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My Chicago Hotel Room Workout

Guest room F 1 My Chicago Hotel Room Workout

Hotel Room Workout

We are in Chicago and have been quite active as we have walked a good 4 to 6 miles exploring the city each day.

But I still like to stay on track with a morning workout that keeps my body strong.

Are You A Work At Home Mom?

If you are a work at home Mom (WAHM) or aspire to be one and would love to have some fresh strategies and tips on work freedom, life freedom or even income freedom…Watch this video!


Super Business Models


super%20business%20models%20500x288 Are You A Work At Home Mom?

This is a great line up of successful female entrepreneurs offer free support to you all this week ~ Starting Today!

YES ~ you will see me in this lineup and my Call is today, June 25th – don’t miss it!

Healthy Travel Snacks

cooler Healthy Travel Snacks

Eat Healthy On The Go

As shared in yesterday’s post “The #1 Travel Fit Kit Tool” is your Cooler. Now, what do you pack to keep in your cooler to help you stay on track while on vacation?

#1 Travel Fit Kit Tool

DSC 0276+448x500 #1 Travel Fit Kit Tool

Do You Have Your Travel Fit Kit Ready To Go?

Staying FIT while on vacation is one of the most frequently asked questions this time of year.

While I have dozens of strategies and tips to share, best to start with the most important one.

Blast The Last Bit Of Belly Fat

  You’ve made the commitment to a fat burning fitness program, are eating healthy and have made quite a bit of progress…but there’s STILL a that           Last Bit of Belly Fat!     What can you do?

Summer Workout For Tight Glutes & Thin Thighs




Want A Summer Workout For A Great Summer Body? Be sure to add this

Lower Body Kettlebell Super Set


Add this lower body super set to your summer ready workout routine to burn more fat in less time, boost your metabolism and help you “tighten” and “tone” thighs and butt ~ Bonus….your core is challenged at the same time!

3 Summer Diet Traps

1+bikini 3 Summer Diet Traps

The 3 Summer Diet Traps!

There’s no time like Summer that makes many women dive straight into the latest diet fad to lose weight and fast in an effort to look presentable in their new swimsuit.

However, many diet of choices may be the very reason you are NOT seeing results? Yes ~ Diets can actually sabotage your efforts!

Watch out for these Summer Diet Fads that STOP Fat Loss and find out what you CAN do to see swimsuit ready results in just 30 days!

Take This For Fast Summer Fat Loss

    Taking this is actually one of the most important steps for fast summer fat loss.   What do you need to do?

Fit Yummy Mummy Transformation Kit Winners

1%20kit%20500x206 Fit Yummy Mummy Transformation Kit Winners


Fit Yummy Mummy Transformation Kit Contest Winners


In 250 words or less, I asked you to tell me exactly why the brand new Transformation Kit is the perfect program for you at this point in your life.

Thank You

To each and every one of you who took the time to leave a thoughtful reply. The responses you left below are quite powerful and I hope you all take action on your desire to achieve your dreams and more!

In fact, I enjoyed reading your responses SO much that I thought 3 contest winners was just not enough…so I chose 2 extra for a total of ….


5 Winners!


These lucky ladies will receive the Transformation Kit as a Free Summer Kick Off Gift

Fit Yummy Mummy Transformation Kit Contest


total%20500x168 Fit Yummy Mummy Transformation Kit Contest



*** Contest Is Closed as of Monday, June 7th ***


You have seen the results the Fit Yummy Mummy’s can achieve Transformation Challenge after Transformation Challenge ~ Just 12 short weeks to completely reshape your body , feel strong, beautiful and confident with Body Rockin’ Results!

It’s YOUR Turn!

Time to stop wishing, hoping and praying for results! You now have the opportunity to not only participate in the Summer Slim Down Transformation Challenge that begins June 14th at

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