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Intervals Training DVD Contest Winners

contest winners 1024x682 Intervals Training DVD Contest Winners

Last week I invited you to tell me why the newest FitYummyMummy fat loss resource – Intervals for Moms DVD Kit is the perfect resource to help you at this point in your fat loss transformation journey.

I’d like to give a  BIG Thank You to the 140+  women who took the time to leave a thoughtful reply. You have all shared such compelling reasons as to why an Intervals DVD Kit will make the difference to your body shaping results. So instead of just 5 winners – I have extended this offer to 7 lucky winners!

Now to Announce the 7 Winners!

Interval Training for Moms DVD Contest

contest 1jpg1 1024x682 Interval Training for Moms DVD Contest

Interval Training for Moms DVD Kit Up For Grabs

*** Contest Runs Friday, June 24th – Monday, June 27th at NOON EST ***

Interval Training For Moms Coaching Session

DSC 0331 300x175 Interval Training For Moms Coaching Session

Interval Training For Moms Coaching.

To kick off this Q and A session – have to 1st address the most important question….

Q: What are Intervals?

In order to properly perform Intervals as well as get the best possible fat loss results – you must understand what Intervals are.

Intervals are simply a more effective type of  cardio.


Yes – absolutely cardio is an important component of your Fat Loss Plan – however, it is NOT the end all be all of your fat loss results….NOR does it need to take up any more than an hour of your week.

The Secret to Burning Fat

DSC 11001 433x1024 The Secret to Burning Fat
How cool is your cardio for burning fat?

Can your cardio routine Burn MORE fat and calories…..for the next 24-48 hours?

This is the secret to burning fat and getting the fast fat loss results FYM Intervals produce!

Traditional cardio is great and all if weight loss is your only goal.

Sweet Summer Apricots and Cream Smoothie

1 1024x770 Sweet Summer Apricots and Cream Smoothie

My Cream Smoothie Inspiration: Philosophy Apricots and Cream

I’m a big fan of the Philosophy beauty and skin care line…and I love Apricots and Cream lotion and body spray. It’s crisp and refreshing – the perfect scent for spring and summer!

If you are familiar with this product, many of the food scented lotions and sprays have a recipe printed on the bottle of each fun scent….I glanced at the apricots and cream recipe and could see it was not very supportive when it comes to my fat loss goals.

However, I knew with a little experimenting and my Prograde Vanilla protein, some milk alternatives and chopping up some fresh apricots, I could recreate something just as tasty yet be able to enjoy guilt free!



Here’s what I came up with…

Fit Yummy Mummy BootCamp To Reshape Your Body

Summit1 1024x633 Fit Yummy Mummy BootCamp To Reshape Your Body

Did you hear?

I’m looking for a handful of motivated women.


A handful of motivated women that are interested in finally reaching their fitness and fat loss goals and aren’t going to settle for falling short any longer.

How Fit Yummy Mummy Kathy Lost over 55 Pounds


1%20kathy%20b%20600x411 How Fit Yummy Mummy Kathy Lost over 55 Pounds

Fit Yummy Mummy Success Story

“I have shed over 55 pounds and 50 total inches as Fit Yummy Mummy!! After being a very reluctant to post my before pictures, I am now proud to post my afters!

What a difference these past 17 months have made to my body and my life! When I joined ClubFYM on Jan. 1, 2010, I was the heaviest I had ever been at 203 lbs and, as a result, was at an emotional low point.  For most of my adult life, I have been a card-carrying member of the yo-yo dieters club.

I had gained and lost the same 40 pounds more times than I care to mention. 

More Time To …Workout?





How much time do you spend working out?

This has been a hot topic just in the past 24 hours.

From a question asked during a live coaching call….

“I would like to know truthfully how much do YOU work out a day? Do you do extras or do you do the exact thing you tell us to do. Should we be putting in extra time?

Prevent Summer Fat Loss Set Backs


Do you find it hard to stay fit over the Summer?

Tell me about it!


You want tank top ready arms, swimsuit confidence and even a bikini ready body. So you find a summer slim down plan to follow – you’ve added in a tummy flattening diet and you are willing to try out all the fast summer fat loss tips….

…so what’s making all of this so hard to get results?

Believe me – I understand!

Summer is a time of transition.

I am feeling all of this first hand!

Post Baby Belly 4 Week Fat Melting Results

karen 4wk post1 1024x570 Post Baby Belly 4 Week Fat Melting Results

Post Baby Belly Results

43 women at ClubFYM just finished up an exciting 4 Week Team Challenge  – and the fat melting results – as you can see from Karen’s before and after above – have been nothing short of phenomenal!

Read on to see just a handful of super inspiring Post Baby Belly 4 week results!

Nikki posted….”I lost another inch off my mommy belly – now my workout pants are too big!”

nikki mini Post Baby Belly 4 Week Fat Melting Results

Mum Tum 28.5 – 27.5 Down 1.0″

I FEEL stronger in my arms and abs. Originally, in joining FYM, my goal was to lose weight. After the NYTC, my focus changed to strength and getting lean.

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