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Meal Planning Tips – 5 Back To School Strategies That Will Help!

DSC 0355 1024x680 Meal Planning Tips   5 Back To School Strategies That Will Help!
Looking for meal planning tips? ┬áThen look below…

There have been dozens of awesome requests posted on the > Back to School Fit Tips blog post since Monday.

One of the most frequently asked questions centers around…

Meal Planning

Which is actually perfect and right in line with the Fall Transformation Challenge assignment for this week! In the forums at the moms are sharing their most helpful meal planning tips!

Here are a 5 super cool meal planning tips that will help move you up a few notches away from Meal Planning Challenged to more confident and prepared to handle whatever back to school scenario comes your way.


Meal Planning Tips

Meal Planning Tip #1
Rather than doing each menu day by day – which was way too overwhelming and time consuming for me. I’ve been dividing a page into breakfast, lunch, and dinner (making sure I have at least 1 protein option for every night of the week).

Then, making a list of all the proteins I have to work with that are appropriate to that meal, in one column, the produce in another.

This way, I can quickly make a plan for the next days actual meals, or if I didn’t get that done, I can quickly choose my P&P from the lists as I am packing meals for the day.
~ aguanuay “Josette

Meal Planning Tip #2
I typically eat the same few meals for breakfasts, lunch, and snacks. It’s really dinners that vary. ~ SHumphrey “Sherry”

Meal Planning Tip #3
Meal planning for me is pretty simple: go to the fridge and the freezer and write down all the things I have on hand that need to can be used up, and start filling in the blanks. I use a couple of standby breakfasts that I alternate, and snacks are usually just produce and protein, so I don’t always write them down specifically.
~ Janadz “Jana”

Meal Planning Tip #4
The biggest things for me are washing/cutting/prepping snack baggies when i get home from the store; they’re easy to grab without any guess work. ~ galincognito “Tara”


DSC 0857 1024x680 Meal Planning Tips   5 Back To School Strategies That Will Help!

Meal Planning Tip #5
Breakfast is easy for me. My options are always a protein smoothie eggs with spinach and sausage or bacon if I have it. I make a large batch of peanut butter oatmeal which my husband and son eat many mornings fir the week.

If there is going to be a kids sporting event, I will pre-make turkey burgers and pack them for our dinner on the drive home.

** This also saves a lot of money and is much healthier than fast food.** ~ lolopass “Cathy”

Thanks for the meal planning tips Cathy!

I’ll be sending you an FYM gift shortly!)


Five super powerful Meal Planning Tips


Which one you will try out this week?

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Be ready to share what a difference it makes for you! Oh – and be sure to post your Back to School fitness requests on the blog – gotta get to 50 for a new Video Tip!

> Back to School Fit Tips


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Back To School Season Is Here!

DSC 0377 1024x680 Back To School Season Is Here!

It’s Back To School Season, Are you ready?

I still cannot believe it’s back to school season and Tyler is now a 4th grader!

School started for us the week of August 15th (we were actually supposed to start on that Monday – however due to a bad storm that weekend, many areas were without power – including a handful of schools – so our kids were able to get 2 extra days of summer!)

So even though that was about 2 weeks ago – I am still testing out strategies for a good morning and evening routine to help our school days run smoothly.

I’ll be sharing my insights with you shortly – but until then, leave a comment below and share your biggest concern about Back to School Season.

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Looking forward to your comments so I know how to best help you get back into your fitness routine this Fall!

1st day 4th grade1 1024x680 Back To School Season Is Here!


1sig Back To School Season Is Here!






Fall Transformation Challenge – Get Back to Fit

falltc11 1024x9632 Fall Transformation Challenge   Get Back to Fit

If you let summer slip you by now is the time to get back on track with your fat loss and body shaping goals. To give you the extra motivation you need – I’ve organized the NEXT Fall Transformation Challenge!

Here’s what some of the ladies are saying …

~” So excited for this challenge! I haven’t had much motivation since the end of the last challenge. Lots of time for reflection but not enough action!! This is totally what I need!!!”

~ “Perfect timing – just back from holidays and need to get back on track!”

~ “I can’t wait!! I’ve really done so much thinking since the summit. It is all about simplify, plan, follow through, no excuses. I can’t wait. I really have not been very consistent at all this summer and I feel it and it shows. So this will be the challenge to help me stay focused and keep some very real, very challenging goals. I’ve got several good ones in mind already!! So looking forward to this!!!”

Are you READY?



Challenge Details : 2011 Fall Transformation Challenge

Start Date: Monday, August 15th

You must get registered by Posting your Starting Stats and Before Photos at You will have access to “Get Started” video tutorials and coaching tips to help guide you each step of the way. Deadline to register is 10:00 pm EST Monday, August 15th.

Pre-Register ALL this week for added Fat Loss Bonuses!


“So I have to be a member of ClubFYM to take part in the Fall Transformation Challenge?”

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