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6 Weeks To Summer Ready Abs

6weekabs Q1 1024x660 6 Weeks To Summer Ready Abs

I decided to join in on the Summer Slim Down Challenge even though back in April I had achieved my pre-baby body weight of 115. When one goal is met – new goals are set. This is what keeps us growing, personal development is not something that just ends. Even though weight was lost and I was super proud of my progress, at no point did I think… “I Made It” “I’m Done” nor “I’m Happy Now”.

(happiness is not something you wait for – happiness is something you create Now and practice daily to appreciate and get the most out of your journey)

At the start of the Summer Slim Down Challenge,  I reflected on the journey I’d been on over the past few months…I view the changes my body is going through post baby in phases.

(and in not one of these phases did I do everything perfectly and travel a straight line from result A to B…nor did I Reach point B and Stay there exactly in that precise measurement.)

Initial phase
is fast and somewhat easy weight loss, for the body accumulates so much fluid before/during/after delivery, add in nursing and the fact that the body is going through quite a recovery process.

2nd phase

I Broke Free From The Scale And Got Results!

niki feature j 1024x965 I Broke Free From The Scale And Got Results!

I broke free from the scale, dropped 2 sizes and completely Reshaped My Body!

Believe it or not….before I found Fit Yummy Mummy I was broken, lost and unhealthy.  My journey had started, like so many other moms, after having my son.  After weighing in at 197 on the day I gave birth, I knew that it was going to be a struggle to get back to my old self.

I had been working on my body for 8 years!  After several failed attempts with fad diets, diet pills and even joining a health club…nothing seemed to quite do it for me.  I would do great for a few weeks and then right when I’d get to the beginning of seeing results, I would quit.

In my eyes, nothing worked and I always failed.

I was forever searching for “the” program that was going to do it for me. The program that was going to help me lose pounds and pounds because then I would be skinny.

How To Do Intervals For MORE Fat Burn



How To Do Intervals for Fat Burn

If you’ve wondered what makes Interval Training so effective when it comes to fat loss….check out my video on my cardio tricks to turn up the fat burn.

Interval Training is effective at burning a higher amount of fat during and long after your workout because of the INTENSITY of this workout.

One of the Biggest Mistakes I see is DURATION

Did you know …. The LONGER your Cardio Session, the more ineffective it becomes at burning fat ~ especially belly fat.

Not only do long bouts of cardio prevent you from achieving fast fat loss, these sessions actually slow your metabolism and cause your body to store more fat – not to mention significantly increase you appetite and set you up to overeat.

The solution …

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