of your core to pull you up – not the muscles in your neck.

2. Plank

Lift your body up into a straight line, weight is balanced on your forearms and toes. Pull your belly button back to your spine to activate your deep core muscles. Breathe. For an added challenge, elevate and hold one leg up at a time – really focus on squeezing your glutes and be sure to keep your hips low and parallel.

3. Burpees

This is an excellent metabolic move to add to your flat belly core circuit workout. Add in a push up to really challenge your core and help tone your arms. Jump as high as you can – or simply stand up quickly and repeat.


Add this flat belly core circuit workout to your strength training workout. And workout with me see what a difference you FEEL – tell me what you notice!

1 leave comment JPG Flat Belly Core Circuit Workout

More Fat Burning, Follow Along workouts are coming Next Week….Stay Tuned and see how you can WIN your own BusyMomWorkout DVDs!fym busy mom workouts5 1019x1024 Flat Belly Core Circuit Workout

Be ready to tell me Why you Love the FYM Follow Along Workouts!


1sig Flat Belly Core Circuit Workout


5 “Get Your Body Back After Baby” Workout Tips

postbb 1024x808 5 “Get Your Body Back After Baby” Workout Tips

Get Your Body Back After Baby Workout Tips

5  Steps  To Help You Get Back Into Your Workout Routine Safely & Effectively

Yes, as Moms we ALL know what a miracle it is to bring a new life into this world. Our bodies have undergone some amazing changes to make this blessing possible. But now that your baby is here, the very next thing on your agenda is to get your body back after baby! Follow these 5 training tips to start off safely and kick start the post baby fat burn.

#1 When To Start

Right Now!

Secret to a Flat Belly for Moms

1 Kristin j 1024x682 Secret to a Flat Belly for Moms

Kristin – a 38 year old Mom of 4 – shares her secret to a flat belly and to melting the muffin top.

It was a cold and dreary night in September and I should have been in bed several hours ago.  I was feeling blah and frustrated with my weight, tired of constantly trying to hide the glob of fat that hung over my pants every time I sat down, my lack of energy and my mood swings -overall, I was just plain grouchy.

Fat Burn Workout For 5 Minutes On A Rainy day


5 Minute Fat Burn Workout ~ No excuses, even if it’s raining!


Don’t let the weather get in the way of sticking to your fat loss workouts.

Grab a Kettlebell, a mat and a soundtrack or timer – complete as many reps as you can of each exercise in just 30 seconds and repeat for a fast paced, full body 5 minute fat burn workout.

1. Swings
Be sure to

15 Minute Workouts Really Work?

1iris 1024x751 15 Minute Workouts Really Work?

This morning I posted this before and after photo of Iris Hecock, one of our summer challenge winners, on the FYM Facebook page with the headline….

15 Minute Workouts Really Work?

Under this I shared a quote from Iris along with her summer challenge results – that in just 6 weeks she was able to shed 19 pounds of fat.

“I started FYM just a handful of months ago and before this I was
convinced that longer cardio was better and heavier weights or bunches
of reps was going to get me results. I did it for years with little to no
results and after baby #3 I knew I needed to do something differently.
I decided to dive in to FYM and do everything Holly says! I always felt
like I was “cheating” when it came to working out. How could 15 mins
of intervals really get me results, but it did. Just 15 mins of mostly body
weight exercises helped to tone all the muscle I was finally uncovering
under all that baby fat!” ~ Iris

The comments and conversations that happened as a result of this single post made me realize just how many moms are still struggling – and its NOT with their “fitness plan”…..

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