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Tabatas Workout That Bust 2 Biggest Holiday Obstacles

1%2Btabata%2Bcircuits%2Bintro Tabatas Workout That Bust 2 Biggest Holiday Obstacles


What concerns you the most over the Holidays?


“Finding the time and motivation to exercise during this busy season!”


~ Debbie L.Strongsville, OH

With the right type of workout, you can bust the “no time” AND “no motivation” excuse…especially over the Holidays!

Tyler and I demonstrate the versatility and effectiveness of Tabatas! 4 Minute Workouts to help you stay on track, energized and burning fat!


How To Slash Holiday Party Calories

 How To Slash Holiday Party Calories


The holiday spirit is on full force here!


Now that our tree is up and “The List” has been made, it is time to prep for a very special holiday season.

Earlier this week I asked you to tell me what concerns you the MOST about the holidays.

Surviving The Extra Holiday Party Calories!

Lose 5 Pounds Over Holidays – Prograde Nutrition

Peppermint Brownies2 Lose 5 Pounds Over Holidays   Prograde Nutrition

Prograde Nutrition has done it again!


Ya know, there’s a good reason I partner with them. They bring you the best nutrition education possible absolutely FREE!

Their Holiday Survival Guide webinar video reveals ten simple strategies to help you get through the holidays unscathed. In fact, when you use this easy-to-follow system you can actually LOSE 5 pounds during the holidays!

They’ve even included a handy scoring sheet you can print off to make your life even easier.

Hey, why gain 5 pounds this holiday season when you can LOSE 5??

(again, it’s completely free of charge)

Check out the Ultimate Holiday Survival Guide by clicking the video below:


The Ultimate Holiday Survival Guide


holiday%2Bsurvival%2B1 Lose 5 Pounds Over Holidays   Prograde Nutrition


/”>1sig Lose 5 Pounds Over Holidays   Prograde Nutrition

3 Holiday Cardio Workout Mistakes

CB%2Bmeet%2Bup%2B1 3 Holiday Cardio Workout Mistakes

Need a quick and effective workout you can use

during the super busy holidays?


Cardio is always the first form of exercise that people try when they want to lose belly fat. But the problems are that cardio workouts take TOO LONG and cardio is also ineffective for fat loss. Research shows their is a much better way to burn belly fat.

My Friend Craig Ballantyne, who stopped by for a visit after Baby Alexander was born, is here to help make sure you know exactly how to avoid  the cardio workout mistakes over the holidays!

3 Holiday Fat Loss Tips

cookies%2B1 3 Holiday Fat Loss Tips

3 ‘Unusual’ Holiday Fat Loss Tips That Will Keep You From Adding On The Fat.


A Guest post by my good friends and Louisville neighbors, Chris and Kara Mohr


Isn’t it crazy that it’s early December?

Wow! 2010 has flown …

For those in the States, Thanksgiving is already behind us … and Christmas just a few short weeks away.

But here’s some news — the holidays don’t make you fat like most people think. You’ve heard the stats … people eat about 4500 calories on Thanksgiving alone! But is it’s not the holidays themselves that are tough; it’s the days in between those holidays.
Thanksgiving is 1 day. Christmas is 1 day.

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