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Fit Yummy Mummy Sweet Potato Chips Recipe

Healthy chip recipe: your alternative when you have the crunchy munchies.

 Fit Yummy Mummy Sweet Potato Chips Recipe

A Must Have Good-for-You Munchie!

I shared this recipe LIVE during the Fit Yummy Mummy TV show this Thursday and had loads of requests to post this healthy chip recipe. So here you go!

This is a simple recipe I whipped up last night after buying a large bag of sweet potatoes to prepare homemade baby food for Alexander. What I found makes this munchie so delicious is Coconut Oil!

How To Overcome Nighttime Eating for Busy Moms




Spring Fat Loss Troubleshooter: Nighttime Eating



I need some help with how to control nighttime eating.

5 Exercise Spring Fat Burn Circuit For The Best Post Baby Belly & Body!


Spring Fat Burn Circuit


Whip your post baby belly & body into shape with a new workout challenge -> Complexes!

Similar to a circuit workout, a Complex is made up of 5 nonstop strength training moves – with the 5th movement being a metabolism boosting plyometric exercise, which is a high intensity, explosive movement.

Thin Mint Fat Loss Smoothie Video Recipe

Thin Mints for Fat Loss

It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season and the best way to curb your cravings for these tempting treats is to have a Thin Mint Smoothie!

While a sleeve of Thin Mints can sabotage your fat loss efforts adding up to over 500 calories….a healthy Prograde Thin Mint Smoothie can satisfy your cravings, keep you on track and even help you Burn More Fat with chocolate protein powder!

You will need….

7 Best Body Weight Exercises VIDEO

7 Best Body Weight Exercises for Spring

As a Super Busy Mom my favorite types of workouts are ones that are Quick and Convenient!Body weight exercises for fat loss are the foundation of many of my Fit Yummy Mummy workouts. No fancy equipment needed ~ just your own body.

Check it out…all these moves can be done right at home.

Busy Military Mom of Two Loses Over 68 Pounds

new%2BSamaria Busy Military Mom of Two Loses Over 68 Pounds


Samaria, Mom of Two, Loses Over 68 lbs.


and Discovers A Beautiful, Strong and Confident New Woman!


I can’t help but look back at my starting stats and feel astonishment & disbelief. It’s hard to believe I was at a lovely 217 pounds in the before photo above.

5 Of My Favorite Strength Training Moves Video

strength%20circuit%201%20450x253 5 Of My Favorite Strength Training Moves Video

The key to losing fat and getting lean….Get Strong!

Here are 5 of my Favorite Strength Training Moves – and yes, these are challenging to me! I focus on full body moves that engage the large muscle groups – upper body, lower body and core, and I like to use a mix of body weight and equipment based moves. I have many favorites, but these 5 in particular help me “feel it” in all the right places.

(created August 2009)

Oh yes…and my Secret Weapon: Recovery!

7 Fat Burning Foods For Busy Mom

Restock your kitchen with these busy mom, fat burning foods!
March is National Nutrition Month

Time to take action and make better choices with the foods you are eating.

Start by giving your kitchen a makeover! You can never start too early when it comes to Spring Cleaning. Your environment supports your habits so make it easy on yourself and only keep the foods around that SUPPORT your Fat Loss Efforts. Use the video above to map out some meals and get a grocery list started.

1sig 7 Fat Burning Foods For Busy Mom

Healthy Mayo Video Recipe

Good For You Mayo

Condiments can kill your fat loss results for these “little bit here and little bit there” calories can quickly add up. No need to worry about flavor-less foods when you have the option to whip up your own Healthy condiments….like Mayo. And I’ll tell ya – this one tastes even BETTER than Mayo and keeps you on the fast track to fat loss!

Coconut Quinoa Breakfast VIDEO Recipe

Be sure to watch the full video for a Guest Appearance by Baby Alexander!

Coconut Quinoa

This is a fast, simple and satisfying meal that you can enjoy for breakfast or even as an energizing snack! Quinoa is a high protein grain that helps fight cravings, while the fruits and coconut are a healthy sweet treat!

 Coconut Quinoa Breakfast VIDEO Recipe

Coconut Quinoa Breakfast

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